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Headline of the Week

Dec 07, 2015

Oh, holy Moses. It’s probably the headline of the year, and possibly even of the millennium. From Haaretz, November 23: “Jewish Law Was Never Meant to Be Set in Stone.”

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Was the Fight for Soviet Jewry Illegitimate?

9:28 AM, Nov 19, 2015

“It would send a demoralizing and dangerous message to the world that the United States makes judgments about people based on the country they come from and their religion.” 

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Mysterious Headline Appears in Paper

Sep 28, 2015

According to the New York Times, rocks now throw themselves. Or at least that’s what The Scrapbook was forced to conclude upon reading the paper’s curious headline: “Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in West Bank.” The Times eventually “corrected” this headline, but only after it appeared in print. It now reads “Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem.” So the Times obviously gave this some thought.

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State Department Ignores Rosh Hashanah, Other Jewish Holidays

1:19 PM, Sep 16, 2015

Secretary Kerry passed up the opportunity this week to recognize one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah.

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Obama: I'm Personally Hurt When People Call Me Anti-Semitic

President says he's "consistent with the best of the Jewish tradition."
8:32 AM, Aug 31, 2015

Barack Obama is personally hurt when people call him an anti-Semite, the president said in an interview with the Jewish newspaper the Forward. Obama says "there not a smidgen of evidence for" the accusation.

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Obama Calls Himself 'Honorary Member of the Tribe'

12:01 PM, May 22, 2015

Speaking today at a Washington, D.C. synagogue, President Obama called himself an "honorary member of the tribe."

"Earlier this week, I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg. And Jeff reminded me that he once called me the first Jewish president," Obama said to light laughter.

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Joe Biden Misstates Israel's Age in Independence Day Remarks

'[T]he dream of every Irish-Catholic father is for his daughter to marry a Jewish surgeon.'
6:17 AM, Apr 28, 2015

Although neither the White House nor the State Department released statements or posted greetings on the 67th Independence Day of the nation of Israel last Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden did attend the annual Israeli Independence Day Celebration at the Andrew W.

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When Lincoln Died on Passover

How Jews loyal to the Union mourned
Apr 20, 2015

As America prepares to mark the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s death on April 15, fresh insight into the events that occurred a century and a half ago can be gleaned by seeing that entire week through the eyes of America’s Jews, and especially of those Jews who attended America’s oldest and most historically distinguished congregation.

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Israel's Prime Minister Remembers the Holocaust

8:26 AM, Apr 16, 2015

This morning at 10:00 a.m., in Israel, all activity came to a halt as sirens sounded, and Israelis stood for two minutes with heads bowed in memory of the 6 million Jews, one third of the Jewish people, who perished in the Holocaust. Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at Yad Vashem in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

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'The Spirit of Jewish Conservatism'

8:23 AM, Apr 06, 2015

Eric Cohen writes about Jewish conservatism for Mosaic magazine:

Compared with the bleaker moments in Jewish history—and woefully there are many—the present age of Jewish life offers many grounds for celebration and gratitude.

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Virginia State Bar Boycotts Jewish State

11:57 AM, Mar 28, 2015

A member of the Virginia State Bar (VSB) passes along this email, sent along last night to the members by VSB president Kevin E. Martingayle:

Dear Fellow Members of the Virginia State Bar,

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Report: 4 Hostages Killed at Kosher Market

12:03 PM, Jan 09, 2015

Reuters and Agence France-Presse report that four hostages at the Kosher market in Paris are dead.

#BREAKING Five dead, including gunman, in Paris supermarket hostage drama: security source

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Shots, Explosions at Kosher Market in Paris

11:18 AM, Jan 09, 2015

CNN is reporting that the sounds of shots and explosions were heard near the Kosher market in Paris, where a terrorist has reportedly been holding several captives.

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Mark Strand, 1934-2014

8:01 PM, Nov 29, 2014

Mark Strand died today at the age of 80. The Montreal-born writer, who served as U.S. Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1990-1991, was also a brilliant translator. When I was a junior editor at Ecco Press in the late 80s, Strand used to visit the editor in chief, also an excellent poet, Daniel Halpern, to work on a number of projects translating and promoting international poets, especially from Latin America and Central Europe.

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This Slate Blogger Just Totally Contradicted Himself

4:33 PM, Aug 05, 2014

Here, in the parlance of the times, is a “pro-tip.” When attempting to rebut the notion that anti-Semitism in Europe is largely a problem caused by young Muslim men, don’t cite two horrific anti-Semitic atrocities perpetrated by . . . young Muslim men.

