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'Democrats' War On Youth'

7:04 AM, Nov 23, 2015

The Washington Examiner's Jim Antle has written a comprehensive piece about the Democrats' war on youth. Antle notes that politicians and pundits on the right have been pointing out ways in which Democrats' policies hurt young people.

Jeb Bush, for example, told the Washington Examiner on the campaign trail in New Hampshire that leaders need to "make sure the next generation isn't saddled with all of our contingent liabilities on their backs."

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Why Bathrooms Matter

Nov 16, 2015

Last week was one of those quiet Election Days where, on the surface, nothing much happened. But the “nothing much” might actually be something. We may have seen voters begin to pump the brakes on runaway liberalism.

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Bayou Voodoo

Zombie helps Louisiana Democrats find new life.
Nov 16, 2015

A year ago, the Louisiana Democratic party seemed as dead as its allegedly habitual voters from New Orleans cemeteries. Yet with a governor’s race quickening to its November 21 conclusion, Republican senator David Vitter is proving the Democrats’ greatest necromancer.

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Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley Criticize 'Ridesharing' Services ... But Use Them

Practice what you preach?
7:27 AM, Nov 09, 2015

Every Democrat in the 2016 field has complained about ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. But their campaigns pay for plenty of Uber rides. 

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Democrats and Iranians Celebrate

Nov 02, 2015

Last week, Senate and House Democrats threw a party to celebrate the adoption day of Obama’s Iran deal. Ninety days after the White House signed the deal in Vienna, Obama directed the United States government to lift sanctions on Iran, the Democrats listened to a string ensemble in Washington, and all present pretended it was a joyous occasion.

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Enter Ryan, Exit Biden

Nov 02, 2015

‘Republicans in Turmoil!” “Chaos Confounds GOP Congressmen!!” “Catastrophic Conservative Crack-Up Imminent!!!” “Trump Likely GOP Nominee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

All nonsense.

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Enemies List

Oct 26, 2015

Anderson Cooper’s final question in the Democratic presidential debate on October 13 led to an interesting and revealing moment. He asked:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” You’ve all made a few people upset over your political careers. Which enemy are you most proud of? 

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About Those Hillary Emails

Oct 26, 2015

One of the most memorable moments from the first Democratic presidential debate was an unexpected one. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic-socialist senator from Vermont who is leading the polls in New Hampshire, took a question about the email scandal that has badly complicated Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Rather than use it as a truncheon to hurt his primary opponent, Sanders took the occasion to defend her.

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Biden to Spend Debate Day at White House

7:29 PM, Oct 12, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden will be at the White House tomorrow, the day of the first Democratic primary debate. The debate will be held across the country in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Biden has only two things on his public schedule for tomorrow: the daily briefing in the Oval Office and meetings. 

The vice president's White House schedule reads:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In the morning, the Vice President will attend the President’s Daily Briefing in the Oval Office.

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CNN Shrinks Dem Debate By One Hour

6:19 AM, Oct 08, 2015

Last month, CNN hosted a Republican presidential primary debate. The main event was a 3-hour affair. 

Next week, the same network will host a Democratic presidential primary debate. But this time, the debate will be one hour shorter -- it'll span only 2 hours.

Of course there's a big difference in the number of candidates in each of the debates. The Republican debate featured 11 candidates. The Democratic debate will probably be made up of 5 candidates. 

The Democrats have only 6 debates planned. Republicans have twice the number on the schedule. 

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Can Biden Defeat Her?

The party hasn’t decided yet.
Oct 05, 2015

By most accounts, Joe Biden is very close to running for president. His entry would shake up the Democratic race. But could he possibly defeat Hillary Clinton?

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O'Malley: DNC Would Add Debates If Clinton Asked

2:29 PM, Sep 17, 2015

Martin O'Malley has continued to be a thorn in the side of the Democratic National Committee. Over the past few weeks, he's publicly criticized the DNC and its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for limiting debates in order to help Hillary Clinton. Schultz hasn't taken it lightly.

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‘Growing’ in Office

How Alaska’s governor went from Palin favorite to Obama pal.
Sep 14, 2015

Juneau, Alaska
Governor Bill Walker flew to Washington, D.C., to accompany President Obama aboard Air Force One on the president’s seven-hour flight to Anchorage. “I’m honored to be governor of Alaska at the time a sitting president comes to Alaska,” he told the Alaska Dispatch News. “You bet.”

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Obama’s Victory Is Iran’s Victory

Sep 14, 2015

Last week the White House puffed its feathers when Barbara Mikulski became the 34th Democratic senator to come out in favor of the nuclear deal with Iran. Mikulski’s support ensures enough votes in Obama’s pocket to sustain a presidential veto on a resolution of disapproval, but it’s still not clear why the administration is celebrating. A majority of senators and congressmen oppose Obama’s signature foreign policy initiative. So does most of the American public, by a two-to-one ratio according to a new poll released last week.

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Lincoln Who?

