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It's Not Just Campuses—Liberal Think Tank Employees Want Safe Space From Netanyahu

10:35 AM, Nov 11, 2015

The Center for American Progress (CAP), one of the largest and most influential liberal think tanks in Washington, recently extended an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He spoke there yesterday, and the New York Times write-up notes that Netanyahu "project[ed] a benevolent tone even as he countered criticism of his approach to resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians."

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The Left's H Street Shakedown

8:06 AM, May 24, 2013

Matthew Continetti, writing at the Washington Free Beacon, on the Center for American Progress:

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Emergency Committee for Israel in the New York Times

9:02 AM, Mar 01, 2012

Readers of the New York Times had a shock this morning: A full-page ad on page A9 from the Emergency Committee for Israel documenting the anti-Israel views of the Center for American Progress and Media Matters--and then asking why various Jewish communal philanthropies and business groups are funding those organizations. It should cause quite a stir.

Here's the ad:

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Think Progress Scrubs Troubling Rhetoric from Website

8:05 AM, Jan 26, 2012

With the Center for American Progress’s Think Progress blog under scrutiny for publishing what some would consider borderline anti-Semitic content, it would seem likely that bloggers over there might be careful about the content. (Even Think Progress’s editor Faiz Shakir admitted that some of the language used by employees of the liberal institution is anti-Semitic, according to an email obtained by the Jerusalem Post.) At least, one would think, the higher ups are presumably now being more careful, considering they backed away from the controversial content last week, as the Washington Post reported at the time.

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Palling Around with Israel Bashers

11:46 AM, Jan 18, 2012

Alana Goodman, writing at the New York Post

Last December, a top anti-Semitism watchdog group accused the Center for American Progress, a prominent Washington think tank, of peddling anti-Israel and borderline anti-Semitic material on its Web site and Twitter feeds. Six days later, President Obama met for coffee with the man who oversaw the offending content — Faiz Shakir, the site’s editor-in-chief.

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The Mainstream Left's Disturbing Rhetoric

8:35 AM, Jan 14, 2012

In Haaretz, James Kirchick writes about the mainstream left's disturbing rhetoric:

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The Anti-Israel Left

12:55 PM, Dec 07, 2011

Ben Smith has an important piece in Politico today about the anti-Israel left:

The Center for American Progress, the party’s key hub of ideas and strategy, and Media Matters, a central messaging organization, have emerged as vocal critics of their party’s staunchly pro-Israel congressional leadership and have been at odds, at times, with Barack Obama’s White House, which has acted as a reluctant ally to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government.

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The Center for American Cronyism—and Saudi Progress?

12:08 PM, Sep 19, 2011

The Los Angeles Times opened up a new front in the Solyndra scandal on Friday (and there are too many fronts to count at this point), reporting that Steve Spinner, another prominent Obama donor, served as a top official in the Energy Department program that made the half-billion dollar loan to the now bankrupt solar panel maker. In Spinner's defense, he did recuse himself from the decision to grant the loan—because his wife works at a law firm that represented Solyndra.

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

8:41 PM, Sep 08, 2011

Here’s how bad it’s gotten for President Obama:

At 9:20 p.m., the White House press office sent out a statement of support for the president’s proposal from ... the Center for American Progress (see below). That’s newsworthy!

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Center for American Progress Takes Aim at Koch Industries, Shoots Self in Foot

10:45 AM, Jun 29, 2011

Think Progress reporter Lee Fang has a long history of being spectacularly wrong. However, there's a seemingly unending thirst for his breathless demonization of the Koch brothers and other rants about corporate greed among the low IQ end of the liberal spectrum.

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Center for American Progress Finally Comes Out in Favor of Tyranny

3:15 PM, Jun 09, 2011

Yuval Levin highlighted this yesterday, and it's one of the most revealing things I've seen recently, not just about Obamacare, but how the left generally views the exercise of power.

First, a refresher: Buried deep within the Obamacare bill is the Democrats' plan for lowering Medicare costs -- something called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Here's how it works:

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De-Fanging Think Progress' Attack Dog

2:16 PM, Apr 17, 2011

The name Lee Fang is far from a household name. However, from his perch at the Soros-funded think tank Center for American Progress, Fang has the dubious distinction of promulgating questionable Koch Industries political conspiracies perhaps more than any other person.

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When Everyone Dares to Call it a Conspiracy

Left-wing critics of Koch Industries are only discrediting themselves.
12:10 PM, Mar 03, 2011

In today's Examiner, Mark Tapscott discusses William F. Buckley's banishment of John Birchers to the fringe of the conservative movement decades ago and how it relates to today's conspiracy mongering on the left. In particular, the bleatings about the influence of Koch Industries have run comepletely off the rails and it's discrediting to the left:

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Why Does Walmart Get a Pass?

The Center for American Progress isn't biting the hand that feeds them.
12:26 PM, Feb 23, 2011

Who’s pulling the strings on Wisconsin governor Scott Walker? Well it’s got to be someone – since obviously no Republican would act out of principle.

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How Not to Understand the Russian-Georgian Conflict

A new report from the Center for American Progress sides with the Kremlin over democracy.
11:53 AM, Feb 18, 2011

"Georgia faces a stark choice between two mutually exclusive futures." That's how the Center for American Progress (CAP) kicked off a 70-plus page report on the divided former Soviet Union.

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