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Obamacare Ads Tout ''

8:36 AM, Jan 23, 2015

The deadline to get taxpayer subsidized healthcare is coming up quickly. In an apparent effort to increase enrollment in Obamacare, Facebook ads are running trying to get users to checkout the website.

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Obamacare Chief Out

1:27 PM, Jan 16, 2015

The New York Times reports that Marilyn Tavenner is stepping down:

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46 'Significant Changes' to Obamacare Have Already Been Made

9:20 AM, Jan 16, 2015

The Republicans in congress have some plans for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the Supreme Court will be considering the possibility that that language in the bill itself might, if followed literally, doom the program.  

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Get Biosimilars to the Market Place

3:35 PM, Jan 09, 2015

Even in the giddy afterglow of the new Congress, when all things seem possible, few Republicans seriously think that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed in 2015.  More realistically, various politicians have averred that a Republican Congress may have the wherewithal to repeal some of its more unpopular provisions and fix a few others.

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Phoenix NBC Station: 'Obama Snubs Veterans'

8:05 AM, Jan 09, 2015

President Barack Obama's brief trip to Phoenix Thursday included an off-schedule trip to a housing development and a policy speech at a local high school. But, as NBC affiliate KPNX noted in its report, the president's motorcade drove past the campus of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital, which became "ground zero" for a nationwide scandal after reports that at least 35 veterans died while waiting to receive care.

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Disenchanted With Obamacare

5:08 PM, Jan 05, 2015

It may be the administration’s signature piece of legislation and the foundation upon which its legacy will be built, but there are plenty of people who are not happy with the Affordable Cave Act.

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Feds Looking for Company to Run 'National Data Warehouse' for Obamacare, Medicare

8:04 AM, Jan 02, 2015

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is looking for vendors to run its "National Data Warehouse," a database for "capturing, aggregating, and analyzing information" related to beneficiary and customer experiences with Medicare and the federal Obamacare marketplaces.

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Cost of Exceeds $2.2B After Latest Contract Award

10:31 AM, Dec 30, 2014

With the announcement Monday of a five-year, $563 million contract award to Accenture, the contractor that rescued the Obamacare marketplace after 2013's disastrous launch, the total cost of the site will well exceed $2.2 billion.

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The Curse of Obamacare

9:54 AM, Dec 11, 2014

Prominent Democrats have been lining up to rue the day when they went all in on the Affordable Care Act.  First, Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer said it was bad politics from the get-go.  No votes in it.  Then, Senator Harry Reid, who will be losing the title “majority leader” and the various emoluments that go with it in a couple of weeks, lamented the roll-out.

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Bill Introduced to Prevent Foreign Diplomats from Receiving Obamacare

3:23 PM, Dec 10, 2014

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs announced the introduction of legislation today to prevent foreign diplomats from receiving Obamacare.

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Harry Reid: 'We Never Recovered from the Rollout' of Obamacare

7:01 AM, Dec 10, 2014

There's more Obamacare bashing from the political left today. This time it's from outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid. 

As he tells a New York Times reporter:

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Feds Plan for 35 Agencies to Help Collect, Share, Use Electronic Health Info

7:24 AM, Dec 09, 2014

Along with the primary goal of expanding the availability of health insurance, the Affordable Care Act aims to make the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) universal. This plan actually began with the 2009 stimulus (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), which included the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

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Documents: Narrowly Avoided Repeat of Last Year's Debacle

Awarded $1.8 million emergency contract to Verizon less than four weeks before open enrollment
9:08 AM, Dec 02, 2014

Less than four weeks before the launch of 2015 open enrollment for Obamacare, the government agency that runs suddenly realized the Marketplace site was heading for a repeat of last year's debacle.

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Fmr Obama Aides Lash Out at Schumer

Dems in disarray.
8:31 AM, Nov 26, 2014

New York senator Chuck Schumer criticized President Obama's passage of Obamacare. It "made no political sense," Schumer complained yesterday at the National Press Club. “Unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them.” 

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Why Are Urban Hospitals Closing Everywhere, but Bayonne Medical Center Is Still Open?

4:05 PM, Nov 25, 2014

In 2005, the King-Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, which served primarily low-income African American and Latino patients, closed its trauma unit. In 2001, D.C. General Hospital, the only public medical facility in the nation’s capital, closed its doors after nearly 200 years.

