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CIA Claims Benghazi Survivors Wanting to Talk Should Work Through Proper Channels

But no one has come forward yet.
1:01 PM, Aug 06, 2013

In a May 30, 2013, letter to CIA officers on the ground last fall in Benghazi, Libya, CIA director John Brennan notified survivors of those attacks that congressional oversight committees remain interested in hearing from them.

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INTERPOL Alert Warns of Al Qaeda's Jailbreaks

9:11 AM, Aug 04, 2013

INTERPOL issued a “global security alert advising increased vigilance for terrorist activity” on Saturday. While the U.S. government has warned of al Qaeda’s terrorist plotting against embassies and consulates, ordering 22 diplomatic facilities closed over the weekend, INTERPOL is alarmed by al Qaeda’s role in several large-scale jailbreaks.

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Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

9:33 AM, Jul 18, 2013

Congressman Frank Wolf, a Republican from Virginia, said today on the House floor that survivors of the Benghazi terror attack have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements:

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State Dept. Report Lists 6 Terror Attacks Last Year in Benghazi Before 9/11 Attack

8:28 AM, May 31, 2013

The State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2012 survey on Thursday. The section on the Middle East and North Africa includes a report on terror attacks in Libya.  All told, there were eleven terrorism-related attacks last year in Libya prior to the 9/11 attack in Benghazi that took the life of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. Six of those eleven attacks took place in Benghazi:

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Obama Condemns London Terror Attack; Doesn't Single Out Motivation

12:29 PM, May 23, 2013

President Barack Obama condmned the London terror attack, but he didn't single out a motivation for beheading. Here's Obama's statement:

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Senators: 'What We Do Not Know' About Benghazi

7:02 AM, May 23, 2013

Three U.S. senators have identified the missing parts of the response to the Benghazi terror attack. In a statement, Senators Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain list "What We Do Not Know" about Benghazi:

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Obama Aide: 'Irrelevant Fact' Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks

8:48 AM, May 19, 2013

Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer said it's an "irrelevant fact" where the president physically was during the Benghazi terror attack on September 11, 2012:

Host Chris Wallace reminds Pfeiffer that Obama didn't really talk with Secretary Clinton, Secretary Panetta, or Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that night. "He was talking to his national security staff," Pfeiffer insists.

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Dem. Congressman Blames Budget Cuts

12:43 PM, May 08, 2013

Democratic congressman William Lacy Clay of Missouri blamed congressional budget cuts for the terror attack on Americans in Benghazi:

Clay made the statement at a hearing for whistleblowers on Capitol Hill.

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Whistleblower: 'Jaw Dropped' When Susan Rice Blamed Attack on Video

12:17 PM, May 08, 2013

Benghazi whistleblower Gregory Hicks said that the he was "stunned," his "jaw dropped," and "embarrassed" when Susan Rice blamed the terror attack on an Internet video:

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Whistleblower: Hearing Amb. Stevens Had Died 'Saddest Phone Call I Have Ever Had in My Life'

11:39 AM, May 08, 2013

Benghazi whistleblower Gregory Hicks, the foreign service officer and former deputy chief of mission in Libya, said at a Capitol Hill hearing that the "saddest phone call I have ever had in my life" was when he heard Amb. Chris Stevens had been murdered:

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Disconnecting the Dots in Benghazi

5:25 AM, May 08, 2013

Nearly eight months after terrorists killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration still has not explained who, exactly, was responsible.

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Report: Benghazi Review Board Under Investigation

3:17 PM, May 02, 2013

The inspector general of the State Department is reportedly looking into whether the Accountability Review Board of the Benghazi terror attack intereviewed everyone they should have. Fox News's James Rosen has the scoop.

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FBI: 'Seeking Information on Benghazi Attacks'

2:12 PM, May 01, 2013

The FBI releases this photo of suspects in the Benghazi terror attack:

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Carney: 'Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago'

12:59 PM, May 01, 2013

White House spokesman Jay Carney said in response to a question about the September 11, 2012 Benghazi terror attack that it "happened a long time ago."

