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N.D. Senate Race: Heitkamp 47, Berg 46

8:10 AM, Jun 08, 2012

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp has a miniscule lead over Republican Rick Berg in the Senate race to replace retiring Democrat Kent Conrad.

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Democrats Skip Senate Budget Meeting

4:01 PM, Apr 18, 2012

The staff of Senate Budget Committee ranking member Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) sends along this photo of the committee's meeting today:

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Senate Committee Won't Vote on Budget Tomorrow As Promised

4:45 PM, Apr 17, 2012

Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) indicated late Monday he was prepared to hold a markup on a budget proposal Wednesday afternoon. But at a press conference in the Capitol on Tuesday, Conrad said tomorrow would only be “the beginning of a markup” and that a vote on the budget likely won't happen until after the November election.

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Wyden-Ryan: Dead or Alive?

9:27 PM, Mar 20, 2012

The bipartisan Medicare reform plan proposed by Republican House member Paul Ryan and Oregon senator Ron Wyden is dead. At least, that's the perception Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid may be trying to create.

When asked multiple times by reporters about the Wyden-Ryan proposal and how it related to the budget Ryan released today, Reid simply pointed out that Wyden, a liberal Democrat, was against the GOP budget. 

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Republican Senators: No Appropriations Bills Until Senate Passes Budget

1:19 PM, Jul 13, 2011

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the ranking member on the Budget Committee, spoke today on the Senate floor about his plan to raise points of order against all appropriations bills until the Senate passes a budget. Here's an excerpt of Sessions's remarks explaining the procedure:

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Will the Senate Reach a Debt Agreement?

7:22 AM, Jul 01, 2011

Yesterday, Harry Reid cancelled a planned Senate recess for the week of July 4, which Republican senators such as Jeff Sessions and Marco Rubio had been pushing, since the government is rapidly approaching the debt ceiling deadline of August 2.

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IMF Cautions About Dangers of Budget Deficit

1:34 PM, Jun 17, 2011

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned today that the United States is on dangerous economic ground if it does not reduce its budget deficit soon:

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth on Friday and warned Washington and debt-ridden European countries that they are "playing with fire" unless they take immediate steps to reduce their budget deficits....

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Conrad: No Budget Markup Until After Biden Gang Agreement

The Senate has not passed a budget in 750 days.
7:01 AM, May 20, 2011

Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) has again delayed the introduction and markup of a budget proposal, according to the Hill. Conrad says he will defer that part of the process until after the bipartisan talks led by Vice President Joe Biden conclude:

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Gang of Six Gone Bust?

3:47 PM, May 17, 2011

After much fanfare about a coming bipartisan budget agreement in the Senate, it looks as though rumors that the so-called Gang of Six had fallen apart may be true. Bloomberg reports:

A bipartisan “Gang of Six” senators is unlikely to reach agreement on a proposal to reduce the government’s long-term budget deficits, Senator Tom Coburn said today.

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Still No Public Budget From Senate Dems

7:50 AM, May 12, 2011

Where is the Senate Democrats' actual budget plan for 2012? Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, presented a proposal to his caucus in a closed-door meeting Tuesday, telling reporters afterward that the plan will seek to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion, with $2 trillion in spendings cuts and another $2 trillion in tax hikes. But Conrad hasn't released any specifics regarding what cuts he would make or which taxes he would increase. 

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Senate Budget Plan: Big Tax Increase

6:10 PM, May 10, 2011

After several months of bipartisan gangs, presidential commissions and summits, and rhetoric from leadership, the Senate has still not passed a budget resolution. And even more meetings at the White House about budget deficits this week mean the delay continues. Finally, though, there seems to be some progress: Senate Democrats finally have a budget proposal that most of the caucus seems to be satisfied with.

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Dem Senators Don't Express Regret for Past Votes Against Raising Debt Ceiling

Harry Reid still doesn't remember his 2006 vote.
5:03 PM, Apr 12, 2011

While President Barack Obama apparently regrets his 2006 vote against raising the debt ceiling, some of the other Democratic senators who joined him aren’t as apologetic.

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