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AP: Without Taxpayers Funding Indiana Planned Parenthood, Women "Left Fending for Themselves"

4:32 PM, Jun 22, 2011

There are currently at 800 Medicaid providers that can provide patients with family planning services in the state of Indiana, but you wouldn't know it by this "report" by the Associated Press's Rick Callahan.

Poor people are "fending for themselves," according to the AP, now that the state has cut off taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the country's largest abortion provider. The AP's Callahan writes: 

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In Indiana, Mitch Daniels Appointee Rejects Common Law Right

11:28 AM, May 16, 2011

Indiana state supreme court justice Steven David, a recent appointee of Governor Mitch Daniels, authored a 3-2 opinion that openly admits to overturning several centuries of common law understanding. At issue was this question: If police officers attempt to unlawfully enter the home of a free citizen, does that citizen have the right to resist them?

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Mitch Daniels: Education Reformer

9:25 AM, May 03, 2011

He has been the subject of ongoing 2012 presidential speculation. His fiscal fortitude in Indiana has been widely covered, and his controversial “truce” remarks on social issues have sparked heated debate. But to date, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has received very little national exposure for his most important policy initiative: taking Indiana from the backwaters of education reform in America to the forefront.

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Indiana Fleebagger Equates Hiding in Illinois to Serving in Afghanistan

1:06 PM, Apr 01, 2011

Well, I hope you have an air-sickness bag handy. Here we have Indiana State Representative Dave Cheatham -- one of a number of Indiana Democrats that fled to Illinois to stop legislation aimed at reining in public sector unions -- comparing his total dereliction of public responsibility in order to protect teachers unions to a) "making our schools better" and b) putting your life on the line by serving in Afghanistan. Oh, and as an added bonus, he illustrates this by quoting impressionable children in his wife's first-grade class. Nice.


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The Daily Grind: Is Fleebagging Here to Stay?

6:30 AM, Mar 22, 2011

"No Country Leans on Upper-Income Households as Much as U.S."

Does the judge that issued an injunction against the Wisconsin union law have a conflict of interest?

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Lugar’s New Foes

From Nixon’s favorite mayor to Obama’s favorite Republican.
Feb 28, 2011

Back when he was running for president, Barack Obama cited his relationship with Senator Richard Lugar so often that Lugar came to be known in the political press as “Obama’s favorite Republican.” Photos of Lugar even appeared in campaign ads that helped Obama (narrowly) carry Indiana.

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Paul Ryan: "I Didn't Like Obamacare... But I Didn't Walk Out"

11:46 AM, Feb 25, 2011

Via Real Clear Politics, here's video from a recent speech by Rep. Paul Ryan, D-Wis. He makes a pretty powerful point about Democratic legislators fleeing their states and the lack of respepect for the rule of law:


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Happy Hour Links: 'We are the ones everyone's looking for'

7:00 PM, Feb 22, 2011

Not again: Indiana Republicans pursue right-to-work legislation, and pro-union Dems flee the state.

Here's an illuminating Obama flashback: I Will "Paint The Nation Purple With SEIU."

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