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Bandwidth on the Run

On the entrance ramps to the information superhighway.
Sep 23, 2013


According to a recent analysis by Sandvine, Netflix, the streaming video service, accounted for one-third of all Internet traffic in North America last year, making it the single largest user of bandwidth on the continent. Apart from being a repository of old Star Trek episodes, Netflix has recently ventured into producing successful streaming-only series of its own, such as the Washington drama House of Cards and a new season of the cult favorite Arrested Development. Netflix now has more subscribers than HBO. 

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Totally Tubular

The nuts and bolts and cables of the Internet.
Dec 17, 2012

Recently, Google unveiled a new feature on its website: the ability to tour, via “street view,” its Lenoir, North Carolina, data center, one of its numerous, highly guarded campuses. Google is attempting, at least partially, to lift the iron curtain—for which it has been much maligned—and show the world one of the physical strongholds where our personal data are stored. Might we trust the behemoth more if we can catch a glimpse of it from inside?

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