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Clinton in the Lead, Pataki a Close Second, Trump Trailing

. . . in voter attendance among New York candidates.
12:31 PM, Oct 19, 2015

According to records reviewed by THE WEEKLY STANDARD, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton wins the coveted "which person running for president from New York has voted in the most elections since 2002" contest.

Clinton has voted in 22 primary and general elections, though 59 percent of the time she has voted absentee.

Former governor George Pataki is also a "super voter," having voted twenty times since 2002. In every single instance, Pataki voted in person at his designated polling place in Putnam County, New York. So, Pataki wins the "excellent attendance" award.

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A First Look At the GOP Field in New Hampshire

7:28 AM, Aug 04, 2015

Goffstown, N.H.
It was a fast two hours Monday evening at St. Anselm College at the Voters First Forum, where 14 of the Republican candidates for president joined each other (except for 3 U.S. senators, who spoke remotely from Washington) to answer questions.

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GOP Candidates Oppose Iran Deal

2:02 PM, Jul 14, 2015

As the news of the nuclear deal reached between the United States, its Western allies, and the Islamic Republican of Iran broke Tuesday morning, Republican presidential candidates were nearly unanimous in condemning the agreement.

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A Herd of Elephants

Handicapping the 2016 GOP field
Feb 23, 2015

It’s still two years before the next president takes the oath of office, but the contest that will determine who raises his right hand that day started in earnest last month for Republicans, with a grassroots gathering in Iowa and a meeting of high-dollar donors in California.

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Surprise: Pataki Not Running for President

7:34 AM, Aug 26, 2011

CNN reports that former New York governor will not run for the Republican nomination for president:


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Pataki for President?

The former New York governor is closer to a 2012 run.
9:08 AM, Aug 24, 2011

Yesterday, the Des Moines Register reported that former New York governor George Pataki, who has been considering a run for the Republican nomination for president, will travel to Iowa's Polk County this weekend for a local GOP fundraiser:

Iowans are buzzing over whether he could use the event to declare his intentions.

“Strong chance he will announce, I believe,” organizer Darrell Kearney told the Register tonight.

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George Pataki, In the Waiting Line?

2:07 PM, Jun 13, 2011 reports that "Former New York Gov. George Pataki will fly to New Hampshire to watch “The New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate” with friends on Monday night ... Pataki, who has not ruled out a bid for president this year, will not be in the debate hall itself, an aide says." 

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