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Trump Is the Ghost of Ross Perot

9:17 AM, Jul 16, 2015

Before we begin discussion of Donald Trump, we must start with Kevin Williamson's epic burn from a few weeks ago, because it's the truest thing you've ever read:

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Bell Leads Booker Among Independents in New Jersey

5:29 AM, Oct 27, 2014

In the latest wave of the New York Times/CBS/YouGov poll, Cory Booker leads Jeff Bell 51-39.

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Even a 5-Point Swing Wouldn’t Have Saved Romney

2:47 PM, Dec 27, 2012

As we survey the political wreckage of 2012, it’s worth highlighting once again that Republicans lost the presidential election for two main reasons:  They failed to get their best candidates to run, and their eventual nominee failed to make the case to voters.  The result was a relatively lopsided defeat.  In fact, if Mitt Romney had managed to swing the margin by 5 points in his direction in each and every state, he still would have lost (272 electoral votes to 266).

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Why Romney Will Win

12:20 PM, Nov 05, 2012

Mitt Romney will win.  The tie in the polls goes to the challenger. Here’s why:

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Romney Campaign: The Fundamentals Favor Us

4:12 PM, Oct 31, 2012

“We feel that we are in a very, very good place, that this race is exactly where we hoped it would be a week out,” said Russ Schriefer, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney, on a Wednesday conference call with reporters. Schriefer says the Romney campaign remains convinced that the fundamentals of the race favor the Republican, even as polls show the race remains tight in important swing states like Virginia, Ohio, and Iowa.

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Axelrod Refuses to Say Whether Obama Is Winning with Independents in Ohio

8:20 AM, Oct 31, 2012

David Axelrod refused to say whether Barack Obama is winning independents in Ohio:

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"Do you think you're ahead amongst independents in Ohio today?" asked writer Mark Halperin. 

Axelrod refused to answer the question, only saying that he "thinks we will win with independents in Ohio."

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Independents Trust Romney to Manage Their Own Budgets

10:03 AM, Oct 22, 2012

Independent voters trust Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 10 points on the question of which candidate they would trust to "set and manage" their wallet. A new poll by the Tarrance Group for Public Notice, a conservative non-profit, shows 46 percent of independents prefer Romney, while 36 percent prefer Obama, on this question.

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Is Romney Losing Independents on Obamacare?

9:27 AM, Sep 11, 2012

The verdict now seems to be in on the Romney campaign's strategy of generally avoiding making the case against Obamacare and choosing not to make President Obama's defining legislation a defining issue in this campaign.

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New Poll: One in Four Democrats Favors Obamacare’s Repeal

6:14 AM, May 01, 2012

The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that 26 percent of Democrats support the repeal of President Obama’s centerpiece legislation — which, of course, was a purely Democratic endeavor that passed without a single Republican vote. Moreover, the poll shows that most of these repeal-supporting Democrats are “strongly” supportive of repeal.

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Morning Jay: Obama’s Standing With Swing Voters Is Weak

5:00 AM, Apr 27, 2012

On Wednesday I argued that only a tiny swath of the actual electorate – maybe 10 percent – will be up for grabs in November. Today, I want to answer the obvious follow-up question: what are these voters thinking?

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Morning Jay: 90 Percent of the Electorate Is Probably Locked In

5:00 AM, Apr 25, 2012

An emerging genre in popular commentary on politics is the use of statistical models to predict election results. Once the domain of academics writing for the scholarly journal P.S., it has become very widespread in recent years.

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Obama’s Independents Problem

1:35 PM, Apr 20, 2012

Yesterday, Jay Cost discussed President Obama’s problem with independents, noting that Obama started to lose independents by the truckload when the debate over Obamacare heated up and “has never won [them] back.”  Today, a new Quinnipiac poll further highlights the extent of the trouble that Obama faces in this regard.

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Polarization and the Independents

An ever smaller number of swing voters will decide the presidential election.
Feb 20, 2012

Late last month, Gallup published a summary of President Obama’s job approval ratings for 2011. The pollster’s findings were stunning: Eighty percent of Democrats approved of the president’s performance through 2011, as did just 12 percent of Repub-licans. The difference between these two numbers—Gallup calls it the “party gap”—was a whopping 68 points. 

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Rasmussen: Obama, Romney Tied; Obama Up 6 among Independents

8:08 AM, Jan 06, 2012

The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters offers a bit of good news and bit of bad news for Mitt Romney.  The poll shows that President Obama and Romney are now tied, at 42 percent support apiece. But among independents, the group that’s most likely to swing the next election, Obama now enjoys a 6-point edge (39 to 33 percent). Romney achieved a tie in the overall tally by faring better among Democrats (12 percent of whom favor Romney) than Obama did among Republicans (8 percent of whom favor Obama).

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Does Mitt Romney Have the Edge among Independents?

2:24 PM, Dec 13, 2011

Many commentators who are friendly to the conservative cause have rightly argued (for example, see here and

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By a Margin of 2 to 1, Independents Favor Repeal

8:12 AM, Jul 20, 2011

By a margin of 32 points (63 to 31 percent), independents favor the repeal of Obamacare, according to the latest Rasmussen survey of likely voters.

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