The Weekly Standard


Everything is WonderfulSigrid Rausing Reviewed By:Andrew Stuttaford
A Race For the FutureMike Gonzalez Reviewed By:Jay Cost
Elephant CompanyVicki Constantine Croke Reviewed By:Temma Ehrenfeld
The Sense of StyleSteven PinkerReviewed By:David Skinner
Being MortalAtul Gawande Reviewed By:Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
Dying Every DayJames Romm Reviewed By:Daniel Lee
The Royalist RevolutionEric Nelson Reviewed By:Jack N. Rakove
Shakespeare’s MontaigneStephen Greenblatt and Peter G. Platt Reviewed By:Danny Heitman
The MarquisLaura Auricchio Reviewed By:Henrik Bering
Broken BondsMitch Pearlstein Reviewed By:Jonathan V. Last
Dante’s HouseRichard Greene Reviewed By:Edward Short
Charlie ChaplinPeter Ackroyd Reviewed By:Elizabeth Powers
Mecca Ziauddin SardarReviewed By:Stephen Schwartz
Another Great Day at SeaGeoff Dyer Reviewed By:Peter Tonguette
Zero to OnePeter Thiel with Blake MastersReviewed By:Jim Manzi
Reagan at ReykjavikKen Adelman Reviewed By:Gabriel Schoenfeld