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Valerie SolanasBreanne Fahs Reviewed By:Charlotte Allen
Masters of CommandBarry Strauss Reviewed By:J. E. Lendon
Off the LeashMatthew Gilbert Reviewed By:Sophie Flack
Shopping for VotesSusan Delacourt Reviewed By:Michael Taube
Winning PowerTom Flanagan Reviewed By:Michael Taube
The Churchill FactorBoris Johnson Reviewed By:Philip Terzian
Take No PrisonersDavid Horowitz Reviewed By:Max Eden
The Georgetown SetGregg Herken Reviewed By:Malcolm Forbes
Presidents and Their GeneralsMatthew Moten Reviewed By:James M. Banner Jr.
CoolSalvatore Basile Reviewed By:Thomas Johnson
A Climate of CrisisPatrick Allitt Reviewed By:Steven F. Hayward
Lost for Words Edward St. Aubyn Reviewed By:William H. Pritchard
Elephant CompanyVicki Constantine Croke Reviewed By:Temma Ehrenfeld
The Vulgar TongueJonathon Green Reviewed By:Sara Lodge
The Tulip-FlameChloe Honum Reviewed By:Julianne Dudley
Everything is WonderfulSigrid Rausing Reviewed By:Andrew Stuttaford