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Michelle Obama to Hold Closed-Press Washington Book Signing

8:09 AM, May 01, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama will do a book signing event at a local Washington, D.C. bookstore, the White House announced today. The event, aside from a brief photo-op, will be closed to the press.

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Obama to Daughters: If You Get Tattoo, 'Mommy and Me Will Get the Exact Same Tattoo'

10:29 AM, Apr 24, 2013

President Obama revealed this morning on the Today Show how he's discouraging his daughters from getting tattoos:

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Michelle Obama: 'Federal Workers Are This Invisible Face'

"No one knows what they do, what it means, how much they benefit us."
2:32 PM, Apr 23, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama praised federal workers in remarks today, calling them an "invisible face." Her remarks were delivered at the Department of Interior.

"I ... know that the work that you do isn’t easy, especially right now during these times.  I know that budget cuts mean that you all are juggling even more responsibilities with fewer resources.  And I know that many of you are stretched thinner than ever before," said the first lady.

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Michelle Obama Compares Herself to Murdered Teenager

"Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her."
6:18 PM, Apr 10, 2013

In a speech that addressed youth violence in Chicago, First Lady Michelle Obama compared herself to Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old girl murdered soon after attending President Obama's Second Inauguration. "Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her," said the first lady.

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Another Exclusive Party at W.H.—at Taxpayer Expense

Will White House release guest list?
6:34 AM, Apr 09, 2013

On Barack and Michelle Obama's schedule for today, this event is listed:

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White House 'Memphis Soul' Concert to Feature Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Queen Latifah, and Others

5:22 PM, Apr 02, 2013

Next week Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Queen Latifah, and many others will perform at the White House in a "Memphis Soul" concert, the White House announced today.

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Michelle Obama: 'This Is Your House, Too'

12:16 PM, Apr 02, 2013

At a "workshop" for the film 42 in the State Dining Room of the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama told the assembled guests that "this is your house, too."

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Michelle Obama to Chicago to Talk 'Youth Violence'

9:45 AM, Mar 27, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama is headed next month to Chicago to discuss "Youth Violence," the White House announced today. 

"On Wednesday, April 10, First Lady Michelle Obama will return to her hometown to address local business and community leaders about providing more opportunities for young people to achieve their full potential," the White House press release  reads.

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Mrs. Netanyahu to Give Michelle Obama Seder Plate, Bo Obama 'Rubber Hamburger Toy'

10:42 AM, Mar 20, 2013

The wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu, will give First Lady Michelle Obama a Passover Seder plate. And "Ms. Netanyahu will give Bo a rubber hamburger toy," according to the pool report:

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Michelle Obama's Social Security Number and Credit Report Leaked Online

UPDATE: Secret Service is investigating.
12:46 PM, Mar 12, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama's social security number and credit report have been leaked online, the Associated Press reports.

"First lady Michelle Obama is the latest public figure to have her Social Security number and credit report leaked online by a website posting private data on celebrities and government officials," reports the AP.

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Michelle Obama's Dream: 'Imagine Our Kids Begging and Pleading, Throwing Tantrums' for Health Food

Calls for greater "product placement."
5:38 PM, Mar 08, 2013

In a speech today at George Washington University, First Lady Michelle Obama laid out her dream for a healthier-eating America. The vision, she said, requires greater "product placement."

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Samira Ibrahim Speaks

8:42 PM, Mar 07, 2013

Yesterday, THE WEEKLY STANDARD first reported that the State Department was about to bestow an International Woman of Courage Award on an anti-Semite and 9/11 fan. Egypt women’s rights activist Samira Ibrahim had left a record on her Twitter feed of statements quoting Hitler, celebrating the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria last summer, and the September 11, 2012 siege of the U.S. embassy in Cairo.

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Michelle Obama and Kerry to Hold Off Giving Award to Anti-Semitic 9/11 Fan

2:59 PM, Mar 07, 2013

Yesterday, Sam Tadros reported that Michelle Obama and John Kerry were planning to award the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award to Samira Ibrahim, a woman who the State Department says “was among seven women subjected by the Egyptian military to forced virginity tests in March 2011.”

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Michelle Obama and John Kerry to Honor Anti-Semite and 9/11 Fan

4:33 PM, Mar 06, 2013

On Friday March 8, Michelle Obama will join John Kerry at a special ceremony at the State Department to present ten women the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award. The award, says the press release, is given to “women around the globe who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women’s rights and empowerment, often at great personal risk.”

