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Ankara Alone

Turkey's disastrous foreign policy.
12:34 PM, Jun 03, 2015

Too Islamist-friendly for NATO, too pro-European for Russia, too pro-Sunni for Iran, and too pro-democracy for Saudi Arabia, Turkey can’t seem to manage lasting alliances. It’s an issue that figures to play a role in the Turkish parliamentary elections on June 7.

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Fichte, Erdogan, Obama

Some gloomy reflections on the presidential ­conscience.
Jan 13, 2014

In his ponderously titled book Contributions to the Correction of the Public’s Judgement Concerning the French Revolution (1793), the German philosopher and political leader Johann Gottlieb Fichte took time out from his defense of the Reign of Terror to compose what has been called by Daniel Johnson “the most notorious footnote in history.” It warned his German countrymen of the Jewish menace in their midst. The Jews, he told them, constituted “a state within a state. .  .  .

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Turks in the Streets

This time, it’s personal. They dislike the prime minister.
Jun 24, 2013

Two weeks of protests across Turkey that have left four dead and more than 5,000 injured have observers wondering whether Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing an Anatolian Spring. Is Turkey’s Islamic ruler weathering a crisis similar to the revolutionary climate that sent Arab protesters into the streets two years ago, pitted populations against each other, and in several notable cases toppled dictators?

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Turkey's Terror Finance Problem

5:35 PM, Feb 07, 2013

Last week’s suicide bombing outside the U.S. embassy in Ankara, carried out by a Marxist Leninist group known as DHKP-C, drew condemnation from across the Turkish political spectrum.

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A Foreign Policy Without Principle or Prudence

1:29 PM, Oct 12, 2012

After almost a week of exchanging fire with Syrian troops across its southern border, Turkey finds itself embroiled on another, albeit related, international front. Wednesday the Turkish air force scrambled two jets to intercept a Syrian passenger jet flying from Moscow to Damascus.

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Special Report Panel on Turkey and Syria

9:31 AM, Jun 27, 2012

Bill Kristol, with Charles Lane and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News: 

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Obama Gives Erdogan the 'Hug Treatment'

8:29 AM, Nov 03, 2011

An interesting bit from White House reporter Tangi Quéméner's latest pool report from the G-20 in Cannes, France:

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