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Animal ArchitecturePhotographs by Ingo Arndt text by Jürgen TautzReviewed By:Temma Ehrenfeld
Russian RouletteGiles MiltoneReviewed By:J. P. O’Malley
The New ColossusMarshall GoldbergReviewed By:Diane Scharper
The Up Side of DownMegan McArdleReviewed By:Michael M. Rosen
The Soul of the World Roger ScrutonReviewed By:Dominic Green
The Double Life of Paul De ManEvelyn BarishReviewed By:Matthew Walther
The Garden Spot Programs, 1950Hank WilliamsReviewed By:Colin Fleming
Got Religion?Naomi Schaefer RileyReviewed By:David Skeel
Walking WoundedJames Andrew TaylorReviewed By:Micah Mattix
Should I Go to Grad School? 41 Answers to An Impossible Question
Should I Go to Grad School? 41 Answers to An Impossible Questionedited by Jessica Loudis, Boško Blagojević, John Arthur Peetz, and Allison RodmanReviewed By:Abigail Lavin
The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War
The Great WarPeter HartReviewed By:J. Harvie Wilkinson III
The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History
The Self-PortraitJames HallReviewed By:Henrik Bering
The Spanish Civil War
The Spanish Civil WarStanley G. PayneReviewed By:Stephen Schwartz
An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Two Presidents, Two Parties, and the Battle for the
An Idea Whose Time Has ComeTodd S. PurdumReviewed By:Gerard Alexander
The Metamorphoses of Fat: A History of Obesity
The Metamorphoses of FatGeorges Vigarello translated by C. Jon Delogu Reviewed By:Kevin R. Kosar
Time, History, and LiteratureJames I. PorterReviewed By:Joseph Epstein