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White House: States’ Rights Trump CDC

2:02 PM, Oct 28, 2014

The Obama administration is suddenly a champion of states' rights when it comes to the Ebola quarantine controversy.

From Politico:

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Anti-Obamacare Ads Dominate GOP Ad Buys in October

6:05 AM, Oct 28, 2014

Without offering an alternate theory for President Obama’s 42 percent approval rating — which was about the same even before it became obvious his foreign policy had tanked — the mainstream media is insisting that Obamacare isn’t driving this election.  But Republican ads in Senate races say otherwise.

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The ACLU's Old Commitment to Liberty Infected With Partisan Ideology

10:25 AM, Oct 27, 2014

The possibility of Ebola breakouts in major American cities raises difficult questions of public health, public safety, and civil liberties. So it is no great surprise that states' efforts to quarantine persons exposed to the decision would be met with threats of federal lawsuits. More interesting, however, is the appearance of one particular organization as a critic of the quarantine: the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Man Confronts Georgia Dem Senate Candidate Over Rising Costs from Obamacare

3:38 PM, Oct 23, 2014

A Georgia man confronted Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn over the rising cost his health care plan because of Obamacare:

"This is an issue," Nunn concedes.

"It's huge," says the man pointing to his bill. "It went from $683.64 to $1,294.58 in just a few more days."

A male aide then intervenes to ask a female aide to get the man's information.

"I think this is kind of thing we need to work to remedy," Nunn says. 

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8:29 AM, Oct 22, 2014 continues to prepare for open enrollment beginning on November 15, hoping to avoid a repeat of the disastrous launch in 2013. Apparently the preparations include extra "scheduled" maintenance. Wednesday morning, the site displayed a message reading, "The system isn’t available right now.

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New CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Worker Protection May Be Delayed Another Day

11:22 AM, Oct 20, 2014

Hospitals seeking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on clothing and equipment to use to protect health care workers dealing with known or suspected Ebola patients may have to wait another day for official recommendations.

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The Obamacare Debate Heats Up in Virginia

5:30 AM, Oct 19, 2014

In the wake of their passage of Obamacare, the Democrats have repeatedly claimed two things: Republicans don’t have an alternative, and in any case the health care debate is over. But a Washington Post editorial published Saturday makes it clear that neither of these claims is true.

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Obamacare Insurance Costs Won't Appear Until After Election

11:16 AM, Oct 14, 2014

Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times reports:

Those planning to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare exchange will soon find out how much rates have increased — after the Nov. 4 election.

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CBO Projections Indicate Obamacare Will Raise Deficits by $131 Billion

7:01 AM, Oct 14, 2014

Analysis of Congressional Budget Office projections by the Senate Budget Committee finds that Obamacare will increase the deficit by more than $100 billion over the next decade.

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Grimes Memo: How To Woo Liberal Journalists

1:43 PM, Oct 09, 2014

In a few minutes, Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky will meet with the editorial board of the Courier-Journal in Louisville.

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Walmart, an Obamacare Supporter, Drops Coverage for Another 30,000 Employees

9:07 AM, Oct 09, 2014

In 2009, Walmart, the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress, and the Service Employees International Union, wrote a pro-Obamacare letter touting “the promise of reduced health care cost increases” that would come from “health care reform.”  Walmart and friends wrote

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HHS Prepares for Flu Pandemic: 'Could Cause Over 60 Million Deaths Worldwide'

6:39 AM, Oct 03, 2014

The Ebola outbreak has grabbed the attention of the country if not the world in recent days, but the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is also concerned about a more mundane, but still potentially deadly problem: the flu. Thursday, the ag

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White House Skips Obamacare Birthday

10:35 AM, Oct 02, 2014

Jared Meyer writes at e21 that he:

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60 Percent of Voters Want Obamacare to Be Repealed

6:02 AM, Oct 01, 2014

A new poll finds that three-fifths of likely voters support the repeal of Obamacare.  A large plurality — 44 percent — wants to see Obamacare repealed and replaced with a conservative alternative. A much smaller group —16 percent — wants to see it repealed but not replaced. Less than one in three respondents — 32 percent — would like to keep Obamacare, whether in its current form or in amended form.  So, with a conservative alternative in play, 60 percent of Americans support repeal, while only 32 percent oppose it.

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New Contractor Still Not Ready For 2015 Open Enrollment

7:48 AM, Sep 30, 2014

Even before the website disaster unfolded in October 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had been looking to the future. HHS announced in June of that year that Hewlett-Packard would be replacing Terremark, a Verizon subsidiary, as the main contractor hosting the federal insurance marketplace and data services hub.

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Voter Intensity Strongly Against Obamacare

8:55 AM, Sep 20, 2014

A new poll from Public Opinion Strategies, commissioned by Independent Women’s Voice, finds that people who care about the issue of Obamacare really don’t like Obamacare.  On the flip side, people who like Obamacare really don’t care about it very much.  That’s a bad combination for pro-Obamacare candidates.

