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Could a President Cruz Work With Congress?

6:01 AM, Mar 25, 2015

Charles Krauthammer articulated a major hurdle that Ted Cruz will face as he runs for the presidency:

First term Senators, we already tried a first-term Senator. … Cruz talks about you have to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. You have to have done something but that's not his record in the Senate. He's a good rhetorician, but when Walker says I ran the state, I took on the unions, I took on liberals and I won I think it is going to be a strong argument.

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The Party of the Furrowed Brow

Mar 23, 2015

If you’re an establishment Republican, ripples of doubt are intruding on your normal placid contentment.

A special House committee to investigate Benghazi? Gee, is the public still interested in that? Isn’t it time to move on? And isn’t the chairman, Trey Gowdy, close to .  .  . shudder .  .  . the Tea Party?

An invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress? Isn’t he kind of a polarizing figure? Couldn’t he lose his own election next week? Then how will we look? And wasn’t the protocol of the invite sort of mismanaged?

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Schock Resigns

3:33 PM, Mar 17, 2015

Politico reports:

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock resigned Tuesday, less than 12 hours after POLITICO raised questions about tens of thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursements he received for his personal vehicle.

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GOP Hits 'Hillary Dodgeball: White House vs. State Department'

11:33 AM, Mar 16, 2015

The Republican National Committee has released this web video, hitting the White House, the State Department, and the Clinton campaign for avoiding questions related to Hillary Clinton's exclusive use of private email to conduct official business:

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Kristol: 2016 Will be a Foreign Policy Election

3:08 PM, Mar 10, 2015

In an interview with The Hill's Molly Hooper, the boss discussed the 2016 election and the impact foreign policy will have on the Republican field.

On Scott Walker, he tells Hooper: 

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Kristol Podcast: Hillary's Emails, Republican Candidates

Hosted by Michael Graham.
1:00 PM, Mar 09, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on Hillary Clinton's privatized email server and the Republican field in 2016.

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Lanny Davis Promises: 'Everything' on Hillary's Servers Will Be Available to Republicans in Congress

3:02 PM, Mar 06, 2015

A top defender of Hillary Clinton, former White House special counsel Lanny Davis, said on MSNBC that "everything" on Clinton's private email servers should be available to Republicans in Congress. Davis made the comments in response to a question about how Clinton can put the questions about her email practices behind her.

Watch here:

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Kristol Clear 2016 Straw Poll Round Two

4:54 PM, Feb 24, 2015

Yesterday, writing in his weekly "Kristol Clear" newsletter, the boss sent around an updated straw poll to gauge who readers think, at this point, should be the 2016 GOP nominee.

He writes:

Several weeks ago, I asked for your (tentative, of course) GOP presidential preferences. I asked, if your state primary were tomorrow, who would you vote for? And who would be your second and third choices?

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GOP: Make Democrats Answer for Their Fellow Democrats

8:19 AM, Feb 24, 2015

Democrats have not had to answer for the actions of Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who offered to change a policy position in exchange for not being criticized, and threatened to paint President Obama as anti-Semitic and anti-women). Or for the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (which accepts foreign donations). Or for Joe Biden (who said last week he knows Somalis because "there’s an awful lot driving cabs").

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Stop the Rot

Reform conservatism needs an anticorruption agenda
Feb 23, 2015

Since the founding of our nation, political defeat has been a catalyst for innovation. Federalist triumphs in 1796 and 1798 prompted the Jeffersonian opposition to develop the first party organization. The collapse of the Whig party, morally ambivalent on the issue of slavery, in the early 1850s gave rise to the Republican party’s staunch support of “free soil.” Thanks in part to the defeat of the Cox-Roosevelt ticket in 1920, Franklin Roosevelt learned how to sell progressivism to the nation at large, preparing the way for his landslide presidential victory in 1932.

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Can’t Count on Luck

Feb 16, 2015

Every couple of generations, the West gets lucky. The civilizational collapse of the 1930s, in reaction to the Great War and then the Great Depression, could well have led to an unbelievably brutal world dominated for decades by tyrannical communism, barbaric National Socialism, and fanatical Japanese militarism.

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The Rise and Fall of the Parties

The Democrats should be worried.
Feb 16, 2015

Our perceptions of current events are so conditioned by the 24/7 news cycle that we are wont to think of political time in tiny increments. For instance, Barack Obama is up in the polls over the last few weeks, so he is “winning,” in some ephemeral sense. Congressional Republicans are struggling to coordinate on issues like immigration and abortion, so they are “losing.”

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GOP Web Ad Hits Clinton for 'Hiding' and 'Backstabbing'

11:44 AM, Feb 12, 2015

The Republican National Committee will release a web ad today that hits Hillary Clinton for "hiding" and for "infighting and "backstabbing" in Hillaryland. The ad draws a parallel between the mistakes Clinton made last time she unsuccessfully ran for president in 2008 to how her unnanounced 2016 campaign is beginning to shape up.

