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8:44 AM, Jun 30, 2013

President Obama used his Saturday morning radio address to rally support for the energy/climate change initiative he announced earlier in the week.  This is the plan whereby we can have it all.  No more coal, more expensive electricity, better weather, and a more robust economy.  One wonders why it is necessary to sell it at all.

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Good Timing

7:52 AM, Jun 26, 2013

One day after the president declared war on coal and committed his administration to making electricity – and, thus, just about everything else – more expensive, the 1st quarter GDP growth figures were revised down from a tepid 2.4 percent to an anemic 1.8 percent.

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Obama: No to Keystone If it Increases 'Emissions'

12:32 PM, Jun 25, 2013

In President Obama's climate change speech set for later today, he'll reportedly say that the Keystone pipeline shouldn't be built if it hurts the environment.

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'War on Coal': Exports Doubled During Obama's First Term

8:29 AM, Jun 25, 2013

While Daniel P. Schrag, White House climate adviser, tells the New York Times that "a war on coal is exactly what's needed," so far the Obama administration has been a boon for U.S. coal exports.

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The Jobs 'No American' Will Do?

2:36 PM, Jun 17, 2013

Can American workers “cut it” in today’s labor market? Not according to an anonymous aide for Marco Rubio, who was recently quoted by Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker making the case for the Senate’s immigration reform bill.

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7:27 AM, Jun 13, 2013

One price, however, has recently spiked dramatically according to this Bloomberg headline

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Ex-Energy Secretary Praises Solyndra-Style Loans: 'More Successful Than Wall Street'

7:17 AM, Jun 10, 2013

Ex-energy secretary Steven Chu is still praising Solyndra-style loans. He did it most recently in an interview with San Francisco Chronicle.

The paper asks, "When you look back, is there anything you'd do differently about Solyndra?"

Chu responds: 


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Pipeline Politics

Is Putin running out of gas?
May 27, 2013

The Cold War is now so over that it might as well be grouped with the ancient ice ages, but there is one echo rolling across Europe from East to West: the Russian attempt to dominate the natural gas market on the European continent. As the energy sector accounts for 25 percent of Russia’s economy, any large changes in energy markets present major challenges for Vladimir Putin.

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Why Mexico Needs an Energy Revolution

8:15 AM, Apr 12, 2013

The day after his inauguration on December 1, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto joined with leaders of the country’s two main opposition parties to sign the “Pact for Mexico,” a joint pledge to pursue dozens of domestic reforms in areas such as education, telecommunications, and energy.

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Oil Boom Nation

8:05 AM, Mar 23, 2013

Mark Drajem of Bloomberg reports that “U.S. crude oil production in the fourth quarter will exceed imports for the first time since 1995, as booming fields in North Dakota and Texas put the nation on track to surpass a quarter-century output record.”

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What Happened to Peak Oil?

7:40 AM, Mar 01, 2013

Mark J. Perry of AEI tweeted:

For the first time in 20 years, the US produced more than 7 million barrels of oil per day for 3 weeks in a row.

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Iran's Shrewd Move

8:08 AM, Feb 22, 2013

With the next round of international talks on Iran’s nuclear program scheduled for February 26, the United States needs to understand Iran’s negotiating strategy. Recent Iranian tactics suggest a seemingly contradictory approach: simultaneously slowing down and speeding up their nuclear program. But by buying time now, Iran is shrewdly seeking to evade international pressure while hastening its advance to nuclear weapons capability. The United States should be clear that it sees through this ploy and remains determined to prevent a nuclear Iran.

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Special Report Panel on the Keystone Pipeline

7:06 AM, Feb 19, 2013

Steve Hayes, with Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News:

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Goodbye to Mr. Chu

11:17 AM, Feb 05, 2013

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is leaving and in parting, writes this about his time in office and the green energy investments his department made:

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Energy Dept. Last Week: 'Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront'

9:30 PM, Feb 03, 2013

Last week, in a blog post titled, "Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront," the Energy Department touted the Superdome's lights. The Superdome, in New Orleans, is hosting tonight's Super Bowl, where a power outage stopped play for more than half an hour.

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'Green Inaugural Ball' Planned to Celebrate Obama

1:26 PM, Dec 17, 2012

A "Green Inaugural Ball" has been scheduled to celebrate President Barack Obama's second inauguration, according to an invitation of the event. The ball will be held January 20, the day of Obama's second inauguration, at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

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Feds Raise Hackles Over 5-Hour Energy Drink

12:55 PM, Dec 13, 2012

The FDA is raising hackles over the equivalent of an espresso shot in a bottle: the popular 5-Hour Energy drink that has billions of dollars in sales over the past decade.

