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Joni Ernst Wins Senate Seat in Iowa

11:25 PM, Nov 04, 2014

Joni Ernst, a Republican state senator, has won her race for the U.S. Senate in Iowa against three-term Democratic congressman Bruce Braley, Fox News projects.

Ernst will be the first woman to represent Iowa in either house of Congress. She is also an officer in the Iowa National Guard and an Iraq war veteran.

Braley was hoping to succeed retiring Democrat Tom Harkin, who had held the seat since 1985.

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Democratic Ad in Iowa Avoids Bruce Braley

12:00 PM, Nov 03, 2014

How unconfident are Democrats in their own candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa? On the day before the election, the Democratic Sentorial Campaign Committee has a full-page ad on the homepage of the Des Moines Register, Iowa's largest and most influential newspaper. But there's no sign or mention of the party's Senate candidate, Bruce Braley.

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Quinnipiac: Iowa Senate Race Tied

10:02 AM, Nov 03, 2014

Quinnipiac's final poll of the Iowa Senate race finds Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst tied at 47 percent. The poll shows Braley closing the gap from Quinnipiac's previous poll in late October that showed him trailing Ernst by four points, 49 percent to 45 percent.

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Poll: Ernst Besting Braley in Iowa by 7 Points

1:53 PM, Nov 02, 2014

A new Des Moines Register poll shows Republican Joni Ernst capturing a majority of Iowa voters and besting her Democratic rival Rep. Bruce Braley by a significant margin:

Joni Ernst has charged to achieve a 7-point lead over Democrat Bruce Braley in a new Iowa Poll, which buoys the GOP's hope that an Iowa victory will be the tipping point to a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate.

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Biden Campaigns for Iowa's Dem Senate Candidate Bruce Braley... in New York City

1:26 PM, Oct 30, 2014

Just five days out from Election Day and Vice President Joe Biden is again campaigning for Iowa's Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley -- but not in Iowa. Thursday afternoon, Biden heads to the 8th Floor in New York City according to the official

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Iowa Democrat Predicts GOP Senate Takeover

10:01 AM, Oct 21, 2014

Tom Harkin, the longtime Democratic senator from Iowa who is retiring at the end of the term, spoke with the New York Times about the Hawkeye State's Senate race. Harkin seems to take it as a given that Republicans will gain control of the Senate, even as his fellow Iowa Democrat, Bruce Braley, is mired in a difficult campaign to succeed him.

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IA Poll: Ernst 47, Braley 43

1:34 PM, Oct 15, 2014

Republican Joni Ernst of Iowa leads her Democratic opponent Bruce Braley in their race for the U.S. Senate, according to a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University. Ernst, a state senator, has 47 percent support while three-term congressman Braley earns 43 percent.

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Braley: Young Entrepreneurs Are 'Sitting Around,' 'Drinking Beer'

"Coming up with lots of ideas, some of which are going nowhere."
8:11 AM, Oct 11, 2014

Democrat Bruce Braley of Iowa says today's young entrepreneurs differ from his generation's because they "[sit] around in a large space with white boards." The U.S. Senate candidate said these "Millennial" start-up companies in Iowa sometimes think of ideas that go "nowhere."

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Michelle Obama Gets Iowa Dem Senate Candidate's Name Wrong

4:57 PM, Oct 10, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama got the name of the Iowa Democratic Senate candidate wrong multiple times at a campaign event today:

His name is Bruce Braley, not "Bruce Bailey," which the first lady mistakenly called him.

Fortunately, the crowd corrected her. "Brailey, what did I say?"

"Bailey," the crowd shouted back.

Michelle Obama also wrongly stated that the Iowa Senate candidate is a Marine Corps Veteran -- which he isn't:

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Braley Voted Against Funding Combat Operations in Iraq

12:35 PM, Oct 01, 2014

Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley opposed funding any American military operations in Iraq this year—before he supported them. The three-term House member, who is running for Iowa's open Senate seat in one of the year's hottest races, touted his support for military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in a recent debate.

“I recently had the opportunity to vote to give the president limited authority to begin strikes against terrorists in Iraq and Syria," Braley said during the debate with his Republican opponent, Joni Ernst.

