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A Few Good Men and Women

Advocates for military gender-integration win—"and they’re not finished.
Dec 21, 2015

When Ash Carter stood at the podium on December 3 to reveal the most profound social change in military policy in at least a half-century, he stood alone. Absent from the defense secretary's announcement that all ground combat jobs were to be opened to women were the uniformed service chiefs and their civilian service secretaries, and especially conspicuous by his nonattendance was General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Carter's military counterpart.

In one respect, Carter's solitude might seem strange.

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Downsizing the Army: What Are the Consequences?

8:10 AM, Aug 19, 2015

The blogger Angry Staff Officer writes at that

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General: The Army Is Breaking Down

4:26 PM, Aug 03, 2015

It happened after World War II and it happened after Vietnam.  Now, after years of repeated deployments, the Army, as Robert H. Scales writes the U.S. Army is breaking down.

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Thin Red Line

8:24 AM, Jul 31, 2015

The Army and the Navy cannot do what they once could and might soon be required to do again.  They don’t have enough soldiers and enough ships.

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U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan

1:09 PM, Jun 26, 2015

A top commander in southwest Asia reminded U.S military personnel stationed in Muslim countries in the Middle East of the restrictions placed on them during Ramadan. According to a report by the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs, Brig. Gen.

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Feds Pay $91K for Bat Population Survey

5:44 AM, Sep 30, 2014

President Obama was counting strokes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir in northern Virginia last Saturday, but the day before a $91,318.76

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'Mission Shrink'

9:03 AM, Aug 11, 2014

Can the United States maintain a "limited" military force in Iraq to stop the Islamist militants targeting ethnic minorities in that country? At Politico, Philip Ewing notes how difficult that strategy may be for President Barack Obama:

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Major Mistake

1:19 PM, Aug 04, 2014

Back in the day when it was fashionable for the press to criticize the president and senior military officials for mismanaging a war--that is, from 2003 to 2009--such stories often focused on the colonels, majors, and captains who saw firsthand the practical problems with their superiors' approach and who pushed hard to change policy based on that hard-fought experience. 

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MSNBC Hosts Argue About Bergdahl Father

"So he's a bad father?" "Yes!"
8:42 AM, Jun 05, 2014

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough got in a heated debate with colleague Chuck Todd Thursday morning over whether the father of recently released POW Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl should be subject to criticism over his actions. Scarborough criticized the Obama administration for including Bob Bergdahl in a Rose Garden announcement on Saturday to announce the release of Bowe in exchange for five Taliban officials who had been detained at Guantanamo Bay.

“Joe, Joe, let's not. Don’t criticize the parents,” Todd replied. “Don’t criticize the parents in here."

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Deserter in N. Korea May Provide Precedent for Bowe Bergdahl

12:21 PM, Jun 04, 2014

A U.S. Army soldier goes missing at night from a remote post on the edge of enemy territory. Depressed and anxious, he has expressed doubts about the U.S. mission and disillusionment with the war. He allegedly leaves behind a note recording these doubts. There are some reports that he consumes alcohol before he disappears. He crosses enemy lines and is detained by hostile forces who subsequently publicly announce his conversion to their anti-American cause.

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'We Swore to an Oath and We Upheld Ours. He Did Not.'

The soldiers in Bowe Bergdahl's platoon speak up.
2:45 PM, Jun 02, 2014

The Obama administration is facing mounting questions about the controversial prisoner swap that freed Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from jihadists in Pakistan in exchange for the transfer and ultimate release of five senior Taliban commanders previously held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

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Meet the Six Men Who Died Searching For Bergdahl

12:22 PM, Jun 02, 2014

Six American soldiers died in their search for Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant freed by the Taliban in exchange for five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Time magazine's Mark Thompson provides the names, photos, and stories of the men who did not return from their mission: staff sergeant Clayton Bowen, private first class Morris Walker, staff sergeant Kurt Curtiss, second lieutenant Darryn Andrews, staff sergeant Michael Murphrey, and private first class Matthew Martinek.

