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Boxer: 'My Heart's Beating a Little Faster Today'

'She is going to relate to every day Americans'
11:21 AM, Apr 12, 2015

California senator Barbara Boxer said that she's so excited about Hillary Clinton running for president that her "heart's beating a little faster today."

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Barbara Boxer to Retire

11:16 AM, Jan 08, 2015

In a mock interview with her grandson, Barbara Boxer announces that she won't run for reelection in 2016:

"I will not be running for the Senate in 2016," says Boxer.

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Birth Control, Barbara Boxer, and the Curious Case of the Anonymous Sandra

1:06 PM, Jul 16, 2014

Yesterday, Senator Barbara Boxer had an op-ed at the Huffington Post about, among other related issues, the nonexistant threat that women will be denied birth control to treat medical conditions as a result of the Hobby Lobby decision. I personally know someone who works for a religious organization that doesn't cover contraception, but is nonetheless on the pill for a medical condition and gets it covered.

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Senate Dems Distance Themselves from Hagel's 'Jewish Lobby' Remarks

5:27 PM, Dec 18, 2012

Senate Democrats are questioning a statement made by former Republican senator Chuck Hagel that the “Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people” in Washington. The comment has resurfaced now that Hagel is rumored to be Barack Obama’s top choice to head the Pentagon. He used the term in a 2008 interview.

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Barbara Boxer: The GOP Has "A Vendetta Against Elmo"

12:36 PM, Mar 02, 2011

Mary Katharine Ham reports


Sen. Barbara Boxer posited a new theory about what lies behind GOP cuts to the budget. The Republican Party hates Elmo, she suggested in a floor speech Tuesday.

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