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How to succeed as a Republican governor in a Democratic state.
Jan 11, 2016


As rioting broke out in Baltimore last April, Maryland governor Larry Hogan got a call from Chris Christie, his friend, political ally, and governor of New Jersey. How you handle the crisis, Christie told Hogan, “is going to be the defining moment for you" as governor.

The situation was dicey and Hogan's task—preventing the riot from spreading—was delicate. He was a Republican official in a Democratic state, a white politician dealing with a predominantly black city, a governor ready to send in the National Guard who had to negotiate with a black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. She appeared more fearful of an overreaction than of the riot itself.

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Maryland Rolls Back 'Sanctuary State' Status For Illegal Immigrant Prisoners

Hogan's compliance with federal immigration enforcement angers activists.
2:33 PM, Aug 13, 2015

Maryland's Republican governor Larry Hogan is angering immigration activists with his decision to comply with a federal immigration enforcement directive.

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On Baltimore

8:46 AM, May 28, 2015

One unexplained death. So many negative images. So many pundits talking past real issues. So many obvious problems. 

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Washington Wants the Redskins

And is prepared to spend your money to get them.
3:07 PM, May 21, 2015

They are a lousy team with perhaps the worst owner in all of professional sports, but the Imperial City wants the Redskins nonetheless.

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A Candidacy Below the Radar

Former governor Bob Ehrlich of Maryland is going to New Hampshire a lot.
May 11, 2015

There’s a small group of potential Republican presidential candidates you don’t hear much about, though they speak at events along with better-known candidates. They don’t have exploratory committees or campaign staffs. They’re one-man bands. But what they do have are impressive records. This group includes John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, ex-Virginia governor Jim Gilmore—and Robert Ehrlich, the former governor 

of Maryland.

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Policing Children

Free-range parents are going to need lawyers.
May 04, 2015

"You know, I’d really had a nightmare about this, but I didn’t realize they would do it. I didn’t think they would. The kids must be terrified.” So exclaimed Danielle Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, to free-range-parenting godmother Lenore Skenazy. The “they” in this case are the authorities—police officers and child protective services workers—who, for all intents and purposes, kidnapped the Meitiv children on their way home from the park on a clear Sunday afternoon in April. 

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O'Malley to Announce in Baltimore, Make City Central to Campaign

If he runs for president, he'll announce in Baltimore
9:17 AM, May 03, 2015

Former Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley said that if he runs for president, he'll launch his campaign in Baltimore:

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Christie to Send New Jersey Cops to Baltimore

11:35 AM, Apr 28, 2015

New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be sending New Jersey cops to Baltimore. The Republican governor made the announcement on Twitter. 

"I spoke directly with Maryland Governor @LarryHogan last night and let him know that New Jersey is offering our full support & solidarity," Christie tweeted. "…in their efforts to protect the lives and well-being of the people in the city of Baltimore while calm and order are being restored. Following my conversation with Gov @LarryHogan, the @NJSP placed an assessment team on the ground in Maryland.

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O'Malley Moving Closer to White House Run?

His latest Facebook post looks like a campaign video.
4:14 PM, Mar 20, 2015

Is former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley moving closer to running for president? A short video on the Democrat's Facebook page looks like the beginning of a campaign ad.

"This bizarre sort of trickle-down experiment we've had where we think that by keeping wages down and concentrating wealth at the very top, we're somehow creating a better future for our kids," says O'Malley in the 15-second clip. "It doesn't work. It never has."

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Maryland Governor Saves Lives of Four Murderers

11:18 AM, Dec 31, 2014

Outgoing Maryland governor Martin O'Malley is commuting the sentences of the state's four remaining inmates on death row. In 2012, Maryland abolished the death penalty, but the law did not apply to those already sentenced for execution. O'Malley, a Democrat, said in an official statement that executions of convicted murderers "make every citizen a party to a legalized killing as punishment."

Here's an excerpt from his statement:

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Sermons for the King

Green in exchange for green.
Dec 15, 2014

Speaking truth to power is easy—or easier, anyway, than speaking truth to money. We might resist a sovereign who commands us to preach his favored doctrines. But a sovereign who slips us a little cash on the side, just for a sermon or two on something we maybe don’t really disagree with all that much? Harder. Much, much harder. It was true back in 1717, for example, when Benjamin Hoadly preached a famous Anglican sermon in front of a receptive King George I—a sermon that called for church government to be taken away from the bishops and given directly to the king. 

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They Like Mike

Matt Labash, election observer
Nov 17, 2014

Of all the rituals I count on to give my life shape, there is none so sacred as witnessing my former brother-in-law, Mike Benton, stand for local office in our pleasant burg of Calvert County, Maryland. Though my wife’s sister wound down with Mike two decades ago, he and I have a same-time-next-cycle arrangement, in which we use each quadrennial Election Day to catch up on the families, celebrate public service, and drink until we can’t feel our legs. 

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Casual Podcast: They Like Mike

11:35 AM, Nov 16, 2014

THE WEEKLY STANDARD Casual Podcast, with Matt Labash reading his essay "They Like Mike."

Remember, when you sign up for our digital premium access, many of our print magazine articles are available to you courtesy of our professional readers.

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Republican Wins Maryland Governor's Race

12:15 AM, Nov 05, 2014

Larry Hogan, a Republican businessman, has won his race for governor in Maryland against Democratic lieutenant governor Anthony Brown. The Associated Press projects:

BREAKING: GOP Larry Hogan wins election as governor of Maryland. @AP race call at 12:05 a.m. EST. #Election2014 #APracecall

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Many Empty Seats at Hillary Rally in Maryland

3:15 PM, Oct 30, 2014

The camera caught many empty seats at a rally Hillary Clinton is headlining in College Park, Maryland:

Hillary Clinton, a possible candidate for president of the United States, had not come out to speak yet, but was expected to take the stage shortly. 