Watch here:

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Podcast: GOP Ready to Fight, but are Immigration, Vaccinations the Right Battles?

Hosted by Michael Graham.
4:15 PM, Feb 02, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with staff writer Michael Warren on the GOP's strategy going into 2016.

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Obama to Republicans: 'Don’t Jeopardize Our National Security Over' Immigration

12:47 PM, Feb 02, 2015

Barack Obama told Republicans that they should not risk "national security" over their disagreements on the president's executive amnesty.

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Romney Not Running

10:51 AM, Jan 30, 2015

Hugh Hewitt scoops that Mitt Romney will not run for presidenti n 2016. Here's Romney's statement, via Hewitt:

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A Do-Nothing Congress?

Jan 26, 2015

Two weeks after taking over Congress in the new year, congressional Republicans adjourned to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a bicameral retreat to plan the next two years. The meeting came as the GOP enjoys its highest marks in years from an electorate generally skeptical of politics and cynical about Washington.

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Medicaid and the GOP Governors

Their yea or nay to Washington helps size up some presidential hopefuls.
Jan 26, 2015

While a pair of former GOP governors are dominating the news in the early stages of the 2016 presidential race, no fewer than six sitting Republican governors appear to be positioning themselves for presidential bids. Each of them—like every governor—has had to decide whether to accept or decline Obamacare’s offer of federal funding to expand his state’s Medicaid program, which provides health insurance for the poor.

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Full Text of Republican Response to State of the Union

9:10 PM, Jan 20, 2015

The office of House speaker John Boehner has posted the full text of the Republican response to the State of the Union (breaking its own self-imposed embargo), to be delivered by Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa:

“Good evening.

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WH Subtly Encourages Americans to Ignore GOP State of the Union Response

9:02 AM, Jan 19, 2015

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has repeatedly said he isn't set on just implementing his own agenda -- if other people have ideas, he wants to hear them.

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Wimping Out on Obamacare?

Jan 19, 2015

Republicans have now won two Obamacare elections, the first in 2010 and the second in 2014. (In 2012, their presidential nominee chose not to engage on the issue.) In the lead-up to their latest victory, Republicans ran far more ads against Obamacare than either party ran for or against anything else. Voters responded by giving the GOP 9 more Senate seats and 13 more House seats.

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Barnes Podcast: What Does Boehner Victory Mean for GOP?

Hosted by Michael Graham.
4:50 PM, Jan 06, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes on the re-election of John Boehner as Speaker of the House, what it means for the caucus, the GOP agenda in 2015 and beyond.

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'The Obama-McConnell Dance Begins'

9:21 AM, Jan 05, 2015

Fred Barnes, writing in the Wall Street Journal:

President Obama invited Mitch McConnell , soon to become Senate majority leader, to the White House on Dec. 3. At Mr. McConnell’s insistence, they met one-on-one. They discussed trade, tax reform and infrastructure, the three issues on which they believe compromises are possible in 2015.

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The More the Merrier

Jan 05, 2015

The more the merrier, so bless me God!

Our love can thrive in company great;

our honour more and never less.

—from “Pearl,” late 14th century 

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Huckabee Leaves Fox to Think About Presidential Run: 'Stay Tuned'

9:15 PM, Jan 03, 2015

Mike Huckabee signed off his final Fox News show by saying he's thinking about running for president. "Stay tuned," Huckabee said, alluding to his possible entry into the Republican field.

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Steve Scalise Not Mentioned as Speaker in 2002 Press Release by White Supremacist Group

2:47 PM, Dec 31, 2014

While the controversy surrounding House GOP whip Steve Scalise continues to simmer, a 2002 press release (first uncovered by John Sexton) by the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) promoting the 

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What Do Illegal Immigrants Want?

Time to bring the immigration debate out of ‘the shadows’
Dec 15, 2014

The predictable furor over President Obama’s executive order offering relief to approximately 5 million undocumented immigrants has obscured the fact that his initiative is much bolder in form than in content. Obama has gone to extraordinary lengths to offer less than what immigrant advocates have for years been insisting is an absolute necessity: full citizenship.

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On a Roll

Suddenly, things look up for the GOP.
Dec 15, 2014

Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections, but not much else over the past six years. They’ve captured the House and Senate. They now hold 31 governorships and 69 of the 99 state legislative chambers. What this means is pretty simple: There’s an emerging Republican majority.

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No Justification

Dec 15, 2014

With his aggressive executive action on immigration, President Obama has struck a constitutional nerve in the body politic. The first lawsuit challenging the president’s action was filed last week by a coalition of 18 states led by Texas. Oklahoma is about to file, and other states may do so as well.

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Jeb Bush's Brother, Neil, Urges Presidential Run

9:04 PM, Dec 08, 2014

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Neil Bush says his brother should run for president of the United States. "I personally would like to see him do it," Neil Bush says.


A partial transcript of the interview was emailed by Bloomberg: 

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