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The Economic Consequences of COP21

8:00 AM, Dec 14, 2015

The international conference on climate change attracted thousands of delegates from almost 200 nations. The Conference of the Parties21, so named for the parties that signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 and had come to Paris for what was their 21st conference, came to an end with the obligatory self-congratulatory photo op, linked arms raised in victory, cheers from some, tears of joy from others, applause for Al Gore, and a promise by Secretary of State John Kerry that we have seen the end of the age of fossil fuels.

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Paris Conference Supports CBDRILONCWRC

Can I buy a vowel?
2:59 PM, Dec 11, 2015

The Paris Climate Conference closes on Friday. All the set pieces of the expected drama have played out: an Obama speech, hand-wringing by Western Europe, pleas of poverty by China and India, and a draft agreement coming in just before the deadline closes.

And the acronyms. Oh, the acronyms.

The United States, according to official documents, supports CBDRILONCWRC. That's only somewhat shorter than the full phrase: Common But Differentiated Responsibility In Light Of National Circumstances With Respective Capability.

Or, to translate from bureaucrat-speak: All countries share responsibility for dealing with supposed climate change according to their unique circumstances and economic strengths.

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The Democrats’ Boutique Issues

There’s a reason they talk of nothing but climate change.
Dec 07, 2015

When Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Keystone pipeline from Canada, she said climate change was the reason. In the first Democratic presidential debate (CNN), Martin O’Malley listed the greatest national security threats to America as nuclear Iran, ISIS, and “climate change, of course.” And in the second Democratic debate (CBS)—it was the day after the Paris terrorist attacks—Bernie Sanders insisted climate change “is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

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Obama Aligns Himself With China to Fight Climate Change

12:28 PM, Nov 30, 2015

President Obama is in Paris for a conference on climate change. Today he met with the leader of China, President Xi Jinping, and discussed the importance of the U.S.-China relationship in regards to fighting climate change.

"As the two largest economies in the world and the two largest carbon-emitters, we have both determined that it is our responsibility to take action. And since our historic joint announcement of our post-2020 climate targets in Beijing last year, more than 180 countries have followed in announcing their own targets. And so our leadership on this issue has been absolutely vital, and I appreciate President Xi's consistent cooperation on this issue," Obama said in brief remarks with Xi by his side.

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The Paris Trap

9:00 AM, Nov 29, 2015

President Obama may be walking into a trap of his own side's devising as he departs for the latest climate action summit in Paris. If Republicans can suppress their innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the summit’s outcome could hand the GOP an incredibly potent election-year weapon.

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Obama Interviews Jack Ma, Focuses on Climate Change

7:27 AM, Nov 18, 2015

Today at the Makati Shangri-La in Manila, Philippines, President Barack Obama interviewed Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. A main topic of the discussion: climate change.

Obama asked Ma about how and why he's combating climate change. Watch here:

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Climate Politics

What happens in Paris won’t stay in Paris
Nov 16, 2015

At the end of this month representatives of some 200 nations will gather in Paris for the opening of a United Nations-sponsored conclave to prevent the cataclysm that President Barack Obama, backed by the moral authority of Pope Francis, believes will befall the world if we do not slow the pace of climate change. There will be no treaty to enshrine the deal, for the very good reason that such a treaty would not receive the consent of the U.S. Senate.

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Planet Still Standing 500 Days After French Foreign Minister Warned of 'Climate Chaos'

7:08 AM, Sep 29, 2015

In May 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos." Late last week, time ran out. Fabius's original remarks were as follows:

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No More Denali Commissions

A carbon tax is a better way.
11:01 AM, Sep 14, 2015

The answer is climate changeat least if the question is “why should we keep a costly and ineffective government agency." The Obama Adminis

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Of Course They’re Fed Up

The left blames economic woes on everything except its hero president.
Sep 14, 2015

Two weekends ago, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City held its annual monetary conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The left flew in hundreds of protesters donning green T-shirts that demanded “Higher Wages for America” and chanting, “We’re Fed Up.” The crowd was an assortment of college kids on their summer break, disgruntled middle-aged teachers, senior citizens, and blue-collar union members. Think Occupy Wall Street.

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Obama’s Energy Debacle

And what the next president can do about it.
Aug 24, 2015

The late great comedian Milton Berle, when introduced to an enthusiastically applauding audience, would hold up his left hand in a modest gesture as if to say thank you but that’s enough, and with his right hand held at waist level encouraged the audience to even wilder applause. President Obama has just accomplished a similar feat. With one hand he has delivered his Clean Power Plan, designed to reduce the use of our own resources of fossil fuels.

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Video: Hillary Gets on Private Jet After Global Warming Speech

8:20 AM, Jul 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton was spotted getting on a private jet after she delivered her global warming speech yesterday in Iowa. Fox News played the video this morning:

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After Iran, Climate Change

Once again, the president wants to save us without involving Congress.
Jul 27, 2015

President Obama’s deal with Iran is not even called an “agreement.” Technically, it’s a “joint comprehensive plan of action,” a mushy term adopted precisely to avoid the implication that it’s a formally binding agreement. In truth, it’s more like the sort of coordinated “plan of action” that desperate relatives negotiate with hostage-takers. Sometimes it works and the hostages come out alive. But lawyers are never required when negotiating this sort of arrangement. Law has nothing to do with it. 