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Braley Touts Record on Veterans' Affairs, Missed 79 Percent of Hearings

8:58 AM, Sep 29, 2014

Democrat Bruce Braley says those who want to know his commitment to our nation's veterans need only look at the website of his Senate campaign.

"If people want to know my true record on standing up for veterans, they can go to my website and look at Braley Truth Team where it lays out all of the things I've done for veterans in eight years," said the Iowa congressman in his debate this weekend with his GOP opponent, state senator Joni Ernst.

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Crossroads Ad: 'What Was On Braley's Schedule?'

5:00 AM, Sep 09, 2014

American Crossroads, the pro-Republican super PAC, has a new ad Tuesday running in Iowa that targets Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley. The ad focuses on Braley's absence from 75 percent of the House of Representatives' veterans' affairs committee hearings. On the day of one 2012 hearing investigating claims of long wait times at VA hospitals, Braley attended three separate fundraising events.

Watch the ad below:

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Braley Missed Another VA Hearing for Fundraiser With Unions

9:46 AM, Sep 08, 2014

Bruce Braley, the Democratic congressman from Iowa running for the U.S. Senate, was not listed as present at a February 2012 House hearing with then-Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki. On February 15, 2012, Shinseki appeared on a panel before the House Veterans' Affairs committee, which began at 10:30 a.m. The secretary's testimony focused on the VA Department's budget, although one panelist raised concerns about long wait times at VA hospitals.

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Lawyer Who Defended Accused Child Molesting Priest Hosting Braley Fundraiser

1:05 PM, Aug 27, 2014

Supporters of Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley will raise money Wednesday night at the home of an attorney who once defended a Catholic bishop accused of molesting young boys. Trial lawyer Tim Bottaro will host the fundraiser at his home in Sioux City along with other supporters of Braley's Senate campaign.

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More Braley, More Problems

"There's no towel service!"
9:18 AM, Aug 14, 2014

The race to replace retiring Democratic senator Tom Harkin of Iowa was considered to have favored the Democrat. At first, Republicans didn't appear to have an obvious candidate, and the state has been trending toward the Democrats for years. But the current GOP nominee, state senator Joni Ernst, has surprised many to become one of the best Senate candidates of the 2014 cycle. Ernst is now tied, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average.

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Braley in 2012: 'I Fight For Veterans Every Day'

But Iowa Dem missed three-quarters of committee hearings.
12:52 PM, Jul 25, 2014

Bruce Braley, the Iowa Democratic congressman running for U.S. Senate, touted his work on behalf of veterans at his state party's 2012 convention. "I fight for veterans every day on the Veterans' Affairs committee," he said. Watch the video below:

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Where Was Bruce Braley?

2:31 PM, Jul 23, 2014

Rep. Bruce Braley, the Iowa Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, missed three quarters of committee hearings concerning oversight of the Veterans Affairs administration in 2011 and 2012, including one, the Des Moines Register reports, on the same day Braley attended three fundraisers.

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Crossroads Ad: Ernst is 'True Iowa'

2:14 PM, Jul 14, 2014

Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate from Iowa, is getting a boost from GOP super PAC American Crossroads. A new TV ad from the group contrasts Ernst's background as "a mother and a soldier" with that of her opponent, Democratic congressman Bruce Braley.

"Bruce Braley, trial lawyer and Washington politician, supports Obamacare and caught putting down Chuck Grassley to an out-of-state crowd," says the voiceover. Included in a clip of Braley criticizing Grassley, the Iowa Republican, as a "farmer who never went to law school."

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Braley: Impeachment Talk OK for Cheney, Not Obama

4:39 PM, Jul 09, 2014

When is it okay for a politician to discuss impeaching a president? Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst is receiving criticism for her responses to questions about impeaching President Obama. Ernst, who won her party's nomination last month, never actually said she supported impeachment. But amid recent calls from some conservatives that "it's time to impeach" the president the Iowa Republican is receiving some tougher scrutiny over her past statements on impeachment.