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Michelle Obama: Physical Ed. Program 'Our Patriotic Obligation to This Country'

3:27 PM, Feb 28, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke today in Chicago about her new physical education initiative for kids. She called her new program "our patriotic obligation to this country" and "our moral obligation."

"I am thrilled to be here today as we launch Let’s Move Active Schools –- this unprecedented effort to bring physical education back to America’s schools," she began. She then explained that enough kids get enough exercise--and that she aims to change that.

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White House Stats on Childhood Obesity Decline Pre-Date ‘Let's Move’

10:22 AM, Feb 28, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama is continuing her road trip celebrating the 3rd anniversary of her “Let's Move” initiative, appearing on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts on Tuesday and at an event with Rachael Ray on Wednesday. The initial press release last week 

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Michelle Obama Initiates Recipe Sharing Program

11:02 AM, Feb 26, 2013

Although most of Washington is focused this week on the upcoming vote on Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense and the rapidly approaching sequester deadline, the latest press release from the White House concerns ... recipe sharing:

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White House Credits ‘Let's Move’ for Halting and Reversing Childhood Obesity Trend

3:44 PM, Feb 20, 2013

Today the White House credited Michelle Obama's three-year-old “Let's Move” initiative with halting and even reversing a thirty year trend of increasing childhood obesity, a trend that has led to what the Centers for Disease Control has called an epidemic.

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Michelle Obama's 'Mid-Life Crisis'

3:21 PM, Feb 18, 2013

The Associated Press reports on Michelle Obama's self-proclaimed "mid-life crisis."

"Michelle Obama jokingly says a mid-life crisis is what inspired her new haircut with bangs," reports the AP.

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Boss of Michelle's Guest Testified that Obama's Policies Are Hurting the Country

2:24 PM, Feb 12, 2013

The White House today released Michelle Obama's guest list for tonight's State of the Union Address. On that list is Bradley Henning, a machinist at Atlas Machine and Supply, in Louisville, Kentucky, whose boss, Rich Gimmel, recently testified in front of Congress that Obama's policies are hurting the economy.

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'Feminist Americans' Are 'Disappointed ... and Feel Let Down' by Michelle Obama

9:52 AM, Jan 19, 2013

A group of Americans is not entirely happy with First Lady Michelle Obama. They "have been vocally disappointed with her choices and feel let down by her example," according to the Washington Post.

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Samuel L. Jackson: 'Michelle Is Superwoman ... She Can Be the President'

12:46 PM, Dec 03, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson has faith in First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Michelle Obama: 'If It’s Good Enough for Our Kids, It’s Good Enough for All of Our Kids'

"We have hosted youth workshops on everything from modern dance to classical music to spoken word poetry."
6:14 PM, Nov 19, 2012

At an event at the White House for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program awards program, First Lady Michelle Obama praised arts in children's education by saying, "if it’s good enough for our kids, it’s good enough for all of our kids."

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Claim: 'Hail Obama' Chants at First Lady Rally

2:22 PM, Nov 01, 2012

At a campaign rally featuring First Lady Michelle Obama today in Daytona, Florida, supporters of President Obama were reportedly chanting "Hail Obama," according to one local reporter.

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Obama Supporters Speculate About Michelle's and Hillary Clinton's Political Future at Fundraiser

8:32 PM, Oct 17, 2012

An interesting anecdote at the bottom of the most recent press pool report from a Michelle Obama hosted fundraiser today in New York City.

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Michelle Obama: 'On Nov. 7 We're Going to Party Hard'

1:00 PM, Oct 17, 2012

At a fundraiser today in New York, First Lady Michelle Obama expressed confidence in her husband's chances for reelection. "On Nov. 7 we're going to party hard," she said. Election Day this year is November 6.

From the pool report:

"After hearing my husband talk about his values and his vision at the debate last night, I'm pretty fired up," she said.
"Let me tell you, I am so glad last night was such an awesome, awesome event," she said. She mention[ed] her recent anniversary on Oct 3, the Read more

Did Michelle Obama Break Debate Rules by Clapping?

8:39 AM, Oct 17, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama appeared to break the debate rules last night by clapping:

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Michelle Obama: 'I'm So Proud of My Husband Tonight'

10:21 PM, Oct 16, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted praised for husband, President Barack Obama, following tonight's town hall debate:

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Michelle Obama Votes

1:07 PM, Oct 15, 2012

Here's a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama holding up her absentee ballot this morning:

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Michelle Obama Plays Up Anniversary Before Debate

6:28 PM, Oct 03, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama wished her husband a happy 20th anniversary earlier today on the campaign trail, just hours before her husband squares off against Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate. Their wedding anniversary is today, October 3.

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