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Woodward Challenges Journalists: Investigate Jeb and Hillary

9:46 AM, Jun 14, 2015

Bob Woodward had some advice for his fellow reporters this morning on CNN: investigate Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

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Woodward on the Scandals: 'No One's Coming Clean ... We Aren't Getting Straight Talk'

11:40 AM, Jun 02, 2013

This morning on Face the Nation, Bob Woodward weighed in on the Obama scandals:

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Woodward: 'I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi,' Similar to Watergate

6:36 AM, May 17, 2013

On TV this morning, Bob Woodward made the case for not dismissing Benghazi and compared the scandal to Watergate:

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Woodward: Democrats Calling W.H. to Ask Whether Hagel Is Withdrawing

10:06 AM, Feb 17, 2013

Journalist Bob Woodward reported on Fox News this morning that Democratic senators are calling the White House to see whether Chuck Hagel will withdraw his nomination as secretary of defense:

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Woodward: Obama Didn't Fix 'Economic Issues' in First Term

3:53 PM, Nov 25, 2012

Bob Woodward explained this morning on a Sunday show that Barack Obama did not fix the economic issues in his term as president:

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Correcting the Rewritten Record

6:10 PM, Sep 23, 2011

The former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Air Force general Michael Hayden is by all accounts a good man and a good officer. He has certainly done yeoman’s work since leaving government in defending controversial Bush administration interrogation and detainee policies. He didn’t have to say one word and speaking out has not benefited him personally in any way—quite the opposite—so he deserves the nation’s thanks on that score and many more.

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'A Revisionist and Misleading History'

3:05 PM, Sep 16, 2011

Elliott Abrams, Eliot Cohen, Eric Edelman, and John Hannah have an op-ed in the Washington Post that responds to "a curious op-ed this week about the Bush administration’s response to the secret al-Kibar nuclear reactor built by Syria and North Korea," which was written by Bob Woodward. The former Bush administration officials go on to defend Vice President Cheney and call Woodward's account "a revisionist and misleading history."

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Cheney's Facts

4:00 PM, Sep 13, 2011

Bob Woodward’s recent piece in the Washington Post argues that the debacle of the Iraq-WMD case should have made the Bush administration more circumspect about intelligence—and that everyone understood this lesson except the vice president. He offers the Syrian nuclear reactor destroyed by the Israelis in September of 2007 as an example.

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Bob Woodward's Misguided Attack on Cheney

How the former Vice President saw through the intelligence community’s politically slanted assessment of the facts.
12:20 PM, Sep 13, 2011

I worked with Bob Woodward when serving as a press officer at the National Security Council during President George W. Bush’s first term, and I believe him to be one of the fairest and the most thorough journalists in Washington. Nonetheless, his recent piece in the Outlook section of the Washington Post misses the mark in several respects.

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Obama's Reasonable Suspicion of Pakistan

11:02 AM, May 09, 2011

In an interview with President Obama on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft asked:

Right now, it certainly...the location of the compound just raises all sorts of questions. Do you believe people in the Pakistani government, Pakistani intelligence agencies knew that bin Laden was living there?

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