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Hillary Clinton Tweets: 'Stand With Hillary & Overturn Planned Parenthood'

6:33 AM, Sep 11, 2015

In a tweet calling for a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Hillary Clinton inadvertently invited supporters to "Stand with Hillary and overturn Planned Parenthood." While the main part of the tweet (archived 

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Give Us Your Money...

... so we can take money out of politics!
11:01 AM, Aug 14, 2015

Roll Call's Simone Pathé reported on Thursday that, "[a] new campaign finance reform political action committee expects to be among the top five outside groups to assist campaigns this cycle."

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So, What About Money in Politics?

While Democrats decry Citizens United, Republicans twiddle their thumbs.
May 04, 2015

Hillary Clinton has been an international celebrity for a quarter-century, and since Bill Clinton left office, the two of them have monetized their worldwide renown to a mind-boggling extent. In her last official filing for the State Department, Clinton listed her net worth as between $5 and 

$25 million. Last year, Bloomberg News reported that she earned at least $12 million in her first 16 months after leaving public office.

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WI and NH Ad Features Disenchanted '08 Obama Voters

11:55 AM, Oct 30, 2012

A new 30-second ad airing on cable news in Wisconsin and New Hampshire features Americans who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 voicing their disenchantment with the president over the last four years. The spot, which is an advertisement for the Citizens United film The Hope and the Change, will air on MSNBC and CNN in Wisconsin and New Hampshire through the rest of this week.

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Jeffrey Toobin Rewrites Supreme Court History—And His Own

8:05 AM, May 17, 2012

In this week's New YorkerJeffrey Toobin criticizes the Supreme Court's handling of Citizens United v. FEC, which affirmed a corporation's First Amendment right to spend money on independent speech on political issues, even when that speech criticizes candidates for office.

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Obama's Hypocrisy on Unions and Political Disclosure

The president's proposed executive order is a transparent attempt to help his own political allies.
1:46 PM, Apr 22, 2011

A proposed draft of an executive order that would require disclosure of political contributions by federal contractors has been circulating in Washington, D.C.:

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Left-Wing Non-Disclosure Group (Co-Founded By Barack Obama) Attacking Kochs For Non-Disclosure

1:33 PM, Apr 15, 2011

Jen Rubin has the story about the New York Times's water-carrying for David Callahan, a co-founder and senior fellow at the left-wing group Demos. Callahan's op-ed in the Times on April 4 criticized the Koch brothers for their funding of 501c(4) groups, which don't have to disclose their funding.

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Jeffrey Toobin's Baseless Attack on the Supreme Court

3:00 PM, Apr 04, 2011

Jeffrey Toobin writes in this week's New Yorker on the impact of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. While some of it is merely disagreeable, his conclusion is arrant nonsense:

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