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Fellow Soldiers: Bergdahl Deserted

6:00 AM, Jun 02, 2014

Several men who served with Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan say Bergdahl deserted in 2009 before being captured by the Taliban. Bergdahl's release this weekend as part of an exchange with the U.S. for five top Taliban operatives who were being held in Guantanamo Bay has prompted those servicemen to speak out. Jake Tapper at CNN reports:

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‘Brothers Forever’ Book Discussion

11:02 AM, May 14, 2014

A book event on May 22 for the book Brothers Forver at the American Enterprise Institute, featuring retired Gen. John Allen:

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Deeply Unsettling

Mar 10, 2014

America’s chattering classes seem at last to have awoken to the fact that the U.S. military ain’t what it used to be. Even the New York Times allows that “the Pentagon’s proposals to reduce the Army to pre-World War II levels” could “seem unsettling to a nation that prides itself on having the world’s most capable military.” It could also unsettle the world, and most of all those allies who rely on the United States to keep a variety of dangers at bay.

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On Ukraine, America Has Good Options

1:02 PM, Mar 04, 2014

Vladimir Putin is aggressive, increasingly armed, and dangerous.

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Fixing ROTC

The Army is making great strides reforming ROTC, and it's a task too important to be neglected.
5:00 PM, Feb 11, 2014

The Army’s venerable Reserve Officer Training Corps program is finally getting rebooted.

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United Airlines to the Rescue of Air Force-Navy?

6:17 AM, Oct 03, 2013

The partial federal government shutdown is certainly serving to illuminate the stark divide between what everyday Americans care about—being free to visit monuments to American heroes on the National Mall, watching the Air Force-Navy football game—and what the modern Democratic party cares about—forcing other people to buy health insurance against their will.

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Despite Gov't Shutdown, Army Awards $2,163 Contract for 'Massage Chair'

12:01 PM, Oct 02, 2013

Sometimes timing is everything.

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Depressing Duplication

8:32 AM, Sep 25, 2013

The Defense Department currently operates, as Bob Brewin of Government Executive writes:

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'Cautious Hope' from Afghanistan

10:23 AM, Aug 05, 2013

In the midst of a fair amount of depressing news from Afghanistan (e.g., al-Qaeda backers get U.S. military contracts, U.S. cites “due process rights” as reason not to cancel), here's a report from the front that offers some grounds for hope.

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Can You See Us Now?

7:32 AM, May 09, 2013

The Pentagon has been on a long and expensive quest to make its personnel invisible. Or something close to it. So new camouflage patterns have been researched. Several of them, in fact. At least one for every branch of the service, including the Air Force, most of whose people do not need to hide from anyone.  Still, as David A.

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Army Spokesman Reminds Employees and Civilians Not to Criticize Commander in Chief

10:33 AM, Mar 05, 2013

Stephen D. Abney, the chief public affairs official for the Army’s Joint Munitions Command, recently sent a message to all 6,000 employees he speaks for: Don’t criticize President Barack Obama or any political party to members of the press. The message was received by civilian contractors as well.

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California Dept. of Transportation: ‘Be Sure to Black Out the ‘United States’ and [the] Motto’

10:10 AM, Feb 20, 2013

For three years, a private citizen named Steve LeBard has led the effort to build a privately funded memorial in Orcutt, California—a tranquil small town located on the Golden State’s gorgeous Central Coast—to honor military veterans.  And for the better part of those three years, he has run into a toxic blend of political correctness, anti-Americanism, and bureaucratic senselessness.  Today, the memorial, which was to be built with private funds on a small piece of public land, remains unbuilt.

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Women in Combat: Be Careful What You Wish For

3:25 PM, Jan 24, 2013

On Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the U.S. military would lift its long-standing ban on women in combat. The national media, as can be expected, is popping the champagne corks in celebration.

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Death of a Soldier

9:02 AM, Dec 28, 2012

The death of Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf recalls a moment in history that now seems far more distant than the actual twenty-one years.

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Military for Romney

10:35 PM, Nov 01, 2012

It is no surprise Barack Obama’s campaign is running ads to highlight the support of former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell. After all, for the most part, the military overwhelmingly supports Mitt Romney.

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An Unlikely Benghazi Tale Unravels

2:31 PM, Oct 31, 2012

A reader writes in: 

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U.S. Army Commemorates Burning of Draft Card

7:56 AM, Oct 15, 2012

The official Twitter account of the United States Army sent out a message to its more than 186,000 followers recognizing the 47th anniversary of the "first public burning of a draft card." Here's the tweet:

Today in military history: The first public burning of a draft card takes place #Vietnam

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Columbia's 'Half-Hearted Implementation' of ROTC

2:38 PM, Oct 04, 2012

Last year, when elite universities began announcing their intentions to bring back ROTC, Jonathan E. Hillman and I cautioned that if Ivy League ROTC was to succeed, it would require a real commitment from both the schools and the military.

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