The Weekly Standard


My Life in MiddlemarchRebecca MeadReviewed By:James Bowman
PhilologyJames TurnerReviewed By:Susan Kristol
Excellent SheepWilliam DeresiewiczReviewed By:William H. Pritchard
Special HeartBret Baier with Jim MillsReviewed By:Peter Wehner
Robert De NiroGlenn Kenny Reviewed By:Sonny Bunch
Hans Christian AndersenPaul BindingReviewed By:Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
Tom CruiseAmy Nicholson Reviewed By:Sonny Bunch
Watching Them BeJames HarveyReviewed By:Sonny Bunch
Roth UnboundClaudia Roth Pierpont Reviewed By:Daniel Ross Goodman
Why Place Mattersedited by Wilfred M. McClay and Ted V. McAllisterReviewed By:Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
Churchill and EmpireLawrence JamesReviewed By:Robert Wargas
Making David into GoliathJoshua MuravchikReviewed By:Ronald Radosh
Bee TimeMark L. WinstonReviewed By:Temma Ehrenfeld
The Parthenon EnigmaJoan Breton ConnellyReviewed By:A.E. Stallings
Gwynne’s GrammarN. M. GwynneReviewed By:Barton Swaim
The Long and Short of ItGary Saul MorsonReviewed By:James Seaton