George Zimmerman Articles

A Tale of Two Trials

Zimmerman acquitted by a jury—convicted by the media.
Jul 29, 2013

The trial of George Zimmerman over the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was actually two trials in one.

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Zimmerman Rescues Family from Overturned SUV

4:43 AM, Jul 24, 2013

If Barack Obama had an SUV, would it look like the one that George Zimmerman helped pull people out of?  ABC News reports:

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Kristol Podcast: A Bad Week for Obama

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:19 PM, Jul 19, 2013

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on President Obama's impromptu speech to the White House press corps on the Zimmerman trial, the IRS oversight hearings investigating the scandal, and the House's votes to delay Obamacare.

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Video: Obama Talks About Trayvon

1:09 PM, Jul 19, 2013

President Obama weighed in on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman today at the White House press briefing:

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‘The Power of the Prosecutor’

1:26 PM, Jul 17, 2013

As Jonathan V. Last observed earlier today, the George Zimmerman trial illustrates the immense power and discretion afforded to state and federal prosecutors.

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George Zimmerman and the Nature of Criminal Justice

10:33 AM, Jul 17, 2013

We're way past overload on Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman commentary, but there is a tiny tributary of the story that has been largely overlooked. And it's worth a moment because it points to a larger problem regarding both the state and the public.

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Barnes Podcast: The Zimmerman Verdict

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:00 PM, Jul 15, 2013

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes on the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

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Obama: The Way to Honor Trayvon Martin

3:25 PM, Jul 14, 2013

President Barack Obama released a statement on Saturday's jury verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, who was acquitted on charges of murder and manslaughter of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Here's the statement:

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Harry Reid on Zimmerman Trial: 'This Isn't Over'

'The Justice Department is going to take a look at this.'
8:28 AM, Jul 14, 2013

Senate majority leader Harry Reid said the George Zimmerman trial "isn't over" and said he thinks "the Justice Department is going to take a look at this."

The NBC host asked, "And the president, does he have a role in speaking about it as he did after the shooting?"

"Yeah, of course," said Reid. "And I think the Justice Department's going to take a look at this. You know, this isn't over with, and I think that's good, that's our system. It's gotten better, not worse."

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Sharpton: 'Slap in the Face to Those Who Believe in Justice in This Country'

'Atrocity ... A sad day in the country.'
9:20 PM, Jul 13, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton blasted the jury's verdict in the George Zimmerman trial tonight on MSNBC:

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Video: Zimmerman Not Guilty

9:11 PM, Jul 13, 2013

A Florida jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin:

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'Someone Kill the Judge'

10:38 AM, Apr 23, 2012

George Zimmerman, the accused murderer of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, has been released from jail on bail. Meeting Zimmerman's release are calls (on Twitter) for him to be killed. As Twitchy reports, "Twitter lynch mob: George Zimmerman is out on bail? Let’s kill him!"

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