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O'Malley Blames ISIS on 'Climate Change'

7:00 PM, Jul 20, 2015

Martin O'Malley said the rise of the terrorist organization ISIS in the Middle East can be traced to climate change. In a Friday interview on Bloomberg aired Monday, the Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland governor said a drought in Syria helped create the conditions for ISIS's growth in the region. 

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Liberals Heckle Hillary on Climate Change

2:44 PM, Jul 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton was heckled today at a town hall in New Hampshire.

"Act on climate," the hecklers cheered. "Act on climate. Act on climate. Act on climate."

"That's ok, that's ok. I'm all in favor of acting on climate," Clinton responded by saying. "I totally respect the passion and the urgency. We have a lot of work to do."

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Timothy Egan Throws a Snowball

A flawed column in the New York Times.
8:04 AM, Jul 06, 2015

Oklahoma senator James Inhofe did the world no favors earlier this year when he brought a snowball onto the Senate floor in order to “disprove” global warming. For one, a blizzard hitting Washington, D.C. tells us absolutely nothing about whether man-made climate change is indeed occurring.

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A Plea to Conservatives on Climate Change

8:14 AM, Jul 02, 2015

It makes no more sense to be certain that the globe is definitely not warming than to be certain that it definitely is. It makes no more sense to be certain that if the globe is warming it is not due to carbon emissions than to be certain that it definitely is. It makes no more sense to be certain that there will not be dire consequences if the globe is warming than to be certain that there will be.

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WH Slated to Hold 'Summit on Climate Change and Health'

'Act as an anchor to stimulate a national dialogue on climate change and public health'
4:13 PM, Jun 22, 2015

The White House will host a "Summit on Climate Change and Health" tomorrow, according to a press release. The event is supposed to "stimulate a national dialogue on climate change and public health," the White House says.

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Criminalizing Dissent

Jun 15, 2015

Back in February, Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., wrote menacing letters to various universities, wanting all sorts of details about the funding received by professors who are allegedly out of step with the prevailing opinions on climate change, as well as demanding copies of official communications and information on university policies that could be used to bring pressure to bear on these out-of-step scientists.

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White House to 'Honor Faith Leaders' Who 'Combat Climate Change'

6:29 AM, Jun 04, 2015

The Obama administration has not been shy about partnering with religious leaders on issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS prevention, Obamacare, and even climate change.

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Even Climate Skeptics Should Support a Carbon Tax

Here's why.
10:38 AM, May 07, 2015

The ice is finally melting. Not the Arctic ice, although that might be melting too. I mean the frozen position critics of the global warming hysterics have been taking. They disagree with Obama’s contention that the science of climate change is settled, and prefer reading actual temperatures recorded on thermometers to print-outs of assumption-ridden models.

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State Dept. Proposes $35K Grant for Workshop on 'Cartooning for Cause' In India

7:33 AM, May 01, 2015

The State Department, through the U.S.

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White House Graphic Distorts Impact of Climate Change

1:30 PM, Apr 21, 2015

As Earth Day approaches, the White House is once again pushing action on climate change, presenting a rather stark contrast between action and inaction on carbon emissions. On Monday, the following graphic appeared in a White House tweet, presenting an almost night-and-

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Obama to the Everglades to Sell Climate Change

8:04 AM, Apr 20, 2015

The president is taking Air Force One to Florida this week. He is going there, unsurprisingly, to make a speech. On Earth Day, about climate change. He could make the speech in Washington, of course, but he needs a propin this case, will be the Everglades, which he describes as one of the most special places in our country.

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Obama: Global Warming Leading to Uptick in 'Insect-Borne Diseases'

9:04 PM, Apr 07, 2015

At an event today at Howard University in Washington, D.C., President Obama warned of the public health risks assocaited with global warming. 

"[T]he discussion really centered around the fact that climate change is having a impact on our public health," Obama said at today's event.

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Worried About the Environment?

11:14 AM, Mar 25, 2015

Seems the answer, according to Gallup, is Not so much.

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John Kerry: 'By What Right Do People' Dispute Climate Change?

4:40 PM, Mar 12, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at the Atlantic Council Thursday morning as part of the Road to Paris Climate Series and he compared the certainty of human-caused climate change to the law of gravity and to the temperature at which water fre

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The Democratic War on Science

Mar 09, 2015

Roger Pielke Jr., a respected climate scientist at the University of Colorado, announced recently on his blog that he is being investigated by congressional Democrats. Rep. Raul Grijalva, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, sent a letter to the university demanding to see all disclosure policies that are applicable to Pielke, detailed information about any sources of external funding and grants he may have received, as well as any communications related to external funding.

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Al Gore to Iowa Amid Clinton Scandal

10:03 AM, Mar 06, 2015

As reporters and members of Congress begin to dig into the Clinton email scandal, former Democratic presidential candidate has announced an upcoming visit to Iowa. He'll be in the important caucus state from May 5-7, as part of a training sessions for the Climate Reality Project, of which he's chairman.

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