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Be Prepared

Going door-to-door for 2016—already.
Aug 03, 2015

"Nobody’s home,” says Michael Fields, the 28-year-old state director of the Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity. On this sunny Saturday morning in mid-July, we’re walking through a residential neighborhood in Greenwood Village, a wealthy suburb in Arapahoe County. It’s the perfect day for a hike near the mountains or a dip in the pool, which may explain why Fields is greeted with silence at nearly every door he knocks on.

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'Obamacare Doesn't Work'; Ads Target Udall, Landrieu

9:14 AM, Mar 17, 2014

Americans for Prosperity has two new ads running in Colorado and Louisiana knocking those state's Democratic senators, Mark Udall and Mary Landrieu, respectively, for their support for Obamacare. The ads, which are a version of earlier AFP ads targeting Democratic House members, feature a woman talking directly to the camera about how "Obamacare doesn't work. It just doesn't work." Watch the Colorado ad below:

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Louisiana Ad: 'Due To the Affordable Care Act'

10:52 AM, Feb 12, 2014

A new TV ad running in Louisiana from Americans for Prosperity focuses on how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has negatively affected citizens' lives. Democratic senator Mary Landrieu, who voted for Obamacare in 2010, is up for reelection in Louisiana this year.

The ad features three people receiving letters in their mailboxes, with voiceovers from each reading out their letters informing them of changes to their insurance policies due to Obamacare.

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Senate Dems Hit on Obamacare in New TV Ads

9:59 AM, Jan 02, 2014

A free-market group has launched television ads in three states whose Democratic senators are up for reelection this year, targeting those senators for their support for Obamacare.

Americans for Prosperity released 30-second ads on Monday in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Louisiana that criticize Democratic senators who voted for Obamacare in 2010 and are facing reelection for the first time since those votes.

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Ad Targeting House Dems: 'Obamacare Doesn't Work'

1:02 PM, Dec 26, 2013

Americans for Prosperity has two new ads targeting House Democrats in swing districts, both of which make the case that Obamacare "doesn't work" and should be repealed. The first ad, running in New Hampshire, tells Democratic congresswoman Annie Kuster to "stop thinking about politics and start thinking about people." Watch it below:

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Americans for Prosperity: Our Reimbursements to Herman Cain Were Legal

9:09 AM, Nov 09, 2011

In response to reports that the Herman Cain campaign may have violated campaign finance laws, the organization Americans for Prosperity launched an internal review of its own dealings with Cain and non-profit organizations that have been used to fund his campaign.

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Romney Addresses the Organized Tea Party

Making government "simpler, smaller, and smarter."
4:07 PM, Nov 04, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a crowd of conservative activists Friday afternoon at the Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the American Dream summit in Washington that his goal is to “make government simpler, smaller, and smarter.”

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