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Lindsey Graham: 'Jeb Is Toast' If Beaten Badly in New Hampshire

10:53 AM, Feb 03, 2016

If Jeb Bush badly loses in New Hampshire to Marco Rubio, the former Floriday governor "is toast." At least, that's what one high level Bush supporter, Lindsey Graham, said today in New Hampshire.

The New York Times reports:

With Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Donald J. Trump and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida each finishing more than 20 percentage points higher than Mr. Bush in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, the former Florida governor is facing growing pressure to either demonstrate his appeal to voters or leave the race.
Specifically, many Republicans — including some of his supporters and donors — said Tuesday that Mr. Bush must finish ahead of Mr. Rubio in the primary here on Tuesday to

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The 0.5 Percent Man

Lindsey Graham succeeded, despite what the polls may have said.
11:33 AM, Dec 22, 2015

The quixotic Lindsey Graham for President campaign never really left the station. Although he turned in a lively performance at several of the undercard debates and was a favorite of reporters to cover on the trail, Graham failed to not just excite but to even draw interest from voters in his White House bid, including in his home state of South Carolina.

How come? Given that Graham was basically running a single-issue campaign on fixing American foreign policy, it would seem that his ardor and expertise would translate into electoral support in what's been a year of upheaval around the world. It was Graham, after all, who spoke up last spring in favor of deploying 10,000 ground troops to fight ISIS.

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3 Reasons Lindsey Graham Dropping Out Matters

6:06 AM, Dec 22, 2015

Lindsey Graham may have been approaching zero in the polls when he bowed out of the race for the Republican nomination Monday, but his exit, and the aftermath, are noteworthy for a few reasons.

First, Graham leaves the presidential field without a candidate who has served in the armed forces. (Leaving out Army vet Jim Gilmore, who hasn't met the debate requirements for months.) Former Texas governor Rick Perry was the only other major candidate to have served, and Graham's departure is a stark reminder that there's no military experience left in either party's slate of candidates to be commander in chief.

Second, there's Graham's unique position as a favorite son of an early primary state.

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Lindsey Graham: Sanders Went To Soviet Union 'And I Don't Think He Ever Came Back'

"Good god, look who we're running against!"
6:44 PM, Oct 28, 2015

In the undercard Republican debate on CNBC, Lindsey Graham bemoaned politicians who lie for political points:

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Please Quit to Make a Difference

12:04 PM, Sep 25, 2015

Never in American history has one party presented 15 serious candidates for a presidential nomination. The Republican party is not doing so today. 

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Lindsey Graham, Officer and a Gentleman

Ignore that hit piece in the Washington Post.
2:29 PM, Aug 05, 2015

Many decades ago, on my first day as the designated conservative on the editorial page staff of the Los Angeles Times, I attended the morning editorial meeting presided over by our courtly editor, Anthony Day.

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A First Look At the GOP Field in New Hampshire

7:28 AM, Aug 04, 2015

Goffstown, N.H.
It was a fast two hours Monday evening at St. Anselm College at the Voters First Forum, where 14 of the Republican candidates for president joined each other (except for 3 U.S. senators, who spoke remotely from Washington) to answer questions.

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Looking Out for Number One

A Parody
Aug 03, 2015

GOP Candidates Oppose Iran Deal

2:02 PM, Jul 14, 2015

As the news of the nuclear deal reached between the United States, its Western allies, and the Islamic Republican of Iran broke Tuesday morning, Republican presidential candidates were nearly unanimous in condemning the agreement.

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The ‘Rotating First Lady’

Jun 22, 2015

Our attention was drawn last week to the presidential campaign of Lindsey Graham. The Scrapbook likes and admires Graham, the veteran Republican senator from South Carolina, but concedes that he is probably not the likely nominee. Graham’s specialty is foreign relations, which never plays a prominent role in primary politics, and he doesn’t have much of a campaign staff or fundraising apparatus. 

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Carly: Women Disagree with Democrats on Late-Term Abortion

1:37 PM, Jun 11, 2015

Carly Fiorina has a message for Democrats who oppose a ban on late-term abortions: You don't represent most women. The Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO said she backs a bill, passed by the House of Representatives and just introduced in the Senate, that limits abortions after 20 weeks of gestation except in cases of rape, incest, and where the life of the mother is at stake.

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Lindsey Graham Is Running for President

11:04 AM, Jun 01, 2015

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is running for president of the United States. The New York Times reports:

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Monday returned to the neighborhood where he was raised and announced that he is running for president, injecting a hawkish foreign policy voice into a crowded field of Republican contenders.

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Lindsey Graham: Bill Clinton Is Jeb's 'Illegitimate Brother'

7:48 AM, Apr 20, 2015

Senator Lindsey Graham, a possible Republican presidential candidate, mocked Jeb Bush for being close to Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

Watch here:

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2016 Poll: Rubio, Walker Have Most Goodwill Among GOP Primary Voters

8:36 AM, Mar 10, 2015

A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows Florida senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker have the most goodwill among Republican primary voters ahead of both men's possible bids for the presidency.

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The PA Courts a Loss in Foreign Aid

3:44 PM, Feb 26, 2015

On January 6, less than a week after Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas signed the treaty to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon announced the PA will become a member of the international tribunal on April 1.