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Schumer: Democrats Should Not Have Pursued Obamacare

11:28 AM, Nov 25, 2014

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said Tuesday that he and his fellow Democrats made a mistake in pursuing health care legislation that eventually became Obamacare. Bloomberg Politics's Kathleen Hunter has the story:

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Medical … Dental … Whatever

2:02 PM, Nov 20, 2014

Alex Wayne at Bloomberg reports that:

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Defending Jonathan Gruber, Badly

Obamacare's "Cadillac tax" is almost totally unrelated to previous GOP health care proposals.
3:37 PM, Nov 18, 2014

Last week, yet another damaging video emerged of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber talking about Obamacare's "Cadillac tax." The health care law assesses a hefty 40 percent tax on costly, so-called "Cadillac" insurance plans exceeding $10,200 for an individual and $27,500 for a family. However, Obamacare is structured such that the Cadillac tax is pinned to CPI inflation rather than medical inflation. Since the latter is much higher, over time the Cadillac tax would end up being a big tax hike on the middle class. Now economists on both sides of the aisle have argued that the tax exemption for employer-provided health insurance leads to inefficiencies and distortions, but that doesn't excuse how Gruber and Obama dealt with this issue.

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VA Patients: Still Waiting

11:00 AM, Nov 17, 2014

Meghan Hoyer and Tom Vanden Brook of USA Today report that:

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Obamacare Hits a New Low in Approval

10:17 AM, Nov 17, 2014
Lucy McCalmont at Politico writes that

"Support for Obamacare continues to decline, with the law hitting a new low in approval, and a new high in disapproval, as the second enrollment period has opened for Americans, according to Gallup.

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Missing From New and Improved Online Customer Service

7:10 AM, Nov 17, 2014

New and returning customers to this year will have one less option if they run into difficulties.

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The CBO Effectively Used Gruber’s Model to Score Obamacare

12:17 PM, Nov 16, 2014

Two well-placed sources on Capitol Hill say that the Congressional Budget Office effectively used Jonathan Gruber’s model to score Obamacare.  That model favors government mandates over market competition and claims that essentially the only way to achieve a large reduction in the number of uninsured Americans is to impose an Obamacare-like individual mandate.  Moreover, because the model that the CBO used in scoring Obamacare is the same one it uses today, any alternative to Obamacare that doesn’t include an individual mandate — which is to say, any conservative alternative — wou

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We Do the Lying Around Here

3:42 PM, Nov 13, 2014

The White House is incensed, mad enough to spit, and angry as a mashed cat at Jonathan Gruber for saying that the Affordable Care Act had to be sold to the “stupid” electorate by deceptive means.  It seems that once the bill was passed and signed into law Mr. Gruber couldn’t stop talking about how his team had put one over on the rubes, sounding at times like any ordinary flim flam man.

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Who You Calling ‘Stupid’?

6:28 AM, Nov 12, 2014

The most widely quoted professor of the recent news cycle, Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT now says:

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Obamacare Architect on ‘the Stupidity of the American Voter’

3:01 PM, Nov 10, 2014

Jonathan Gruber, a key architect of Obamacare (and also of Romneycare), has been caught on camera by the Daily Signal offering up insights

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Test Version of Inadvertently Exposes New Website Features Early

2:50 PM, Nov 07, 2014

As 2015 open enrollment for Obamacare nears, has been telling consumers that "plans and estimated prices for 2015 coverage will be available in early November." Although signup is not possible until November 15, the website promises&nbs

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A Huge Loss for Obamacare and Its Allies

7:34 AM, Nov 06, 2014

President Obama has always wanted to be a historic president.  In an election that was driven by Obamacare, he took another big step toward that end on Tuesday — just not in the way he intended.

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NYT: The Election Can’t Be About Obamacare

4:01 PM, Nov 02, 2014

It is becoming increasingly clear how important it is to liberals to try to insulate Obamacare from what is shaping up as another “shellacking.”  Sure, a few months after House Democrats passed Obamacare (over unanimous Republican opposition), they lost more House seats (63) while also losing control of that chamber than they had since the 1800s.  And, sure, President Obama’s approval rating in Gallup’s polling, which was

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30,000 Lose Health Care Due to Obamacare in Indiana

9:56 AM, Nov 02, 2014

WRTV reports that around 30,000 are going to lose their health care plans due to Obamacare in Indiana:

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