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The Dayton Accords at 20

But there’s little to celebrate.
Nov 23, 2015

The Dayton accords, formally signed in December 1995, have reached their twentieth anniversary. Dayton is commonly portrayed as a “peace agreement” for war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina and an outstanding achievement of Bill Clinton’s administration. The accords were an achievement; the war ended. Yet close scrutiny reveals a shabby aftermath. 

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The Srebrenica Massacre, 20 Years On

3:12 PM, Jul 09, 2015

Twenty years have now passed since the brutal subjugation of the besieged town of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina, after which 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were slaughtered by Serbs commanded by ex-Yugoslav army general Ratko Mladic.

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Jihadi John: How Do You Say Déjà Vu In Cockney?

1:31 PM, Mar 05, 2015

The biographies of the individuals responsible for the beheadings of James Foley and Daniel Pearl are eerily similar.

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Bosnian Muslims Take on ISIS

A model for the Islamic world.
12:31 PM, Feb 24, 2015

Muslim political and religious leaders in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is partitioned between a “Republic of Serbs” and a “Muslim-Croat Federation,” have taken firm measures to stop agitation and recruitment for ISIS.

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Balkan Lessons

Only Putin learned them.
Apr 14, 2014

Vladimir Putin learned lessons from the Balkan wars of the 1990s that the rest of the world ignored or has forgotten. He invokes an obviously false parallel between the NATO bombing of Serbia and liberation of Kosovo in 1999, and his own annexation of Crimea.

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Is Syria Like Bosnia?

3:15 PM, Sep 16, 2013

Sophisticated folks like to tell themselves that history doesn’t repeat itself.  Life, politics, and diplomacy are all driven by a multitude of circumstances that make every moment different and every judgment so much different … except of course when they aren’t.  But as Maya Kandel, an analyst at Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'Ecole Militaire, a French defense ministry think tank, and a specialist on American foreign policy, wrote in a recent email:

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Bosnian Religious Leaders Fill Political Void

7:32 AM, Jan 18, 2013

Bosnia-Herzegovina has seen the last of hundreds of employees of the European Union, United Nations, and other international agencies, including dozens of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that once gathered there. They have left the country a politically-partitioned and economically-distressed state that, if not failed, seems ever deteriorating.  

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Bosnia-Herzegovina, Twenty Years After

12:40 PM, Apr 17, 2012

Twenty years have passed since the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia at the beginning of March 1992. Bosnian independence came after Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia had left Yugoslavia in 1991. Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav dictator, proclaimed Serbian “independence” inside Yugoslavia—of which Serbia was the dominant constituent—in 1990.

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Bosnian Muslim Academics Condemn Wahhabism After Attack on U.S. Embassy

12:01 PM, Dec 07, 2011

Two of the most respected Muslim academics in Bosnia-Herzegovina have given lengthy interviews in which they condemned Wahhabism, or “Salafism,” as the Arab-financed Islamist ideology is also known.

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Israel Orders Extradition of Accused Bosnian Serb War Criminal

2:12 PM, Aug 03, 2011

Israeli media report that Aleksandar Cvetkovic, 43, a Bosnian Serb who emigrated to the Jewish state and acquired Israeli citizenship through marriage, has been ordered extradited to Bosnia-Herzegovina to face trial for his alleged involvement in the Srebrenica massacre of 1995. Cvetkovic, who moved to Israel in 2006, fathered children there, and lived in the northern Israeli city of Karmiel, has 30 days to appeal the decision.

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