"Let's be clear," said Carney. "Benghazi happened a long time ago. We are unaware of any agency blocking an employee who would like to appear before Congress to provide information related to Benghazi."

The question was about reports that Benghazi whistleblowers are being prevented from coming forward.

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Shots Fired

6:30 PM, Apr 19, 2013

CBS Boston reports:


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Axelrod: Obama Thinks Boston Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'

9:01 AM, Apr 16, 2013

In explaining why President Obama didn't call the Boston bombings a "terrorist attack," former adviser David Axelrod said, "I'm sure what was going through the president's mind is -- we really don't know who did this -- it was tax day":

"The word has taken on a different meaning since 9/11," Axelrod said of the phrase "terrorist attack."

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Barney Frank: 'No Tax Cut Would Have Helped Us Deal With This'

7:56 AM, Apr 16, 2013

Barney Frank discussing the Boston marathon bombing on CNN this morning:

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NBC: Not Part of a Larger Threat

5:57 PM, Apr 15, 2013

NBC reports: 

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CNN: 8-Year-Old Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings

5:38 PM, Apr 15, 2013

CNN now reports that an 8-year-old child was killed in today's Boston marathon bombings:

"We're now being told, as bad as the situation is, according to ... one of the local stations in Boston, one of the two people killed was an 8-year-old child," said CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "We don't know if it was a boy or girl, but an 8-year-old child killed in this terror attack near the finish line in Boston, at the Boston marathon."

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Obama Addresses Boston Marathon Bombing

Careful not to call attack terrorism.
5:19 PM, Apr 15, 2013

President Barack Obama addressed the Boston Marathon bombing just now from the White House:

The president was careful not to say the bombings were a terrorist attack, but he did say, "We don't yet have all the answers, but we do know that multiple people have been wounded--some gravely--in explosions at the Boston marathon."

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Aftermath Footage of Boston Bombs

3:34 PM, Apr 15, 2013

From the ground (warning: graphic):

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What Did Lew Do?

7:10 AM, Feb 13, 2013

There weren't many memorable lines in President Obama's State of the Union speech. Indeed, only one leapt out at me: "As long as I’m commander in chief, we will do whatever we must to protect those who serve their country abroad."

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'The Absentee Commander in Chief'

5:33 AM, Feb 11, 2013

The boss and Peter Wehner, writing in the Wall Street Journal


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Senator to Place Holds on Obama's Nominees Until Benghazi Questions Are Answered

3:15 PM, Feb 10, 2013

This morning on CBS's Face the Nation, Senator Lindsey Graham said he'd place holds on President Obama's national security nominees, Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense and John Brennan for CIA director, until the White House answered questions on the Benghazi terror attack:

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Turkey's Terror Finance Problem

5:35 PM, Feb 07, 2013

Last week’s suicide bombing outside the U.S. embassy in Ankara, carried out by a Marxist Leninist group known as DHKP-C, drew condemnation from across the Turkish political spectrum.

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Senator to Block DefSec Nominee Until Panetta Testifies on Benghazi

"Hillary Clinton got away with murder."
7:56 AM, Jan 29, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina pledged last night on Fox News to block President Obama's secretary of defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, until Leon Panetta testifies on the Benghazi terror attack:

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Hillary Chokes Up

9:36 AM, Jan 23, 2013

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton choked up at a Benghazi hearing today on Capitol Hill:

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Obama Blames Benghazi Attack on 'Sloppiness,' Says Investigation Turned Up 'Some Very Good Leads'

10:12 AM, Dec 30, 2012

President Barack Obama blamed the terror attack three months ago in Benghazi, Libya on "sloppiness," and said "we have some very good leads" after the long investigation:

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Investigating ‘Command and Control’ in Benghazi Attack

9:15 AM, Dec 20, 2012

The Accountability Review Board’s investigation into the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi says much about the deteriorating security situation surrounding the U.S. consulate beforehand. The report also documents the State Department’s mishandling of that increasingly perilous environment. However, the report says little about al Qaeda and affiliated groups. And what it does say is incomplete given all that we now know.

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