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A Conversation With Arthur Brooks

8:49 AM, Oct 26, 2015

The latest episode of Conversations With Bill Kristol, featuring AEI president Arthur Brooks:

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The Sommers Conversation

Aug 24, 2015

The latest star of the online “Conversations with Bill Kristol” (a growing series of over 30 talks, at is Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute already famous for her Factual Feminist videos. Almost overnight, her interview became a contender for most-viewed of these wide-ranging, in-depth discussions with eminent thinkers.

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Feminist Enemy Number One

Christina Hoff Sommers might need a safe space.
Jun 01, 2015

Lately, there’s a lot of talk among feminists about the need to keep women safe. The rape culture is allegedly inescapable, and trigger warnings are appended to college syllabi to protect sensitive souls from reminders of any past cause of pain, from “neuro-atypical shaming” to mention of “how much a person weighs.” But it turns out that if you dare to debunk feminist myths, you’re the one that really needs protection. 

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Lincoln's Role in Emancipation

5:40 PM, Feb 12, 2015

In the month of February, Americans reflect on the contributions that African Americans have made over the course of our history. Of course, February is also host to President's day -- a joint celebration of the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Our neighbors at the American Enterprise Institute have put together a video with AEI's Diana Schaub and Lucas Morel, a professor of politics at Washington and Lee University, which examines Lincoln's role in the emancipation of slaves in the United States. 

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'A Debate Over Executive Power: Obama’s immigration decision'

1:15 PM, Jan 08, 2015

The American Enterprise Institute is hosting an event next week (January 12, at noon), titled, "A debate over executive power: Obama’s immigration decision."

The description and schedule read:

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The Fabulous 'Factual Feminist'

8:10 AM, Apr 29, 2014

No one has done more than American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers to watchdog the perennially unreliable claims of activist feminism.

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Fixing ROTC

The Army is making great strides reforming ROTC, and it's a task too important to be neglected.
5:00 PM, Feb 11, 2014

The Army’s venerable Reserve Officer Training Corps program is finally getting rebooted.

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Podcast: The Fed and the Status Quo

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:50 PM, Sep 19, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with the American Enterprise Institute's James Pethokoukis on the recent actions by the Federal Reserve.

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Honoring Walter Berns

6:35 AM, Sep 17, 2013

Timed to coincide with the annual Walter Berns lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, which is in turn timed to coincide with Constitution Day (September 17), there's a new website honoring Walter Berns:

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The Dishonor System

A user’s guide to committing fraud on the Obama­care exchanges
Aug 05, 2013

Let me stipulate that I do not condone fraud in any form. Moreover, I assume all Weekly Standard readers are law-abiding citizens who would neither commit fraud themselves nor encourage others to do so. My purpose is to inform such readers just how tempting fraud on the Obamacare health insurance exchanges will be in light of the recently announced delays in employer reporting and employer mandates.

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Losing the Middle East

Jun 17, 2013

After a three-week siege, the combined forces of Hezbollah and the Assad regime have taken the important crossroads town of Qusayr, which is just south of the even more important city of Homs in east-central Syria. “Whoever controls Qusayr controls the center of the country, and whoever controls the center of the country controls all of Syria,” crowed Syrian brigadier general Yalya Suleiman.

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Podcast: Playing With Fire in Syria

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:26 PM, Jun 06, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with Thomas Donnelly, Resident Fellow and Director of the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies at the American Enterprise Institute on his forthcoming editorial on the conflict in Syria.

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What to Expect, the Lecture

5:09 PM, Feb 12, 2013

On Monday, Jonathan Last delivered a Bradley Lecture at the American Enterprise Institute.

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AEI Podcast with Bill Kristol

10:41 AM, Dec 03, 2012

AEI's podcast with the boss, on Benghazi and his childhood:

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Sound Dollar Act Seeks Single Mandate for Federal Reserve

4:44 PM, Mar 05, 2012

With the American economy still struggling to recover and its long-term structural strength in question, policymakers and politicians are focusing on the Federal Reserve.

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New Report on the Haqqani Network

4:33 PM, May 23, 2011

AEI's Critical Threats program and the Institute for the Study of War have put together an important study on the expanding Haqqani Network, "Afghanistan's most dangerous insurgent organization."

The report finds:

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Some Words from a Wise Man

5:16 PM, May 04, 2011

“There are those who say the United States should not be the global policeman. But if not us, who?”

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Watching Yemen

1:14 PM, Apr 12, 2011

Fred Kagan and the rest of his Critical Threats team at AEI will begin to focus more directly on coming up with a U.S. strategy for Yemen. It will be called the Yemen Strategic Planning Exercise, and here's how Kagan describes the project: 

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