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Goodbye to the Shade Tree Mechanic

Cars are, like, so yesterday
Sep 28, 2015

Though I am an Apple user—phone and laptop—and happy with both, the tepid response to the latest Apple dog and pony show left me feeling a bit of schadenfreude. The digital revolution is pushing other technologies into the grave, and like a lot of people, I mourn that—in the way, probably, that an ardent lover of the old clipper ships resented the arrival of coal and steam. Something was being lost. Something beyond the mere ships.

From a recent Washington Post article, one learns that

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Obama, Kerry Run Up $1.4M Bill for Hotels, Cars in Panama

7:43 AM, Jun 03, 2015

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry both spent two days in April at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, but hotels and transportation for the entire delegation for the conference topped $1.4 million.

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Reform the Corn Laws

4:29 PM, Apr 20, 2015

The original corn laws put tariffs on imported grain in an effort to help domestic producers.  That was nearly two centuries ago, in England, and the experiment is taught as an example of bad economic policy. But people never learn and in this country, today, we have the renewable fuel mandates which have been a boon to corn farmers in Iowa (among other states) where presidential candidates are obliged to speak in favor of a policy that is a drag just about everywhere else in the country.

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Cost of Cars for President's Australia Visit: $1.37M

8:07 AM, Mar 17, 2015

When President Obama attended the G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia last November, the entire delegation required over 5,000 room nights at five different hotels over the cours

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Car Talk

Victorino Matus, useless intellect
Feb 23, 2015

According to my mechanic, that burning smell emanating from my car’s vents was caused by an oil leak near the camshaft synchronizing sensor underneath the right side of the engine. Unfortunately I had no idea what he was talking about. He lost me at camshaft.

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The Road Not Taken

Feb 09, 2015

"More than 13 years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in a world still menaced by terrorists and in a city at risk of attack as few others, how is it possible that basic radio communications used by the District’s first responders could fail in an emergency?” asked the Washington Post editorial board. “How could the District’s transit system be unprepared to ventilate smoke from a subway tunnel? What other lapses in preparedness will the region’s residents discover, and will it take an emergency to discover them?”

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Casual Podcast: Wheels of Fortune

8:15 AM, Oct 26, 2014

THE WEEKLY STANDARD Casual Podcast, with Ethan Epstein reading his essay "Wheels of Fortune."

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Eternal Recall

11:14 AM, Aug 04, 2014

GM’s woes continue. As James R. Healey of USA Today reports:

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We Didn’t Ask; They Didn’t Tell

3:26 PM, May 23, 2014

It has been days now (at least two of them) since General Motors has issued a recall on any of its cars.  But then, the law of diminishing returns applies here.  After the first 15 million, there aren’t that many GM vehicles left out there for recalling.

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The Sorrows of General Motors

12:21 PM, May 21, 2014
The bailout of GM – at a final cost to the Treasury of $10 billion and change – was a landmark event in evolution state capitalism, American-style.  The company was saved, certain creditors were stiffed, the unions were protected, and the corporate culture, it seems, was not altered in any fundamental way.  Read more

The Business of 'The Future'

12:34 PM, Apr 16, 2014

Nobody loved Shai Agassi and his company, Better Place, more than Tom Friedman. Friedman dedicated two slobbering, wide-eyed, wet-kiss columns to Agassi's Better Place in 2008.

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Doubling Down on the Volt

7:42 AM, Apr 09, 2014

The administration’s enthusiasm for GM extended to its electric car, the Chevy Volt. President Obama once said he’d like to drive one when he leaves office and no reason he couldn’t. There’s lots of inventory lying around.

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Cobalts for Clunker: How We Roll

9:14 AM, Apr 02, 2014

The new CEO of the new General Motors testified yesterday before Congress and said that she is “deeply sorry” about the company’s negligence in selling cars that came standard with a flaw that could kill you. The company knew. A government regulatory agency knew. And if the administration of President Obama did not know, then one is inclined to wonder why not and go to the only possible explanation, which is incompetence. The administration rescued the company from bankruptcy, after all, using billions of taxpayer dollars. Should it not have taken a careful look at what the money was buying?

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GM & the Inquisitors. Again.

10:22 AM, Mar 31, 2014

The script is familiar. General Motors’ top executive heading down to Washington to be grilled by Congress. As Joseph B. White of Market Watch reports, fifty years after the Corvair controversy that made Ralph Nader a household name:

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Weiner Meets His Muse

11:01 AM, Mar 30, 2014

His promising career in politics having come to an inglorious – and no doubt temporary – end, Anthony Weiner has turned to punditry.