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To TWS Readers in the Vicinity of Rome

8:14 PM, Jul 28, 2014

Our friends at the admirable Italian newspaper, il Foglio, have announced a rally in front of their headquarters in Rome Wednesday night. The rally has two goals: First, to support the right of Israel to defend itself -- something that will be a useful challenge and rebuke to the anti-Israel rallies elsewhere in Europe. And second, to increase awareness of the persecution of Christians in Iraq and beyond. As a friend involved in organizing the rally put it in his email, "both the threats to Israel and to the Christians come from the same radical ideology."


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‘Go to Hell, Anti-Semites!’

One reaction to anti-Israel protesters yesterday at Zabar's.
4:50 PM, Apr 23, 2014

Yesterday, on the last day of Passover, protesters surrounded the doors of Zabar’s—the iconic Upper West Side grocer famous for its knishes and lox—to demand the store stop selling the carbonated beverage maker SodaStream. The roughly 40 protesters, carrying guitars and signs decrying “Apartheid Soda,” represented a coalition of volunteers from Adalah-NY (meaning “justice” in Arabic), Jewish Voice for Peace, and m

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Video: Kansas Shooting Suspect Yells 'Heil Hitler'

6:01 AM, Apr 14, 2014

Here's video of the detained suspect in yesterday's shooting at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas:

"Heil Hitler," the suspect yells from the back of a police cruiser.

The Kansas City Star has more details:

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Report: Obama Admin. Worries Israel Is Riling Up the Jews

8:13 AM, Jan 23, 2014

The Obama administration is worried that Israel is riling up American Jews, according to a report in the Israeli press. The allegations are detailed in a story headlined, "'US perceives Israel as encouraging anti-Obama backlash among Jews,'" which appears in the Jerusalem Post.

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Meet Key Witness in NYC Human Rights Commission Case Against Jewish Business Owners

4:46 PM, Jan 20, 2014

The New York City human rights commission is putting seven Jewish business owners on trial tomorrow for discrimination in the heavily Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Orthodox Jewish business owners' supposed crime? Posting a dress code in storefront windows: 

The human rights commission's case is so thin that one of their lead witnesses has a lengthy history of expressing anti-Israel sentiment. 

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'Seeking Shelter: Why I Am Filing for Asylum in My Own Country, Sweden'

9:19 AM, Nov 20, 2013

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, writing for Mosaic:

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You Don't Have to be Jewish ... to Read Mosaic

8:05 AM, Jun 03, 2013

The website Jewish Ideas Daily has been, for quite some while, a star of the web, featuring interesting original material as well as links to other worthwhile writing embodying a lively, serious, and committed approach to Jewish issues and ideas. Today, Jewish Ideas Daily has re-launched as Mosaic.

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'Pro-Israel Groups Felt Wrath of Obama IRS'

9:21 AM, May 30, 2013

An important Washington Free Beacon report:

Washington Free Beacon investigation has identified at least five pro-Israel organizations that have been audited by the IRS in the wake of a coordinated campaign by White House-allied activist groups in 2009 and 2010.

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Biden Talks of 'Outsized Influence' of Jews: 'The Influence Is Immense'

6:28 AM, May 22, 2013

At a Jewish American Heritage Month reception last night in Washington, D.C., Vice President Joe Biden talked about Jews, power, and influence.

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Did Obama Cause Jack Lew to Break Jewish Holiday for IRS Scandal?

7:03 PM, May 15, 2013

President Obama says he discussed the IRS scandal with Treasury secretary Jack Lew. The thing is, it's a Jewish holiday, Shavout, and Lew is an observant Jew. 

As Obama said this evening in his statement about the IRS scandal:

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Farrakhan: Hagel Says What I've Been Saying for 30 Years

5:45 PM, Feb 25, 2013

National Review Online reports that Chuck Hagel has been endorsed by Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam head likes Hagel because he sounds just like himself.

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AJC: Keep Examining Hagel

12:03 PM, Feb 16, 2013

The American Jewish Committee released a statement yesterday urging the Senate to continue to examine the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. 

The statement reads:

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Chuck Hagel: ‘He's Jewish’

4:09 PM, Feb 10, 2013

The newly discovered 2008 video of Chuck Hagel has drawn attention, as it should, for his comments dismissing the U.S. even “thinking” about acting militarily against Iran, and for his seeming to be more concerned about Israel's nuclear weapons than Iran's.

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