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Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon: 'Imagine There's No Fracking'

5:53 PM, Dec 12, 2012

Yoko Ono, the wife of the late John Lennon, and Sean Lennon, the son of Yoko and the famed member of the Beatles, teamed up to send a message to New York governor Andrew Cuomo: "Imagine There's No Fracking..."

The message took the form of a paid advertisement in the New York Times:

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Senator: 'Obama's Energy Policy Has Been a Win-Win for China'

1:11 PM, Dec 10, 2012

In response to news that China-based investor Wanxiang Group Corp would be investing in the federally back A123 battery company, Senator John Thune said, “President Obama's energy policy has been a win-win for China and a lose-lose for the American taxpayer.”

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1:29 PM, Nov 30, 2012

The AAA has joined the side of the crackpots resisting the burning of food in internal combustion engines:

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Romney Ad: 'For Pennsylvania, the Choice is Clear'

2:18 PM, Oct 30, 2012

Mitt Romney's campaign has a new television ad directed at voters in Pennsylvania. The ad juxtaposes Barack Obama's record and rhetoric on the coal industry with Romney's plan.

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Obama's Energy Policy Led to Higher Gas Prices

3:19 PM, Oct 17, 2012

At last night’s debate, President Obama said gas prices were under two dollars per gallon when he took office because the “economy was on the verge of collapse.” And that if Mitt Romney were elected he “could bring down gas prices, because with his policies we might be back in the same mess.”

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Obama Promised Cuts, Entitlement Reform at 2008 Town Hall Debate

10:44 AM, Oct 16, 2012

In 2008, Barack Obama promised to cut federal spending, cut wasteful programs, reform Medicare and Social Security, and create "5 million new jobs" in a "new energy economy." At Buzzfeed, Andrew Kaczynski has four videos of Obama making those promises at the town hall debate in 2008. Here, for instance, is Obama talking about the need to reform entitlements in his first term:

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The Green Crash

9:01 AM, Oct 16, 2012

According to Bloomberg, the heavily subsidized battery maker, A 123, has filed for bankruptcy protection, making it the latest in a long line of green failures that have produced very little renewable energy and very heavy losses for the American taxpayer.  Been good for the bankruptcy lawyers, though.

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Energy Abundance vs. Energized Politicians

11:00 PM, Oct 12, 2012

We are entering an age of energy abundance. Or not. In keeping with the great tradition of economics, dubbed by Thomas Carlyle the dismal science, let me raise a cautionary note.

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Obama's Dishonest Corporate Welfare Attack on Romney

2:02 PM, Oct 05, 2012

Yesterday, at a rally in Wisconsin, a combative Obama characterized Romney's comments at the debate this way:

Now, last night, this may have actually been the real Mitt Romney, because he ruled out raising a dime on taxes on anyone ever, no matter how much money they make; ruled out closing those loopholes that are giving $4 billion of corporate welfare to the oil companies; refused to even acknowledge the loophole that gives tax breaks to corporations that move jobs overseas.

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Country Roads to Nowhere

Obama deserts coal; Democrats desert Obama.
Sep 24, 2012

Charleston, W. Va.
The billboard high over I-64 outside the capital of this blue-collar state minces no words: “Obama’s NO JOBS ZONE: The President talks about creating jobs but his EPA is destroying jobs.”

Businessmen across nearly every American industry cite the Obama administration’s regulatory assault—from Obamacare to bank lending restrictions to fuel-economy mandates—as a cause of America’s jobless recovery. But perhaps no industry can count job losses the White House is causing like the coal industry.

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A Memo on Romney's TV Ads

11:00 PM, Sep 18, 2012

On Monday, the Romney campaign trumpeted a plan to change the campaign's direction and "reinforce more specifics" on policy. THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained a copy of a memo from GOP political veteran David Smick, addressed to the Romney campaign, with advice on how to "revamp" the television ad strategy. Read the memo below:

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Romney Campaign to 'Reinforce More Specifics'

11:34 AM, Sep 17, 2012

With just 50 days until the presidential election, the Romney team says it plans to reorient the campaign toward communicating more policy details regarding tax policy, energy policy, and foreign policy.

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Special Report Panel on 2012 and Energy

6:39 AM, Aug 15, 2012

Bill Kristol, with Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News: 

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