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The Post-Nobel President

Lindsey Graham offers Republican voters regime change.
2:22 PM, Feb 24, 2015

Lindsey Graham is no one’s idea of a hot presidential candidate. Pulling in 1 percent support in the mid-February CNN/ORC International poll of prospective Republican nominees, he’s at the very bottom, alongside Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal.

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A Herd of Elephants

Handicapping the 2016 GOP field
Feb 23, 2015

It’s still two years before the next president takes the oath of office, but the contest that will determine who raises his right hand that day started in earnest last month for Republicans, with a grassroots gathering in Iowa and a meeting of high-dollar donors in California.

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Lindsey Graham Launches PAC

"Testing the waters" for 2016.
11:44 AM, Jan 29, 2015

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham has launched a new political action committee for "testing the waters" for a presidential run in 2016. The Republican, in his third term, has started Security Through Strength, a PAC that bluntly describes itself as a group to "fund the infrastructure and operations allowing Graham to travel the country, listen to Americans, and gauge support for a potential presidential candidacy."

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Senator: China Involved in Sony Hack

America should 'attack' North Korea's 'infrastructure'
7:01 PM, Dec 28, 2014

Senator Lindsey Graham said on CNN earlier today that China was likely involved in the hack attack on Sony.

"I can't imagine anything this massive happening in North Korea without China being involved or at least knowing about it,"the Republican senator said on CNN.

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Senator Calls for Benghazi Select Committee in Senate

8:43 PM, Nov 17, 2014

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called for the formation of a Benghazi select committee in the Senate. He made the comments on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, according to a partial transcript of the show provided by a producer.

"Other questions about the new Congress, senator," Hewitt said, according to the transcript, "do you imagine that there will be expansion of the House select committee on Benghazi to include senators?"

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Republican Tim Scott First Black Senator Elected in South

7:09 PM, Nov 04, 2014

South Carolina has elected the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, with Republican Tim Scott winning his race to complete a term to the Senate after having been appointed to the seat in 2013. Scott is the first African American popularly elected to the Senate in the old Confederacy.

Scott's fellow Palmetto State Republican Lindsey Graham was also elected to a third term to the Senate. The Associated Press has projected both races:

BREAKING: Republicans win Senate race in KY, both Senate seats in SC.

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Graham, Ayotte, McCain: Don't Repeat 'Fatal Mistakes' in Afghanistan

4:50 PM, Apr 22, 2014

In response to a report that the Obama administration may cut U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan to below 10,000, senators Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain have released a statement. Read it below:

We hope a recent press report that the White House is considering a post-2014 force in Afghanistan well below the recommendations of our military commanders is incorrect.

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Lindsey Graham Makes Big Ad Buy

3:24 PM, Feb 11, 2014

The campaign of Lindsey Graham, the two-term Republican senator from South Carolina facing several primary challengers this year, is making significant radio and TV ad buys this week in markets around the Palmetto State. The purchase price of the ads is reportedly $220,000.

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The Go-to Senator

Lindsey Graham’s recipe for success
Feb 03, 2014

Duncan, S.C.
The pungent scent of sauerkraut permeates the room, but Lindsey Graham doesn’t have time to try it, or the pretzels, bratwurst, and schnitzel at the buffet. Each one of the few dozen business types gathered to celebrate the opening of a local chapter of the German-American Chamber of Commerce wants a chance to meet the senator, and Graham is more than eager to chat. An aide brings him a Coke Zero (his favorite), which he sips intermittently. 

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Harkin on Classified Syria Briefing: 'Frankly Raised More Questions Than It Answered'

5:18 PM, Sep 01, 2013

President Obama has some work to do if he wants congressional authority to bomb Syria. Already some of his liberal allies are questioning the evidence which is supposed to show that Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

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McCain and Graham: U.S. Must 'Take Limited Military Actions in Syria'

9:11 AM, Aug 25, 2013

In a statement released this morning, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham call for the U.S. to "take limited military actions in Syria."

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Senator Asks the Russians to Turn Over Snowden

3:44 PM, Jun 24, 2013

In a letter sent to the Russian ambassador the U.S., Senator Lindsey Graham asks that Edward Snowden be turned over to American authorities. 

"The Snowden case is an important test of the 'reset' in relations between our two countries. Mr. Snowden's own statements have made clear his guilt. If our two nations are to have a constructive relationship moving forward, Russian cooperation in this matter is essential," writes Graham.

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Senators: 'What We Do Not Know' About Benghazi

7:02 AM, May 23, 2013

Three U.S. senators have identified the missing parts of the response to the Benghazi terror attack. In a statement, Senators Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain list "What We Do Not Know" about Benghazi:

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Senator: Susan Rice 'Deserves to Be Subpoenaed,' Not an Apology

6:17 AM, May 23, 2013

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham was asked last night whether he's going to apologize to Susan Rice. He said that she doesn't deserve an apology; she "deserves to be subpoenaed."

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Sen. Graham: Boston Bombing Suspect Should've Been Held as Enemy Combatant

6:44 AM, Apr 23, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham made the case yesterday that the Boston bombing suspect should've been held as an enemy combatant:

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