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Poll: Voters Back Representatives Who Support Stopping Obamacare’s Insurer Bailout

12:08 PM, Sep 18, 2014

A new poll finds that 58 percent of likely voters are “more likely” to support members of Congress who vote to stop Obamacare’s taxpayer bailout of insurance companies.  Half of that 58 percent (29 percent) are “much” more likely to do so.  Meanwhile, only 15 percent of likely voters are “less likely” to support such members, with only 6 percent being “much” less likely to support them.  In other words, almost four times as many voters would reward members of Congress for voting to stop the bailout as would punish them for doing so.

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Study: 1.9 Million Americans Falling Into Obamacare 'Family Glitch'

11:15 AM, Sep 18, 2014

A new study from the American Action Forum finds that "1.9 Million Americans [Are] Falling into the ACA Created 'Family Glitch.'"

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'100 Days of Neglecting Obamacare?'

4:39 PM, Sep 12, 2014

Jeffrey H. Anderson, writing for National Review Online:

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250K Virginians to Lose Health Care Due to Obamacare

9:01 AM, Sep 11, 2014

An NBC affiliate in Virginia reports that nearly 250,000 people in that state will lose their health care plans due to Obamacare:

"Nearly a quarter million Virginians will have their current insurance plans cut this fall," said the local anchor. "That is because many of them did not--are not following new Affordable Care Act rules, so a chunk of the companies that offer those individuals their policies will make the individuals choose new policies."

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The Reality Behind the Latest Pro-Obamacare Spin

3:44 PM, Sep 08, 2014

Obamacare’s defenders are busy declaring victory again.  Ezra Klein is touting a new survey of Obamacare benchmark premiums in some regions of the country as evidence that the law is defying the predictions of critics and working to cut costs rather than increase them.

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HHS Announces Another $60 Million for Obamacare Navigators

11:54 AM, Sep 08, 2014

The Department of Health and Human Services announces another $60 million for Obamacare navigators, a press release from that federal bureaucracy states.

"The Affordable Care Act is working for millions of Americans who are able to access quality health coverage at a price they can afford, in large part because of the efforts of in-person assisters in local communities across the nation. People shopping for and enrolling in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace can get local help in a number of ways, including through Navigators," reads the release.

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2017 Project's Alternative to Obamacare Gets a Boost

10:21 AM, Sep 08, 2014

2017 Project executive director Jeffrey Anderson issued a memorandum this morning reporting that the nonpartisan Center for Health & Economy has "scored" the group’s alternative to Obamacare. THE WEEKLY STANDARD readers are familiar with the broad case for the alternative (see

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After Hack Attack, Test Version of Still Exposed

6:19 AM, Sep 05, 2014

In July, a hacker gained access to a computer server used to test code for the federal government's Obamacare website, according to a 

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Don’t Just Replace Obamacare—Replace the Great Society

6:45 AM, Sep 04, 2014

Given that I’ve probably published more articles critical of Obamacare than anyone alive, I’m often asked to speak to conservative audiences about our new health law.

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Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It

7:05 AM, Sep 02, 2014

Slowly but surely, the anti-repeal wing of the Republican party is starting to reassert itself.  The latest effort comes from Lanhee Chen, who was the top policy advisor on the Mitt Romney campaign.  As readers will likely recall, that campaign refused to advance an alternative to Obamacare, failed to emphasize the horror that is Obamacare, and went 0-9 in the nine most important swing states.  Hot off of that success, Chen now has some advice for the rest of us.

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Insurance Executive Complains: Attacking Obamacare ‘Bailout’ Is ‘Unfair’

6:41 AM, Aug 29, 2014

The Palm Beach Post reports that Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty is characterizing as “unfair” Marco Rubio’s argument that American taxpayers should not be forced to provide a bailout for health insurance companies that lose money under Obamacare.  It’s not entirely clear whether Geraghty thinks it’s “unfair” to oppose the bailout, to call it that, or both.  Regardless, Obamacare is poised to force taxpayers to help cover health insurers’ losses — and it’s harder to imagine a clearer example of a bailout, or of cronyism, than that.

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Do Americans Dislike Obamacare More Than Obama Likes Golf?

2:31 PM, Aug 26, 2014

During President Obama’s second term, about the only thing more common than seeing him out on the golf course has been seeing polls highlighting the striking unpopularity of his signature legislation.  Obama has golfed a reported 79 times so far in his sec

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Feds: Cost of Estimated $1.7 Billion

9:43 AM, Aug 26, 2014

The federal government issued sixty contracts from 2009 to 2014 in efforts to build, the federal insurance marketplace.

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The Latest From Nonsense Text

8:07 AM, Aug 15, 2014 has had its share of problems over the ten months since its launch, but those looking for information about appealing a Marketplace decision are facing a brand new one: nonsense. The inquiry How to Appeal a Marketplace Decision is answered with, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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