Chafee’s minimalist presidential campaign.
Sep 14, 2015

Storm Lake, Iowa

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Favreau Wants Joe to Feel Out Run for President Against Hillary

1:18 PM, Sep 11, 2015

Today, Jon Favreau, the former director of speechwriting for President Obama, tweeted that Vice President Joe Biden should run for president.

Colbert interview shows why Joe Biden is one of the best human beings we have in public service. And I'm with Colbert - he should run.

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Video: Clinton Campaign Collapses

Falls to pieces in Milwaukee.
6:05 PM, Sep 10, 2015

Shortly before the start of a "Grassroots Organizing Meeting with Hillary Clinton" at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the backdrop of the stage fell down. Watch the video from America Rising PAC here:

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Kristol: Hillary, Done In By Her Aides

Hosted by Michael Graham.
2:10 PM, Sep 08, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on Hillary Clinton's bad weekend and the Iran deal. 

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Hillary's Anti-Israel Advisers

4:11 PM, Sep 02, 2015

While looking through the newest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department, one finds a disturbing anti-Israel trend. Her advisers regularly criticized Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the "US. Jewish community," and AIPAC.

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Hillary's Anti-Israel Advisers

11:01 AM, Sep 02, 2015

While looking through the newest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department, one finds a disturbing anti-Israel trend. Her advisers regularly criticized Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the "US Jewish community," and AIPAC. 

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How to Make a Bad Problem Worse

Hillary Clinton’s flawed plan for student debt relief.
Aug 24, 2015

Nearly everyone recognizes that student debt has risen to a level that will be difficult to sustain, given the nation’s slow-growing economy and the sagging incomes of too many college-­educated Americans. Nearly 40 million Americans carry some form of student debt; more than 7 million are in default on their loans, and many more have missed scheduled payments. The total amount of outstanding student debt is estimated to be $1.2 trillion, with about two-thirds of this sum underwritten by the federal government.

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The Annals of Corruption

Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy ranks way up there.
Aug 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton is a scandalous candidate for president of the United States. Most people acknowledge this, at least judging by her plummeting poll numbers. A raft of stories gives the distinct impression that she and her husband have been running an elaborate pay-to-play operation. Donations to the Clinton Foundation may have produced favorable State Department policies dealing with Russia-owned U.S. uranium deposits, Haitian relief efforts, and foreign banking interests.

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The Donald and The Bernie

Which one is the bigger problem?
Jul 27, 2015

Two political entities are in a state of panic. One is the leadership of the Republican party, suffering a fright attack over the visibility of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate. The other is Hillary Clinton, whose Democratic presidential campaign plunges as she tries to appease the left wing of her party.

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Another Dem Senate Candidate Won't Say If She Voted for Obama

3:44 PM, Oct 15, 2014

A video tracker for the opposition research firm America Rising asked Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn whether she voted for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Nunn, who is in a close race to fill the open Georgia Senate seat, refused to answer the direct question. 

Here's video:

"Ms. Nunn, did you vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012?" the tracker asked.

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James Traficant, 1941-2014

5:02 PM, Sep 27, 2014

If I sported a hairpiece, I’d be wearing it at half-mast right about now, upon hearing that the world just grew a little less interesting.  For the most colorful man who ever inhabited Congress, former Ohio Democratic Rep. James A .

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Top Iowa Dem Has Serious Questions About Hillary Clinton

Not ready for Hillary.
9:19 AM, Sep 14, 2014

Tom Harkin, the top Democrat in Iowa, tells ABC News that he has serious questions about where Hillary Clinton stands on the issues:

"But some Democrats still have their doubts," says ABC's Jonathan Karl. "Some progressives are a little uneasy with Hillary Clinton and is she going to be too hawkish on foreign policy, is she going to be too moderate on economic issues?" 

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Be Thankful for . . . Obamacare!

8:15 AM, Nov 28, 2013

On the one hand, this is a pretty dour Thanksgiving. Iran has just won an enormous diplomatic victory, which not only sets them on the road to nuclear weapons but makes the fecklessness of the Western powers clear to the world. Harry Reid's decision to destroy the filibuster signals an escalation in the ugliness of American politics. And let's not forget that we're still mired in a recovery that's looking more like the new normal with each passing week. Humbug.

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Could Obamacare Sink McAuliffe?

12:40 PM, Nov 03, 2013

Could the focus on Obamacare in the last couple of weeks before Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial election enable the Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, to come from behind in the homestretch? He's run a pretty awful campaign so far, and has been trailing badly for months, but ...

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Civility Deb

9:28 AM, Oct 15, 2013

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is out, today, with her first book.  In his Politico Playbook, Mike Allen calls it a "D.C. Must-Read."  Which, if true, is the most depressing news to come out of the Imperial City so far this week. But, then, it is only Tuesday.

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Dem Senator: 'Keystone Pipeline Decision Has Taken Longer than it Took Us to Defeat Hitler'

7:46 AM, Sep 27, 2013

Democratic senator Heidi Heitkamp "is ready to take on President Obama over the long-delayed approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline — and she predicts her side will prevail," according to USA Today.

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