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It's Not the Crime, It's What Else the White House May Be Covering Up

10:24 PM, Oct 08, 2014

The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig has the details of yet another damaging Obama scandal:

As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia, Obama administration officials repeatedly denied that anyone from the White House was involved.

But new details drawn from government documents and interviews show that senior White House aides were given information at the time suggesting that a prostitute was an overnight guest in the hotel room of a presidential advance-team member — yet that information was never thoroughly investigated or publicly acknowledged.

As bad as that is, it gets much worse:

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Colombia Chooses ‘Peace’ – No Matter the Costs

2:45 PM, Jun 18, 2014

The world’s eyes may have been trained on the World Cup this weekend, but a different heated contest also took place in South America on Sunday night. In Colombia, incumbent president Juan Manuel Santos, who has made “peace” talks with leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas the center of his campaign, was reelected in a runoff. He defeated his assertive challenger, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, a staunch opponent of the negotiations, by a margin of 51 to 45 percent.

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Colombia’s Risky Peace Gambit

10:05 AM, Oct 03, 2013

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was a global murder capital held hostage by warring drug cartels. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it looked like a potential failed state. These days, it is described as “Latin America’s rising star,” “Latin America’s rising oil star,” “Latin America’s latest economic miracle,” “an economic powerhouse,” and “a magnet for foreign investment.”

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State Department Spox Laments: No One Cares About Kerry's Travel

2:03 PM, Aug 13, 2013

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf lamented at the end of today's press conference that no reporter cared to ask about Secretary of State John Kerry's travel:

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The Two Faces of Latin America

Colombia vs. Honduras.
Jun 10, 2013

If you want to see both the potential and the peril in Latin America, you could not do better than to visit Honduras and Colombia, as I did in mid-May: The former is Exhibit A for all that is wrong with the region, from drug trafficking and violence to governmental corruption; the latter a showcase of what can be done to bring even the most embattled country back from the brink.

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Biden Asks to Golf With Colombia's President: 'Since We’re Both Playing Very Badly, Let’s Play Together'

6:22 AM, May 28, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden is in Latin America meeting with foreign leaders. His first stop was in Colombia, where he landed yesterday and met with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

The vice president was diplomatic. "We understand that some real progress appears to have been made yesterday on the agrarian front. We applaud every advance -- every advance -- that gets Colombians closer to the peace they so richly deserve. And we look forward to the day when Colombia can fully enjoy a genuine peace dividend."

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A Critical Moment for Latin America

7:30 AM, Sep 28, 2012

We are now less than two weeks away from an election that could either save or destroy what remains of Venezuelan democracy.

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The Colombia Model

11:38 AM, Nov 01, 2011

Paul Wolfowitz and Michael O'Hanlon explore the Colombia model and how it might apply to Afghanistan:

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An Emerging Tiger in South America

Colombia has become one of the most promising economies in the Western Hemisphere.
8:00 AM, Oct 31, 2011

On October 21, President Obama signed into law the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement (FTA), thereby giving American exporters greater access to one of South America’s fastest growing markets. The long, tiring debate over the FTA—which began five years ago, when the agreement was first completed—showed that popular perceptions of Colombia are stuck in a time warp. Not only has the country become a much safer and less violent place than it was in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, it has also become one of the most promising economies in the Western Hemisphere.

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Obama Sends Trade Agreements to Congress

3:29 PM, Oct 03, 2011

The president finally submitted trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama to Congress.

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On Colombia, Better Late Than Never

3:25 PM, Apr 09, 2011

The Obama administration finally announced earlier this week an agreement on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, paving the way for its ratification. The Colombia FTA is long overdue, and President Obama’s change of heart is a welcome step for America and Colombia alike. As the White House notes, American workers will immediately benefit from the agreement:

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Will Obama Follow Through on Colombia Free Trade Agreement?

5:00 PM, Feb 11, 2011

It is, in a way, unsurprising that the president gave Bogota a brief nod during his State of the Union address. After all, In 2010 State of the Union address, the president claimed, “we will strengthen our trade relations in Asia and with key partners like South Korea and Panama and Colombia.” And, in 2009, President Obama told Colombian president Alvaro Uribe that he was “confident that ultimately we can strike a deal that is good for the people of Colombia and good for the people of the United States.” Yet, no such deal has been struck.

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