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Soldier Killed During Iraq Hostage Rescue; Pentagon Insists U.S. Does 'Not Have Boots on the Ground'

7:28 AM, Oct 26, 2015

The Pentagon Friday announced the death of Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, a soldier who had been serving in Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq. He died of wounds received during a hostage rescue mission.

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After Moses, Solomon

Matt Labash, dog listener
Jun 08, 2015

I've had a lot of dogs of many different physical types, but each has come loaded with the same daunting reminder: the countdown clock I can’t help but hear ticking away inside of them. I suppose I come with one of those, too, if I care to confront reality. Denial may be easier on the nerves, but the actuaries don’t lie. Your average American these days lasts 78.8 years. My average large purebred lasts about 8. Meaning over the course of a lifetime, I’ll bid farewell many more times than they will. 

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A Culture of Fear in Argentina

Alberto Nisman spoke his mind despite the danger.
Feb 09, 2015

Remembering Churchill

Feb 02, 2015

The death of Sir Winston Churchill, 50 years ago last week, reminds The Scrapbook that, while a half-century is a very long time, Churchill’s lifetime is closer to us than we suspect. Indeed, in the words William Faulkner gave to Gavin Stevens in Requiem for a Nun, “The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.”

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Pentagon Sponsors Essay Contest to Honor Late Saudi King

9:45 AM, Jan 26, 2015

Obama administration officials have been effusive in their praise for late Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz who died last week at the age of 90. Now comes word that chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E.

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Reflections on Churchill’s Funeral

His words still call to us.
4:01 PM, Jan 23, 2015

Anyone reading this knows where he was on September 11, 2001. A diminishing number remember where they were on January 30, 1965—the day we said farewell to Winston Churchill. (He died fifty years ago, January 24, 1965.)

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Obama: 'The World Must Never Cease in Seeking to Defeat [Al Qaeda's] Evil Ideology'

President on death of Luke Somers, held hostage by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
7:36 AM, Dec 06, 2014

President Obama issued this statement after the death of photojournalist Luke Somers, who was held hostage in Yemen by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and was killed in a rescue attempt.

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James Traficant, 1941-2014

5:02 PM, Sep 27, 2014

If I sported a hairpiece, I’d be wearing it at half-mast right about now, upon hearing that the world just grew a little less interesting.  For the most colorful man who ever inhabited Congress, former Ohio Democratic Rep. James A .

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The VA, cont.

10:45 AM, Jun 06, 2014

Two stories about the problems at the Veterans Affairs.  Both come with numbers, if not faces, attached.

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Bad Faith Meets Bad Science

2:16 PM, Apr 22, 2014

The attempts of defenders of Obamacare to rouse the American people in favor of the doomed monstrosity have become more desperate and bizarre. The most recent example is taking place in Florida, where the sudden death of a young uninsured woman is being cited as an indictment of the Republican-controlled state legislature for refusing to approve the Medicaid expansion so generously being offered by the feds. If the woman in question had access to federally-mandated Medicaid, they argue, she would of course have gone in for preventative screening which would have revealed her cardiac abnormality and somehow saved her life. Once again, heartless Republicans are causing the death of innocents.

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Make Pro-Abortion Extremists Play Defense

10:01 AM, Jan 22, 2014

In 2012, Democrats ran a well-coordinated campaign to demonize and distort pro-life candidates as anti-woman misogynists hell-bent on taking away birth control. The Republican response to this line of attack consisted mostly of pivoting away to focus on “jobs” and the “economy.” With rare exceptions, instead of responding, GOP candidates were unwilling to answer the attacks head-on.

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The Obamacare Death Spiral Isn't Dead

8:29 AM, Jan 16, 2014

Echoing a report issued last month from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Ezra Klein says that the projections of significant adverse selection in the Obamacare exchange pools are vastly overblown.  Indeed, Klein even claims that “the risk of a ‘death spiral’ is over.”  But a closer look at Klein’s reasoning—laid out in an eleven-point blog post—should leave readers unconvinced.

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The Hunter Home from the Hill

Katherine Messenger on Daisy's old dominion.
Aug 12, 2013

One August afternoon in 1999, my parents and I drove to a farm in Leesburg, Virginia, to look at a litter of Jack Russell Terrier puppies we’d seen advertised. As soon as we arrived at the breeder’s house, we were confronted by Bunny, the long-legged mother of the pups. She was jumping in place, and for the entire time we visited, she never stopped jumping, up to three feet in the air. We should have known what we were in for.

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Revisit the Born-Alive Act

9:05 AM, Apr 30, 2013

It must be one of those inversions of this age of the media that the issues raised by the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia have faded into the background, while the main attention has been drawn to the screening of this story by the liberal media. But even more curious has been screening that has taken place within the conservative media: Dr.

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Undercover Video: Abortion Doctor Says He'd Let Born-Alive Infants Choke to Death

5:15 PM, Apr 29, 2013

A new investigative video shows a Washington, D.C.-based abortion doctor admitting that if a baby is born alive in his clinic after a failed abortion attempt he would let the baby suffocate on fluid in the child's throat or lungs.

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NYTimes Death Notice: 'Loved Everything About NYC, Except the New York Times'

12:05 PM, Feb 26, 2013

This paid death notice appeared recently in the New York Times:

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Reid: Hurricane Katrina Was 'Nothing in Comparison' to Sandy

2:51 PM, Jan 04, 2013

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, said today on the Senate floor that Hurricane Katrina was "nothing in comparison" to Hurricane Sandy:

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Report: Never an Anti-American Protest in Benghazi, Only a Planned Attack

7:48 AM, Sep 20, 2012

CBS reports this morning that witnesses are saying "that there was never an anti-American protest outside of the consulate [in Benghazi, Libya]. Instead, they say, it came under planned attack. That is in direct contradiction to the administration's account of the incident."

"What's clear," the CBS reporter concludes, "is that the public won't get a detailed account of what happened until after the election."

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Dems. Ignore Gulf Storm Victims at Convention

12:46 PM, Sep 05, 2012

On Monday, President Obama traveled to Louisiana to tour flood damage after Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf region last week.

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The Pathetic Case of Richard Lugar

10:00 AM, May 09, 2012

On June 19, 1981 a vigorously healthy Justice Potter Stewart resigned from the Supreme Court at the age of 66. “I've always been a firm believer in the principle that it’s better to go too soon than to stay too long. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to have an opportunity to spend more time with my wife, Andy, and hopefully, with our children and grandchildren while I was still relatively young and healthy,” Stewart said. Stewart died suddenly only four years later, at age 70, so he and his family must have been especially grateful for those last years.

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Jobs Without Tears

Prophet or master salesman?
2:00 PM, Oct 10, 2011
"In lapidary inscriptions," said Dr. Johnson, "a man is not under oath." Still, I have been a little startled by the Princess Diana-style reaction to the death of Steve Jobs. The Internet has been weighted down with lachrymose tributes; even the mainstream press is given over to extended compliments. Bouquets of flowers have been deposited at the entrance to Apple stores, accompanied by heartfelt handwritten notes to the deceased.  Read more

Doctor Death Is Dead

9:36 AM, Jun 03, 2011

Jack Kevorkian, most famous for playing a part in the deaths of 130 people, has died in Michigan. Over the years, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has paid a little attention to Kevorkian -- and his practice. Consider these articles:

Wesley J. Smith's "The Serial Killer as Folk Hero: Kevorkian proceeds with his plan."

Nelson Lund's "Down Kevorkian's Slope."

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Death and Politics

On the use and abuse of grief as a partisan weapon.
Feb 28, 2011