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Joe Biden: 'We Get More Credit Sometimes Than We Deserve'

9:26 AM, Jan 18, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden addressed the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Thursday and reminisced about the state of the industry before

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Biden Thanks Ford for 'Saving Our A--'

12:12 PM, Jan 16, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden thanked the executive chairman of Ford at today's North American International Auto Show for "saving our ass." The event took place in Detroit.

Via the pool report:

Vice President Joe Biden toured the North American International Auto Show for more than 30 minutes after making remarks in Detroit. The show remained open to invited people with tickets -- but it doesn't open to the general public until Saturday.

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Energy Dept. Seeks Company to Turn Sunshine Into Gasoline

7:26 AM, Nov 01, 2013

Although CO2 is considered a "greenhouse gas" that contributes to climate change, if the Energy Department (DOE) finds partners to capitalize on the research of one of its laboratories, someday cars might run on sunshine.  Technically, cars would run on the product of sunlight, CO2, and water using a "two-step solar thermochemical cycle" developed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico government lab.

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Goodbye to Mr. Chu

11:17 AM, Feb 05, 2013

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is leaving and in parting, writes this about his time in office and the green energy investments his department made:

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Old Volvos Never Die

Terry Eastland’s brave new Volvo
Jan 28, 2013

Late in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve, my wife Jill and I were driving through Vienna, Virginia, toward Tysons Corner when we found ourselves in front of, and then beside, and then right behind an old gray Volvo wagon. The car caught our eyes, and quickly we realized why, for it wasn’t just another car on the road but a car we’d once owned—from 1987, to be precise, when we bought it new, until December 2011. That’s not a misprint: The car was ours for more than 24 years.

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'Sandy Bill' Becomes Mini Auto Bailout

9:22 AM, Dec 17, 2012

The legislation to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy has been turned into something of a mini auto bailout, according to those familiar with the Obama administration's request. The request includes millions of dollars worth of cars, to be paid for by the federal government.

Obama's request, as detailed in a letter sent to Capitol Hill by the director of the White House's Office of Management and Budget, Jeffrey Zients, includes these requests:

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1:29 PM, Nov 30, 2012

The AAA has joined the side of the crackpots resisting the burning of food in internal combustion engines:

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Clinton: America Can't Export Jeeps to China

2:20 PM, Nov 03, 2012

Earlier today at an Obama rally in Chesapeake, Virginia, former President Bill Clinton said that American can't export Jeeps to China:

"They used to produce Jeeps in China and they were about to go broke so they had to quit," Clinton said. "You can’t make a Jeep in America and send it to China – it weighs too much, it costs too much to send over there. All they are going to do is reopen their operations there and try to sell Jeeps there too. We’re doing fine here."

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How's That Bailout Working For GM ... and You?

10:24 AM, Aug 14, 2012

Not so hot, it seems. First, there is the simple matter of costs.  

The Treasury Department says in a new report the government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That's 15 percent higher than its previous forecast.

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America as a Safe Haven

11:00 PM, Jun 08, 2012

Just as America proved to be such a safe haven for immigrants in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries, it is now seen as a safe haven for wealth attempting to escape Europe’s tax collectors and financial chaos and recession in Europe, and for foreign central banks newly enamored of the dollar.

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Government Down $16 Billion on GM Bailout

12:27 PM, Jun 05, 2012

Mitt Romney maintains that "President Barack Obama is holding on to the government's stake in General Motors to avoid an embarrassing financial loss before the election, and says he'd sell the stock quickly if he wins the White House," according to the Detroit News, which recently interviewed the Republican presidential candidate.

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Big Wheels

The American and his/her car.
May 28, 2012


Paul Ingrassia, former Detroit bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, is probably the best broadsheet reporter ever to cover the car business. He and Joseph B. White won a Pulitzer Prize for their articles about how General Motors got busted to corporal by its fool management and union. Ingrassia wrote the book on “The American Automobile Industry’s Road from Glory to Disaster,” that being the subtitle of his Crash Course (2010). Now he’s broached yet a larger subject, the car’s whole effect on our entire nation.

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Biden Admits: 'Auto Workers Lost Their Jobs,' Dealerships Shed Because of Obama Administration

12:01 PM, May 17, 2012

Speaking in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden admitted that auto workers lost jobs because of actions taken by the Obama administration:

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Biden on Workers Who Lost Pensions, Benefits: 'Some of Them Got Hurt ... Most Did Fine'

11:53 AM, May 17, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden didn't seem too worried about the auto workers who lost pensions and benefits because of the restructuring that the auto bailout required:

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The Obama Economy Is Wrecking NASCAR

According to a new study.
9:05 AM, May 15, 2012

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has been considered America’s fastest growing sport, quickly becoming a national phenomenon. But a new economic study shows even NASCAR’s powerful engines haven’t been able to keep up with the Obama-era economy.

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