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It Was a Bomb

4:19 PM, Nov 17, 2015

Neil MacFarquhar of the New York Times writes that “after hedging for 17 days,” the Russians have confirmed what everyone suspected.

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Tick Tock

Nov 02, 2015

Way back in the beginning of September, the media, and in particular STEM-obsessed, politically correct digital outlets, were abuzz with the story of a young Muslim “inventor” falling afoul of school authorities in the suburbs of Dallas, possibly owing to a zero-tolerance policy run amok, possibly because of ethnic profiling. Some of the facts are fairly straightforward: Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought to school a clock he had assembled at home.

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Obama Admits: Deal Paves Path for Iranian Nuclear Breakout

8:40 AM, Apr 07, 2015

Under President Obama's deal with Iran, the nuclear breakout time for the rogue regime will shrink to zero. Obama admitted as much in an interview with National Public Radio.

Here's the transcription of the exchange with NPR's Steve Inskeep:

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Obama Makes the Case for Bombing Iran

10:12 AM, Apr 06, 2015

In the course of trying to explain to Tom Friedman why his diplomatic outreach to Iran is no threat to America or our allies, President Obama sounded for a brief moment like the kind of warmonger he is normally heard denouncing.

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Produce the Fatwa

12:05 PM, Mar 20, 2015

In his annual statement marking the Persian new year, President Obama said he believes that Iran and the U.S. “should be able” to resolve the dispute over the mullahs’ nuclear program “peacefully, with diplomacy.”

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What Kind of Coalition?

2:06 PM, Sep 10, 2014

Stories on President Obama’s strategy-for-the-Islamic-State speech this evening have made it plain that the military approach is going to be a combination of U.S. airpower and various Iraqi and Syrian proxies on the ground.  “Obama’s ISIL Strategy to Emphasize Coalition Effort,” headlines RealClearPolitics.

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Publishing Source: Hillary Book a 'Bomb'

8:46 PM, Jun 16, 2014

In an email this evening, a veteran publishing source calls the latest Hillary Clinton book, Hard Choices, a memoir of her State Department years, a "bomb." The source is referring to the early but underwhelming sales figures.

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If Iran Gets the Bomb ...

2:41 PM, Mar 24, 2014

With attention focused on the situation in Crimea and the Ukraine, Iran has been less in the news of late.  But it is still there, still dangerous. At the conclusion of a recent speech, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, former CENTCOM commander, was asked about Iran and current diplomatic efforts to prevent its becoming a nuclear power.

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Kristol: Will the Pro-Israel Community Choose Bipartisanship Over Stopping Iran?

10:37 AM, Feb 07, 2014

In response to various media reports on the Iran sanctions bill, the chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, William Kristol, released this statement:

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Barney Frank: 'No Tax Cut Would Have Helped Us Deal With This'

7:56 AM, Apr 16, 2013

Barney Frank discussing the Boston marathon bombing on CNN this morning:

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Aftermath Footage of Boston Bombs

3:34 PM, Apr 15, 2013

From the ground (warning: graphic):

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29 Years Later, Echoes of ‘Kuwait 17’

4:35 PM, Dec 13, 2012

Twenty-nine years ago yesterday, December 12, 1983, Hezbollah and operatives of the Iranian-backed Iraqi Shiite group Da’wa carried out a series of seven coordinated bombings in Kuwait, killing six people and wounding nearly ninety more. The targets included the American and French embassies, the Kuwait airport, the grounds of the Raytheon Corporation, a Kuwait National Petroleum Company oil rig, and a government-owned power station. An attack outside a post office was thwarted.

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'From Bushehr to the Bomb'

5:16 PM, Dec 06, 2012

The Wall Street Journal editors write:

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Bus Bombed in Tel Aviv

7:13 AM, Nov 21, 2012

The Jerusalem Post reports:

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How Argentina and Brazil Help Iran

10:10 AM, Nov 01, 2012

Based on last week’s debate, both President Obama and Governor Romney believe that squeezing the Iranians economically is the best way—and perhaps the only way—to end their nuclear-weapons program without resorting to a military strike. Of course, nobody knows if sanctions will actually work. But if the United States is truly serious about crushing Iran’s economy, it must pursue a more aggressive strategy, and it must put more pressure on Iranian trading partners.

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Report on Iran: 'The Price of Inaction'

11:20 AM, Oct 10, 2012

A new report on Iran from the Bipartisan Policy Center:


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Will Iran Be Stopped?

7:19 AM, Aug 17, 2012

David Feith, writing in the Wall Street Journal 

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Netanyahu: 'Statements' Not Enough to Stop Iran

11:44 AM, Aug 01, 2012

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters today that "statements" are not enough to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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Not If But When

What Israel’s 2007 strike on Syria tells us about Iran.
7:35 AM, Jul 30, 2012

“This attack will be a precedent for every future government in Israel. . . . [E]very future Israeli prime minister will act, in similar circumstances, in the same way.”

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Special Report Panel on Dealing with Iran

9:08 AM, Jul 13, 2012

Steve Hayes, with A.B. Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News:

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Pentagon: Iran Continues to Support Taliban, Oppose U.S.

4:25 PM, Jul 12, 2012

In a report to Congress authored in April, and posted online earlier this week by Bloomberg News, the Defense Department has once again accused Iran of supporting the Taliban. The unclassified assessment, which is titled “Annual Report on Military Power of Iran,” makes it clear that the U.S. remains the primary focus of Iran’s military and clandestine designs.

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'Why the U.S. Could Bomb Iran'

12:51 PM, Jul 12, 2012

Lee Smith, writing in Tablet

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Are Iranian Sanctions Working?

8:20 AM, Jul 12, 2012

Despite all evidence that sanctions are hurting Iran's economy, four rounds of nuclear talks failed to prove that Iran's regime is now more malleable to a compromise. Diplomacy will continue, but with Iranian proposals falling short of Western minimum requirements, it is time to ask whether sanctions are working.

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Obama vs. Eizenstat?

11:58 AM, Jul 02, 2012

In an interview, veteran Democratic foreign policy insider Stuart Eizenstat admits that the Obama administration has not placed all options on the table for dealing with Iran. The Times of Israel reports:

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Stuxnet Deactivates Itself, Iranians Crow

7:08 AM, Jun 27, 2012

This past weekend the Christian Science Monitor reported that Stuxnet, the original computer virus detected in the American-led cyber war against Iran’s nuclear program, was set to deactivate on June 24. That just so happens to be “seven years to the day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected president.”

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Israeli Big: Time to Act

8:02 AM, Jun 21, 2012

Israeli vice prime minister Shaul Mofaz, of the centrist party Kadima, told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C., that talks with the Iranians have failed and that the U.S. should escalate its activity to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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Senators: Abandon Iran Talks If No Progress Is Made

11:12 AM, Jun 16, 2012

As Josh Rogin reports, almost half the members of the United States Senate joined together to write a letter to Barack Obama, urging the president to give up on Iranian talks if they fail yet again. The letter comes as American diplomats are getting set to meet with the Iranians in Moscow.

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ECI TV Ad: On Iran, It's Time to Act

7:59 AM, Jun 14, 2012

In advance of Monday's likely fruitless talks with Iran in Moscow, the Emergency Committee for Israel has released the following ad:

"President Obama has spent four years talking," the voiceover in the ad states, "and Iran has spent four years building ... a secret nuclear site, nuclear fuel near weapons level, long-range missiles. Obama is still talking. And Iran has enough fuel for five nuclear bombs."

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