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Holder, Who Facilitated Marc Rich Pardon, Endorses Hillary Clinton

8:01 AM, Jan 13, 2016

One of the men who is credited with helping facilitate the pardon of Marc Rich, Eric Holder, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Holder was deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration and, more recently, attorney general in the Obama administration.

"Our next president can't shy away from building on the progress of President Obama, which is why Hillary Clinton is the candidate that we need in the White House. She has the experience and right judgment to deliver results for families across the country," Holder, who served in Obama's cabinet with Clinton, says this morning in a statement.

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Slow and Infuriating

Feb 13, 2012

Last Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder was called to testify before Congress. His attitude toward  his questioners was by any measure unbecoming of his office. At one point he actually demanded he be “given some credit” for his performance as attorney general. Though, bad as that outburst was, it was slightly less petulant than the earlier insinuation that his critics are racist. 

One hopes Holder isn’t expecting kudos for his handling of the Fast and Furious scandal—the reason for

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Helpful Reminder from the Attorney General: Federal Employees Shouldn't Solicit Prostitutes

2:57 PM, Apr 10, 2015

Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation's top law enforcement officer, just issued the following memo. That this memo was deemed necessary inadvertantly reveals a great deal about the state of the Federal workforce:

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Holder Sues University for Transgender Discrimination Against Professor

6:37 AM, Mar 31, 2015

Less than four months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Department of Justice had concluded that the transgendered are among the classes of persons protected, unbeknownst to the framers of the legislation at the time, by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

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Malcolm X, Not Madison: Welcome to the Eric Holder Book Club

10:05 AM, Feb 27, 2015

Not long ago, Harvard Law School's Charles Ogletree told Politico that Eric Holder "is a race man":

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Justice or Politics?

11:31 AM, Dec 25, 2014

In April of this year, the Obama administration announced it would “reformulate” clemency guidelines for federal prison offenders. As the Washington Post described it, “Justice Department Prepares for Clemency Requests from Thousands of Inmates.” The paper claimed that this “unprecedented campaign to free nonviolent offenders” would continue for two years and that DOJ would “reassign dozens of lawyers to its understaffed pardons office to handle the requests from inmates.”

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Holder: Federal Investigation 'Remains Ongoing'

10:57 PM, Nov 24, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder released this statement after news came down that Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri:

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Holder Tells Law Enforcement to Behave

'Demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue'
12:04 PM, Nov 21, 2014

Ahead of the grand jury in Ferguson announcing whether it will indict a police officer for killing a man in Ferguson, Missouri, Attorney General Eric Holder has released a video announcement telling law enforcement to behave. 

"The Justice Department encourages law enforcement officials, in every jurisdiction, to work with the communities they serve to minimize needless confrontation," Holder says.

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Justice Department's Immigration Office Under Fire for Nepotism

11:25 AM, Nov 06, 2014

When President Obama finally offers his executive action on illegal immigration, the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) is going to get a bit busier.

The EOIR is tasked to "adjudicate immigration cases by fairly, expeditiously, and uniformly interpreting and administering the Nation's immigration laws."

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Holder Sends 'Election Monitors' to Polls

5:01 PM, Nov 03, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder is dispatching "federal election monitors" to polls tomorrow for Election Day.

"As Americans across the country prepare to vote in tomorrow's midterm elections, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Department of Justice has dispatched federal monitors to polling places around the country," reads the press release from the Department of Justice.

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After Holder

Oct 13, 2014

During his confirmation hearing in early 2009, Eric Holder declared he would not politicize the Justice Department. Yet throughout more than five years in office, the attorney general has done just that—without objection from President Obama, who obviously  paid no heed to Holder’s promise. Indeed, it is manifestly clear that Holder and Obama approach law the same way: Where necessary, it may be manipulated—or ignored—in pursuit of political ends.

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Watch That Doorknob On Your Way Out

2:29 PM, Sep 30, 2014

Mario Trujillo of The Hill reports that:

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Eric Holder Chokes Up

4:01 PM, Sep 25, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder appeared to choke up as he announced he'd be stepping down from his Cabinet position as soon as a replacement is confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Here's video:

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Eric Holder to Resign

9:51 AM, Sep 25, 2014

Eric Holder, the attorney general and one of President Obama's longest serving cabinet members, will resign. NPR reports:

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Kristol Podcast: Elizabeth Warren Now More Likely to Run

Hosted by Michael Graham.
11:35 AM, Aug 15, 2014

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on Hillary Clinton's recent remarks may prompt Elizabeth Warren to run against her in the Democratic primary, and the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Holder: America Should Be 'Color Brave,' Not Color Blind

Due to 'Echoes of Injustice'...
6:14 AM, Jul 16, 2014

Martin Luther King dreamed that one day his children would "be judged on the basis of the content of their character, not the color of their skin." This week, the current head of the Justice Department said that "given the disparities that still afflict and divide us," that dream will have to wait.