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Farmer Bruce

1:29 PM, Jul 08, 2014

Representative Bruce Braley of Iowa would like to become Senator Bruce Braley of Iowa. In pursuit of this ambition, he once disparaged a sitting Iowa senator as merely a "farmer from Iowa who never went to law school,” while he, Braley, was a real, sure enough lawyer.  With a degree and everything.  

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Iowa Senate Poll: Ernst 49, Braley 44

9:33 AM, Jun 09, 2014

Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst, a Republican, leads her Democratic opponent Bruce Braley by five points, according to a new poll from Republican polling firm Vox Populi. The survey of "active voters" (culled from registered voters who voted in the last two elections) in Iowa found 49 percent support or lean toward Ernst, while 44 percent support or lean toward Braley.

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Iowa Senate: Ernst Leads Braley in Two Polls

1:30 PM, Jun 06, 2014

Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst of Iowa leads her Democratic opponent, Bruce Braley, by nearly seven points in a new poll from Loras College. Fresh off her victory in the GOP primary Tuesday, Ernst has 48 percent support from likely voters in a new poll from Loras College. Braley, a four-term congressman, has 41.7 percent support.

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Iowa Senate Poll: Ernst 31, Jacobs 19

11:40 AM, May 15, 2014

Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst of Iowa has a double-digit lead over her closest primary opponent in a new poll from Loras College. The survey of 600 likely Republican primary voters found Ernst, a state senator, with 30.8 percent support, while businessman Mark Jacobs comes in second with 19.3 percent support.

Sam Clovis and Matt Whitaker come in behind with 9.5 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively, while 29.2 percent remain undecided.

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Chamber of Commerce Endorses Ernst in Iowa (Updated)

7:36 AM, May 13, 2014

The Des Moines Register reports:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this morning endorsed Iowa's Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate, snubbing Republican rival Mark Jacobs, who has been campaigning on his experience as a business executive.

The news effectively secures Ernst's position as the business establishment candidate, which her backers say is a significant development just 20 days out from election day.

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Deb Fischer To Stump For Joni Ernst In Iowa

4:01 PM, Apr 03, 2014

Nebraska senator Deb Fischer will travel next door to Iowa in support of a fellow female Republican running in a tough primary for U.S. Senate. According to a press release from ShePAC, a conservative women's group, Fischer will go to Des Moines later this month to campaign for Joni Ernst, who is running for the seat currently held by retiring Democrat Tom Harkin. Ernst is locked in a primary battle with four other Republican candidates, including leading candidate Mark Jacobs.

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Elizabeth Warren Chooses Sides

9:44 AM, Mar 27, 2014
Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register writes that: Massachusetts U.S. Sen.  Read more

Vote for Me, the Lawyer, Not the Farmer

4:02 PM, Mar 25, 2014

As Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register reports, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Iowa, Bruce Braley, recently made a gloves-off appeal to an audience:

… of trial lawyers in at a fundraiser in Texas:

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Iowa Senate Primary Poll: Jacobs 22, Ernst 11, Whitaker 8, Undecided 50

9:10 AM, Feb 18, 2014

The Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Iowa is wide open, according to a new survey of GOP voters in the Hawkeye State. Mark Jacobs, a businessman and self-funding candidate, leads the pack with 22 percent, while state senator and Iraq veteran Joni Ernst earns 11 percent. Two more candidates, former U.S. attorney Matt Whitaker and radio host Sam Clovis, round out the field with 8 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

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On Lack of Senate Budget, Iowa Dem Cries 'Filibuster'

5:29 PM, Mar 04, 2013

Democratic representative Bruce Braley is running for the Iowa Senate seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Tom Harkin, but he might want to learn how the upper body functions first. In an interview on a local news station, Braley was asked about why the Senate has not passed a budget in nearly four years.

"How is that possible? One word," Braley replied. "The filibuster."

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Bruce Braley 'Ready to Go' Succeed Harkin in Senate

1:38 PM, Feb 07, 2013

Iowa congressman Bruce Braley told supporters in an email that he was "ready to go" and is forming a committee to run for the U.S. Senate. Braley, a Democrat from Waterloo, is hoping to succeed retiring Democrat Tom Harkin and is the first major candidate to announce his intention to run for the seat since Harkin said in January he would not seek reelection.

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