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Boris in the Flesh

Ethan Epstein’s celebrity crush
Nov 02, 2015

I’m a sophisticated guy. A deep thinker, even. Shallowness’s scourge, you might say. 

At least that was my line 10 or so years ago, as my family embarked on a trip to Southern California. My younger sister, then around 14, proclaimed before our departure that she hoped we would see a celebrity on our trip.

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Martin Short to Obama: 'Because of You, the Three Amigos Can Stay Indefinitely'

8:01 AM, Dec 08, 2014

Martin Short, who starred in the 1986 film ¡Three Amigos!, praised President Obama for executive amnesty at last night's Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C.

"Welcome Mr. President and thank you," Short told the president. "Because of you, the Three Amigos can stay indefinitely." 

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Celebs Promote Obamacare for White House

Valerie Jarrett retweets.
3:21 PM, Nov 17, 2014

Open enrollment for health insurance plans under Obamacare is currently underway, and some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere are out there promoting it on Twitter. Furthermore, it appears there could be some coordination with the White House, with top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett retweeting a number of those celebrities, one after the other.

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Video Mocks Leo DiCaprio for Being Climate 'Hypocrite'

9:31 AM, Oct 10, 2014

A new video by the Environmental Policy Alliance mocks Hollywood celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio for being "just another celebrity hypocrite" when it comes to the topic of climate change:

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Paltrow to Obama: 'You’re So Handsome That I Can’t Speak Properly'

8:46 PM, Oct 09, 2014

The host gushed at the sight of President Obama. The setting was a Democratic fundraiser at the home of Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow.

"You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly," Paltrow told Obama at the fundraiser in her backyard.

The Hollywood star wished the president had even more power to accomplish even more things. As the pool report phrased it:

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Moms of Celebrities Star in Ad for Obamacare

Michelle Obama: 'We Nag You Because We Love You.'
6:21 AM, Mar 14, 2014

The mothers of celebrities Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys star in a new web ad to promote Obamacare:

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Celebrity Retreat

12:06 PM, Feb 25, 2014

When President Obama, and (before that) candidate Obama, was on top, they loved him.  All the tinsel talents, that is, who judge people by their ratings.

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9:04 AM, Jul 23, 2013

Roberta Rampton of Reuters reports:

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Another Exclusive Party at W.H.—at Taxpayer Expense

Will White House release guest list?
6:34 AM, Apr 09, 2013

On Barack and Michelle Obama's schedule for today, this event is listed:

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The Dating Game

Apr 01, 2013

To the list of perennial press stories—the schoolgirl who refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag but is off to Harvard this fall, the old Vermont farmer who voted for Dewey but doesn’t much care for today’s Republican party—may be added the importunate celebrity invitation. 

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Obama to Give Interview to Us Weekly

12:18 PM, Oct 16, 2012

Celebrity gossip magazine Us Weekly will be interviewing President Barack Obama. The conversation, which the magazine promises will touch on a variety of topics, will be published on October 26.

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The Candidate of the People

3:24 PM, Oct 07, 2012

Thank goodness the everyday Americans of Main Street, U.S.A. have someone to run on their behalf against the out-of-touch rich guy.

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Michelle Obama Has 'Sunday of Fun' at Gwen Stefani's Home

"Barack can't do it alone. He's not Spider-Man. He's not a superhero. He's a human, so we need your help."
4:08 PM, Aug 12, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama is at pop star Gwen Stefani's Beverly Hills home to take part in "Sunday of Fun," according to the report. The event is a fundraiser for President Obama's reelection effort.

The pooler fills in the details:

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Harvey Weinstein on Obama: 'The Paul Newman of American Presidents'

7:20 AM, Aug 07, 2012

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein last night hosted a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at his Westport, Conn. home. He had nothing but praise for Obama.

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Obama Reminds Supporters: 'I’m Term-Limited After This'

7:49 AM, Jul 24, 2012

At a fundraiser last night in Oakland, California, President Obama had to remind supporters that he's "term-limited." Via the pool report: 

He then jumped into his standard stump speech. Mentioning it's his last campaign, someone in the crowd shouted, "No, it isn't." Obama reminded the crowd of his term limits.

And here's the official White House transcript of the exchange (which relates only what the president said:

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Will Celebrities Help Obama?

3:20 PM, Jun 07, 2012

Kelly Jane Torrance, talking earlier today's to Fox Business's Stuart Varney: 

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Bon Jovi Catches a Ride on Air Force One

3:51 PM, Jun 04, 2012

Bloomberg reporter Julianna Goldman tweets: 

Spotted getting off air force one at JFK: Bon Jovi

— juliannagoldman (@juliannagoldman) June 4, 2012

Air Force One just arrived in New York City for three fundraisers this evening. Bon Jovi is performing at one of them, later tonight.

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Obama Grades Himself: 'Incomplete'

11:09 AM, May 15, 2012

Barack Obama was asked to grade his performance on the View this morning, but shied away from giving himself a letter grade. "You know, I won't give us a letter grade," Obama said. "I think it's still incomplete."

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Crossroads Ad: 'After 4 Years of A Celebrity President'

"...is your life any better?"
11:24 AM, Apr 26, 2012

American Crossroads has a new ad riffing off the John McCain campaign's popular "Celebrity" ad from the 2008 election. The Crossroads spot juxtaposes President Obama's celebrity status--singing Al Green, calling Kanye West a "jacka--," and appearing on Jimmy Fallon's late-night talk show--with some sobering economic statistics of the last three years. Watch the video below:

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'Bieber-Fever' for Obama in Florida Gated Community

11:45 AM, Apr 10, 2012

President Obama is in Florida to tout his economic policy of raising taxes on the wealthy. But first he's holding a fundraiser. And it seems that many in the Palm Beach Gardens gated community, where the fundraiser is being held, are excited to see the president.

Consider how the president was received, as reported by today's White House pool reporter:

Lots of ladies in their tennis outfits (literally dozens) took photos of the motorcade as it drove by.

Motorcade arrived at a two story Mediterranean style home with a spanish tiled roof.

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