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Holder: 'Homegrown Violent Extremists … Keep Me Up at Night'

9:47 AM, Jul 13, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder has a "lot of sleepless nights," reported ABC News this morning. Chief among his concerns? The threat of "homegrown violent extremists."

Watch here:

Asked the ABC News reporter, "Is that threat," like the Boston Marathon bombing last year, "any less serious?"

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Sentences We Didn’t Finish

Jun 09, 2014

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Maya Angelou, a true national treasure whom I have admired for many, many years. Dr. Angelou was much more than a literary genius, a chronicler of Jim Crow, and a witness to history. Through her extraordinary work, she captured the tenacity of the human spirit and .  .  . ” (Statement by Attorney General Eric Holder, May 28).

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Report: Holder Tells DEA Chief to Get in Line

9:00 AM, May 16, 2014

The head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration was called in to speak with Attorney General Eric Holder and told to get in line with the Obama administration's policy on lessening sentencing for drug offenders, according to a report from the Huffington Post.

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Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals

2:07 PM, May 13, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that the Department of Justice doesn't have any plans to investigate allegations that veterans placed on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals died while waiting for care.

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Holder: I Smoked Pot When 'I Was in College'

10:41 AM, Apr 15, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder tells the Huffington Post that he had "youthful experimentation" of marijuana. In other words, he smoked pot in college.

As the liberal website reports:

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Holder Complains to Civil Rights Activists About Congress's Treatment of Him

'Unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive adversity'
6:16 AM, Apr 10, 2014

Eric Holder complained yesterday to civil rights activists about the way Congress is treating him. He made the remarks, which appeared unscripted, yesterday at Al Sharpton's National Action Network conference in Manhattan:

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Mar 17, 2014

In a speech the other day to state attorneys general, the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder, offered an ideal job description for himself and his state counterparts: “not merely to use our legal system to settle disputes and punish those who have done wrong, but to answer the kinds of fundamental questions—about fairness and equality—that have always determined who we are and who we aspire to be.” This is what “all justice professionals are called” to do, said Holder, leaving us to wonder what we the mere people are supposed to do.

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Report: Holder Taken to Hospital

11:42 AM, Feb 27, 2014

There are several reports that Attorney General Eric Holder has been taken to the hospital with chest pain:


NBC's Pete Williams reports AG Holder has been taken to a DC hospital after experiencing chest pains

— Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez) February 27, 2014


JUST IN: Attorney General Eric Holder has been taken to a Washington, DC hospital after experiencing chest pains.

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DOJ 'Abandons' Suit Against Louisiana School Voucher Program

8:39 AM, Nov 19, 2013

The Obama administration's Justice Department has dropped a lawsuit aiming to stop a school voucher program in the state of Louisiana. A ruling Friday by a United States district court judge revealed that the federal government has "abandoned" its pursuit of an injunction against the Louisiana Scholarship Program, a state-funded voucher program designed to give students in failing public schools the opportunity to attend better performing public or private schools.

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Jindal: Government Tells 'Parents to Sit Down and Shut Up'

1:24 PM, Oct 23, 2013

An organization representing Louisiana parents shouldn't be allowed to intervene in a federal lawsuit against the state's school voucher program, the Department of Justice said in a response to a motion requesting legal intervention.

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Jindal, With Jeb Bush on Hand, Comes to Washington to Fight Obama

1:57 PM, Sep 18, 2013

Bobby Jindal is outraged over a Department of Justice lawsuit against a Louisiana school voucher program. The suit, which he (repeatedly) calls “cynical, immoral, and hypocritical” and the “worst misuse” of federal desegregation laws, aims to stop a program that allows poor students in failing schools to enter a lottery for a voucher to attend a better school.

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Who Gets Sent to Federal Prisons?

The attorney general doesn’t know what he’s ­talking about.
Sep 09, 2013

Several weeks ago in San Francisco, Attorney General Eric Holder told the American Bar Association that our criminal justice system is too harsh, too costly, and gives convicted African-American males sentences 20 percent longer than others for similar crimes.

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The Holder-Jindal Collision

The federal government attacks Louisiana school choice.
Sep 09, 2013

Baton Rouge
Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal found out late on Friday, August 23. Attorney General Eric Holder was suing to block the state’s school voucher program, which aims to give low-income kids in terrible schools the opportunity to attend better public schools and even private schools. The Justice Department claims the two-year-old program could interfere with federal desegregation orders in several Louisiana parishes, holdovers from the Civil Rights era.

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President's Meeting With Mayors About Youth Violence Included Just One Republican

10:14 AM, Aug 28, 2013

President Obama and Attorney General Holder met with a group of 18 mayors at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

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