The rally is for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who is running to become the next governor of Maryland.

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Internal Poll Shows Hogan Leading Brown by 5 in Maryland

10:18 AM, Oct 30, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has a 5-point lead over Democrat Anthony Brown in a surprisingly close race in Maryland, according to a poll conducted on behalf of the Hogan campaign and obtained by THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

The survey of more than 500 likely Maryland voters finds Hogan with 44 percent support, while Brown, the lieutenant governor, has 39 percent support. Fourteen percent say they remain undecided. That's a 17-point swing from the campaign's internal poll in July, when Brown led Hogan by 12 points, 48 percent to 36 percent.

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Obama: Make 'Cousin Pookie' Vote

6:52 PM, Oct 19, 2014

Speaking to the overflow crowd at a campaign rally at Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, President Obama urged the crowd to make sure "cousin Pookie" voted in November's election.

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Hogan's Heroics?

Chris Christie to Maryland as governor's race shows signs of tightening.
12:01 PM, Oct 15, 2014

Every election year, it seems, there’s a race that catches the political set in Washington by surprise. It’s possible that we’ve already seen the 2014 version of this with the defeat of House majority leader Eric Cantor, a result few anticipated and fewer still predicted.

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O'Malley to White House: No Unaccompanied Minors in My Backyard

'Children' being 'fed, clothed, cared for, taught' until 20s on taxpayers' dime.
2:36 PM, Jul 16, 2014

CNN reported last night that while Maryland governor Martin O'Malley doesn't want unaccompanied minors to be deported, he doesn't want them in certain parts of Maryland either.

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Maryland to Drop Obamacare Exchange: 'Broken Beyond Repair'

Cash wasted on this clunker.
9:45 AM, Mar 29, 2014

The state of Maryland has encountered many setbacks in its attempt to get a health care website up and running smoothly. (Sound familiar?) And now, it has run up the white flag.

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Obamacare Exchange Forms Advisory Committee Reflecting 'Gender, Racial, Ethnic, and Geographic Diversity'

Coming to Maryland.
9:01 AM, Mar 04, 2014

The state agency in charge of Maryland's beleaguered Obamacare Marketplace, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE), is looking to establish a standing advisory committee to provide the board of the MHBE advice and input on a "broad range of policy issues."  The MHBE sent out a letter to "stakeholders" this week who might have an interest in serving on the committee.

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Get Stamper … Now!

3:20 PM, Feb 21, 2014

The movies folks responsible for the making of House of Cards seem to have been reading their own reviews or taking a page out of their own (ludicrous) scripts.  Or something.  As Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post reports:

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Minnesota Obamacare Exchange CEO Resigns

Vacationing while website burned.
7:17 AM, Dec 18, 2013

The chief executive officer for Minnesota's Obamacare exchange resigned Tuesday after reports surfaced she had taken a tropical vacation in November, right when the state's health insurance exchange website was experiencing problems. ABC affiliate KSTP has the story:

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University Considers Requiring Coverage of Sex Changes in Health Plan

1:01 PM, Dec 16, 2013

According to the University of Maryland student newspaper The Diamondback, the university’s student health insurance plan is considering requiring coverage of sex change operations.

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Maryland Delays Obamacare Small Business Exchange, Jeopardizes Tax Credits

1:02 PM, Nov 13, 2013

In mid-October, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange quietly postponed all of the forums it had scheduled to inform small businesses about the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), as we reported.

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Maryland Attorney General Criticized for Being at Party With Underage Drinking

'In Front Of Two Guys, Their Shirts Off, With a Girl Twerking In Between.'
12:43 PM, Oct 24, 2013

The attorney general of Maryland was criticized for attending an underage party that his son was DJ-ing. There you are, a reporter pointed to a picture of the party, "In front of two guys, their shirts off, with a girl twerking in between."

It appears underage drinking was taking place at this party, which is what's fueled criticism of the attorney general's attendance there.

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Maryland Postpones All Obamacare Small Business Forums

9:51 AM, Oct 21, 2013

The state of Maryland has been front and center on the launch of open enrollment through the new Obamacare insurance marketplaces on October 1. The week before the launch, President Obama joined Maryland governor Martin O'Malley in Largo, Maryland to boost public awareness of the marketplaces, and he said that if "every governor were working as hard as Governor O’Malley to make the Affordable Care Act work," even more Americans would reap its benefits.

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Obamacare Exchange Confirms: 'We Are Required to Respond to Certain Requests from Law Enforcement'

2:12 PM, Oct 14, 2013

On October 8, THE WEEKLY STANDARD reported that the privacy policy of the Maryland Health Connection (MHC), the state's Obamacare insurance marketplace, included a statement that the marketplace "may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities."

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Obamacare Marketplace: Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’

2:39 PM, Oct 08, 2013

Maryland's Health Connection, the state's Obamacare marketplace, has been plagued by delays in the first days of open enrollment.  If users are able to endure long page-loading delays, they are presented with the website's privacy policy, a ubiquitous fine-print feature on websites that often go unread. Nevertheless, users are asked to check off a box that they agree to the terms.

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Maryland Obamacare Exchange: 'No Doctors Are Found'

8:01 AM, Oct 08, 2013

"If you've got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor," President Obama assured the public as he worked to sell Obamacare in 2010.

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