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Remembering the Constitution

Senator Mike Lee thinks we’ve forgotten some important parts.
Jun 15, 2015

In his new book on the Constitution, Senator Mike Lee, the first-term Utah Republican, recalls his decision to run for the upper chamber in 2010. “It bothered me that even in the Republican Party, far too many elected officials have been reluctant to engage the public in a meaningful constitutional discourse .  .  . one that attempts to identify limits on federal power and extends beyond a facile assessment of how likely the courts might be to invalidate a particular law.”

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Taxes and the GOP Candidates

A surprising divide on a core issue.
May 18, 2015

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan has an unusual decoration on the wall of his Capitol Hill office: a framed Laffer curve. This totem of supply-siders everywhere is drawn on a napkin and signed by the economist Art Laffer himself. “To my friend, Paul Ryan,” reads the note. 

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Rubio Defends Tax Plan's Child Credits

3:04 PM, Apr 15, 2015

While Hillary Clinton was meeting with voters in Iowa on her second full day as a presidential candidate, Marco Rubio spent part of his discussing a tax policy white paper at a Washington think tank. The newly declared candidate joined with Utah Republican Mike Lee at the Heritage Foundation to talk about their proposal to reform the tax code, which has already become a point of contention in Rubio's nascent presidential campaign.

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Marco Rubio Winning the Mike Lee Primary?

1:01 PM, Apr 10, 2015

It appears to be a three-way tie in the Mike Lee presidential primary. At a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington Friday morning, the Republican and first-term senator from Utah spoke glowingly about his “three best friends” in the Senate who are or are preparing to run for president: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. Lee wouldn't say which candidate he preferred, though he seemed particularly laudatory of Rubio.

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Rubio, Lee Introduce 'Pro-Growth, Pro-Family' Tax Reform

7:31 AM, Mar 04, 2015

Republican senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Mike Lee of Utah have returned to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to tout their latest tax reform proposal. The Republicans call their plan both "pro-growth" and "pro-family," and say it addresses inequities in the tax code for businesses and middle-class families.

Here's an excerpt:

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Why Can't the Public See Obama's Proposed Internet Regulations?

3:21 PM, Feb 18, 2015

Republican senators Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, and Rand Paul have all been high profile opponents of the Obama administrations current plan to regulate the internet -- in particular, Lee has called the regulation a government "takeover" of the internet and says it amounts to a "a massive tax increase on the middle class, being passed in the dead of night without the American public really being made aware of what is going on.”

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The Non-Candidate

Utah’s Mike Lee is the most important Republican not running for president
Feb 09, 2015

There’s an old saw in Washington that every senator looks in the mirror and sees a president. Utah’s Mike Lee doesn’t, though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Over the past two years, Lee has been delivering speeches and introducing policy proposals at a pace that far outstrips his tenure and experience. On the whole, it looks like the beginnings of a domestic policy agenda for a future presidential candidate.

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Did Ted Cruz Give Harry Reid One Last Victory?

5:28 PM, Dec 15, 2014

In one final ignominious act of parliamentary genius, outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid rolled Republican troublemaker Ted Cruz of Texas over the weekend, robbing the GOP of a chance to stop Democrats in the lame-duck session.

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Media Myths About Republicans

The demise of the GOP has been greatly ­exaggerated.
Nov 24, 2014

Ever since the Democrats were trounced in the midterm elections, they and the media have been trying to figure out how Republicans triumphed so thoroughly. Wasn’t the GOP supposed to be in permanent decline, on the wrong side of history, demography, and the issues? So far the soul searching has been almost nonexistent. National Journal’s Ron Fournier, a weathervane for centrist Beltway journalists, tried to dismiss the GOP’s triumph out of hand: “The Republican Party didn’t win the overall election—not with numbers like that.

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Mike Lee’s Plan for a Congress That Works for Main Street

10:31 AM, Nov 13, 2014

As Republican euphoria over the November 4 election begins to subside and more practical considerations emerge, a looming question is whether the various factions within the Republican party will be able to work together.  One recent but little-noted change in Senate leadership may have increased the likelihood of success:  On September 16, Republican senators elected Senator Mike Lee of Utah as the new chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, the Senate’s conservative caucus.  Replacing Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Lee will be given the reins of an organization that

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'The Problem with Reform Conservatism'

6:12 AM, May 23, 2014

Matthew Continetti, writing for the Washington Free Beacon:

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Republican Senator: 'GOP First Must End Cronyism in Our Own Ranks'

8:32 AM, Apr 07, 2014

Republican senator Mike Lee has an op-ed decrying cronyism. But first, he says, the Republicans must purge the unseemly activity from within its "own ranks."

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Mike Lee Endorses Nebraska’s Ben Sasse

9:20 AM, Mar 05, 2014

Mike Lee, perhaps the United States Senate’s leading voice for a conservative reform agenda, has now endorsed Ben Sasse in Nebraska’s Senate race.  Lee declared, “Nebraskans need Ben Sasse to represent their values, reformers in the Senate need his conservative vote, our country needs his voice.”  Lee added that Sasse is “a strong constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of government” and who “also recognizes that we must run and win on the power of our positive ideas.”

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Senators Demand FBI Head Answer Questions About Indictment of Dinesh D'Souza

11:31 AM, Feb 21, 2014

Four United States Senators have a written a letter to FBI director James Comey about the indictment of author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza. Senators Charles Grassley, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are the four senators, all Republicans, to have signed the letter.

The letter quotes Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz as saying, "I can't help but think that [D'Souza's] politics have something to do with it. ... It smacks of selective prosecution."

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Updating Reagan

Sep 30, 2013

Republicans these days are eager to replay the Reagan revolution. It is not hard to see why: In the 1980s, the GOP was the party of ideas, and the vision that Ronald Reagan and his supporters brought to Washington proved immensely popular with voters and profoundly improved American life. But in their effort to repeat Reagan’s particular policies, rather than his more impressive feat of developing policies that applied conservative principles to the problems of his day, today’s Republicans risk becoming detached from the country’s real concerns.

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The Constitutionalist

Utah’s freshman senator makes his mark
Sep 09, 2013

When I asked Mike Lee, the freshman Republican senator from Utah, how he identified himself politically, he said, “A constitutional conservative.” Note the adjective “constitutional.” It’s not surprising that the senator uses it. 

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Senator: Obama's Tax Hikes 'Would Leave 94% of This Year's Deficit Intact'

9:52 AM, Jul 19, 2012

Senator Mike Lee criticized President Obama's and the Democrats' plan to raise taxes, saying that "their proposal would leave 94% of this year's deficit intact, which makes it an inherently unserious proposal insofar as it relates to deficit reduction."

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