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Axelrod: Hillary on 'Double Secret, Super Probation ... When it Comes to Inauthenticity'

'She has to be very careful about not looking like she is not reading from a script.'
2:27 PM, Oct 12, 2015

President Obama's former top political adviser, David Axelrod, took some shots at Hillary Clinton in a Slate interview from over the weekend. Clinton, Axelrod said, is on "double secret, super probation" after flip-flopping and declining to support Obama's trade bill that she previously championed.

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The VA Way: Veterans Affairs Has Been Wasting $6 Billion Per Year

1:29 PM, May 14, 2015

Lisa Rein and Emily Wax-Thibodeaux of the Washington Post report:

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HHS Announces $201 Million for Obamacare Navigators

9:04 AM, Apr 17, 2015

The system of federal and state "exchanges" or "marketplaces" that offer health insurance through the Affordable Care Act lean heavily on "navigators" to guide consumers in their choices.

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IRS Employee Indicted for Filing False Tax Returns

Fraudulent 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims
6:10 PM, Feb 20, 2015

A former IRS tax examiner was indicted Friday along with three conspirators

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Bureaucrats Denied

11:38 AM, Feb 10, 2015

Lisa Rein of the Washington Post writes that:

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Scammers Take Advantage of Executive Amnesty

11:33 AM, Dec 01, 2014

Scammers are taking advantage of President Obama's executive amnesty order. Which is why "advocates and immigration lawyers are doing whatever they can to raise awareness of what the policies mean so scammers don't cost those undocumented immigrants both money and their chances at reprieve," according to the liberal Huffington Post.

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'Sheriff Biden' Versus The Weed Agency

3:01 PM, Nov 21, 2014

In a 2011 blog post titled "There's a New Sheriff in Town," the White House announced that Vice President Joe Biden was spearheading a new "effort to root out wasteful spending at every agency and department in the Federal Government" called the 

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Feds Sue New York City for Medicaid Fraud

7:41 AM, Oct 28, 2014

The federal government is taking New York City to court. "Manhattan U.S. Attorney Files Healthcare Fraud Lawsuit Against Computer Sciences Corp. And The City Of New York For Orchestrating A Multimillion-Dollar Medicaid Billing Fraud Scheme," reads a headline from the Justice Department's press release.

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The Afghan Election: Without Votes, Results—and an End

8:08 AM, Sep 22, 2014

With the announcement in Kabul of a power-sharing government between the two presidential candidates, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan election comes closer to a resolution. What is missing, however, is an actual result. The “national unity government” was one part of a deal brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry back in July, when preliminary official results gave Ghani a massive victory, and Abdullah threatened to pull out of the process, claiming massive fraud had taken place. After two months of an audit overseen by the UN, when every ballot box was re-examined—something unprecedented in electoral history—a final result was reached. The result was given last week in secret to the candidates, but not to the public.

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Gov't Report: Nearly Half Approved School Lunch Applications Found to Be Ineligible

8:17 AM, Jun 17, 2014

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published a month ago but just publicly released on Monday found that while the U.S.

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88 Charged in One of Largest Food Stamp Frauds Ever

5:50 AM, Jun 11, 2014

The FBI announced Tuesday in Savannah, Georgia that eighty-

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Obamacare Contractor Pays Employees to Spend Their Days Doing Nothing

'A billion dollar government contract involving hundreds of local workers'...
7:12 AM, May 13, 2014

An eye-opening report from KMOV about an Obamacare contractor using taxpayer dollars to pay their employees to spend all day doing nothing:

"A billion dollar government contract involving hundreds of local workers at an Obamacare processing center ... But now employees on the inside are stepping forward, asking, Is this why we're broke? Some of them claim to spend most of their day doing nothing," reports a local St. Louis reporter.

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Feds Begin Fingerprinting 'High Risk' Medicare Providers and Suppliers

6:06 AM, Apr 15, 2014

Four years after Obamacare became law, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is notifying Medicare providers and suppliers of new fingerprint-based background checks.  Eventually, all individuals who hold a five percent or greater stake in a Medicare supplier or provider that is categorized as "high risk" will be subject to the requirement.

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Bernie Madoff Is Jamie Dimon's Latest Headache

9:30 AM, Jan 11, 2014

Here we go again. JPMorgan Chase will pay $2.6 billion in fines and compensation for its inattention to numerous red flags warning that its important customer, one Bernie Madoff, was running a $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

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Snowing the EPA

Dec 30, 2013

Truth to tell, The Scrapbook has gotten as good a laugh as anyone out of the saga of John C. Beale, the retired Environmental Protection Agency official—Princeton grad, onetime deputy assistant administrator in the Office of Air and Radiation, congressionally certified expert on global warming—who has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for stealing nearly a million dollars from the federal government. 

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IRS Not Following Law in Penalizing Excessive Refunds and Tax Credits

3:21 PM, Nov 12, 2013

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reported last week that in 2011, the IRS paid out $3.6 billion in fraudulent refunds on tax returns filed by identity thieves.  Even that amount was an improvement over the previous year when the total fraud was $5.2 billion.  However, on Tuesday, TIGTA released a new report that found that though the IRS is making some progress against fraud, it is not using all available tools to prevent erroneous refunds and improper tax credits.

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House GOP Votes to Replace Obamacare Subsidy Verification Program

Plus, the law's privacy problems haven't disappeared.
1:42 PM, Sep 12, 2013

As the October 1 implementation of parts of Obamacare nears, House Republicans continue to pass legislation aimed at highlighting the health care law's flaws and weaknesses. On Thursday, the House passed a bill to reform an Obamacare verification process that would better stop fraudulent claims to health insurance subsidies. Politico reports:

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Medicaid Accidentally Overpays $88M to Alabama

7:44 AM, Aug 29, 2013

The state of Alabama received bonus payments from Medicaid for 2009 and 2010 that were a stunning 13 times higher than the state was eligible for.  So says the inspector general (IG) for Health and Human Services in a report released on Wednesday.

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Food Stamp Trafficking Up 30% From 2008 to 2011

Food stamp trafficking a record $858M in 2011
6:58 AM, Aug 16, 2013

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a report on Thursday regarding illegal trafficking in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly known as food stamps. The report showed that the rate of trafficking rose from 1 percent of total benefits in the last study period of 2006-2008 to 1.3 percent in the current study period of 2009-2011, an increase of 30 percent. The report noted the trafficking rate remains well below a rate of almost 4 percent that existed for much of the 1990s. The rate plunged to 1 percent by the 2002-2005 study period and remained there until the current report:

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Dept. of Transportation Audit of Stimulus Money Terminated Despite Estimated Improper Payments of $100M

6:02 AM, Jul 16, 2013

Despite an admission by the Department of Transportation (DOT) that the Federal-aid Highway Programs under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are "susceptible to significant improper payments," the DOT Inspector General (IG) has terminated an audit initiated in April "due to other higher priority work demands."

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The Fiasco That Is Obamacare

12:50 PM, Jul 08, 2013

On Friday, the Obama administration dropped another health care implementation bombshell.

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Ticket to Fraud

4:47 AM, Jul 08, 2013

Yuval Levin, writing for National Revew Online:

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Department of Eggs

12:26 PM, Jun 18, 2013

There is a lot in the farm bill not to like, which makes it like every farm bill of the last half century.

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Another IRS Scandal: Two ‘Sentenced for Unemployment Insurance Fraud’

2:04 PM, May 22, 2013

Congressional hearings over the last two weeks have been filled with stories of misconduct due to incompetence and inexperience among certain IRS employees. Both Republicans and Democrats have leveled the accusations, and Internal Revenue officials testifying before Congress have admitted as much. At the same time, all parties have stressed that the vast majority of IRS employees are hard working, competent, and honest civil servants.

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Chief Justice Roberts Victim of Credit Card Fraud

3:24 PM, Mar 28, 2013

Chief Justice John Roberts is the victim of credit card fraud, according to multiple reports out today.

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Election Judge Wears Obama Cap While Checking in Voters in Obama's Chicago Ward

12:48 PM, Nov 06, 2012

Here's a photo of an election judge checking in voters in Barack Obama's Chicago ward--wearing an Obama baseball cap:

"This photo, taken by a voter this morning at the Ward 4, Precinct 37 polling place (1212 South Plymouth Court, Chicago), shows an election judge checking in voters while wearing an Obama hat," a source writes. "Chicago's 4th ward is home to President Barack Obama."

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Former DNC Chair: The Only Way We Lose Is Through Fraud

12:29 PM, Nov 06, 2012

Former DNC chair Howard Dean said that if Obama loses Ohio, it's because of voting irregularities:

"The only way he can lose is if people are prevented from casting their ballots," said Dean.


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Urban Outfitters Encourages Customers to 'Vote Early, Vote Often'

3:52 PM, Nov 05, 2012

Urban Outfitters, a retail store that appeals to a young (teens and 20s) demographic, is encouraging voters to "Vote Early, Vote Often." A reader, Allyson Rowen Taylor, sends along this picture from the storefront of the Urban Outfitters at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, California:

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Florida Union: 'Vote Early, Vote Often'

5:37 PM, Oct 16, 2012

The Florida chapter of the AFL-CIO appears to be encouraging folks to break the law. In a message on the homepage of their website, the union writes, "There is a mantra that we --at the Florida AFL-CIO-- like to live by, 'Vote Early, Vote Often'."

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Breaking: Someone Read Fareed Zakaria!

3:25 PM, Aug 10, 2012

Breaking news: someone read Fareed Zakaria. That person was Cam Edwards of NRA News who discovered that Zakaria's work sounded very similar to a piece he had read in the New Yorker.

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