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Jeb Rips Off Romney Attack Line

10:26 PM, Nov 10, 2015

Jeb Bush appears to be drawing some inspiration from the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Indeed, at tonight's debate Bush ripped off an attack line Romney deployed against Obama in 2012.

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Romney: My Health-Care Law Gave Us Obamacare

1:16 PM, Oct 23, 2015

The Boston Globe reports that Tom Stemberg, the founder of office-supply retailer Staples, has died. Stemberg started Staples with the help of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital investment firm, and the two men became friends.

The Globe quotes Romney speaking fondly of Stemberg and his influence on the future Republican nominee for president:

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Jeb Calls For 'Radical Change' to Tax Code

4:01 PM, Sep 09, 2015

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush laid out details of his economic plan in North Carolina Wednesday, focusing primarily on how he would reform the tax code as president. The proposal, Bush said, would help achieve his stated goal of four-percent annual economic growth.

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Santorum: Repeal Obamacare, Defund Planned Parenthood

The 2012 runner-up lowers expectations for Iowa.
7:33 PM, Jul 20, 2015

Rick Santorum is keeping expectations low for his second presidential campaign. Asked if he would need to win the Iowa caucuses to stay in the race, the former senator said it “depends.”

“If I finish third and half a percent behind first, I think I feel pretty good. If I finish third and I’m ten points out, well, that’s a different story,” he told a small group of reporters in a Washington restaurant Monday afternoon.

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Obama General Vindicates Romney: 'Russia Presents the Greatest Threat to Our National Security'

The 1980s are calling yet again.
11:37 AM, Jul 09, 2015

Earlier today, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing to consider whether President Obama's pick to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., should be advanced to the Senate for a confirmation vote.

At that hearing, Gen. Dunford informed the committee:

"My assessment today is that Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security"

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Press Parties at Clinton Aide Weekend Wedding

"Off the record, no questions."
6:04 AM, Jun 22, 2015

Summer means it's wedding season, and in Washington that means plenty of potential for conflicts of interest. Consider the wedding of one Hillary Clinton aide, attended by several members of the national political press covering Clinton and her rivals for the White House.

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Romney Rips Hillary: Smiles With Mouth, But Eyes Say 'Where's My Latte?'

7:49 AM, Jun 15, 2015

Mitt Romney ripped Hillary Clinton this morning for seeming untrustworthy in her weekend campaign event:

"I thought the text touched the various places she needs to touch to try and keep her base in tact," Romney said sharing his thoughts on Hillary Clinton's relaunch campaign event.

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Santorum Running for President

10:01 AM, May 27, 2015

Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator and runner-up for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, will run for president again in 2016. The Associated Press reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Spokesman: Republican former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum is running for president.

— Dan Hirschhorn (@DanH_TIME) May 27, 2015

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'Hillary Rodham Romney'

10:24 AM, May 08, 2015

Matthew Continetti, writing for the Washington Free Beacon:

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The Authentic Mitt Romney

Version 3.0.
Feb 09, 2015

Meet the real Mitt Romney. The Mitt Romney you thought you knew from 2012, from 2008, from his tenure as governor of Massachusetts, from his run for the Senate against Teddy Kennedy—those versions of Mitt Romney were the constructs of political consultants, artifices designed to win elections but nowhere near the real Mitt Romney. 

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New Hampshire Poll: Walker Ahead

Benefiting from Romney exit.
8:22 AM, Feb 05, 2015

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker leads an early poll of New Hampshire Republican primary voters, NH1 reports:

According to an NH1 Pulse Poll released Wednesday, Walker has the backing of 21.2% of those who say they're likely to vote in next year's GOP presidential primary. The automated survey indicates Jeb Bush in second place, with 14.4% saying they'd support the former two-term Florida governor if the Feb. 9, 2016 primary was held now.

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Kristol Podcast: Romney, Belichick, and Hillary

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:00 PM, Jan 30, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on Mitt Romney, Bill Belichick, and Hillary Clinton.

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Romney Not Running

10:51 AM, Jan 30, 2015

Hugh Hewitt scoops that Mitt Romney will not run for presidenti n 2016. Here's Romney's statement, via Hewitt:

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Mitt and Ann Romney to Lunch With Chelsea Clinton and Husband

8:01 AM, Jan 29, 2015

Mitt and Ann Romney will be having lunch this week with Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. The New York Times, which first reported the news, thinks it might be "awkward."

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In Romney We Trust

Help us, Mitt. You’re our only hope.
3:01 PM, Jan 22, 2015

Having followed Romney around in both 2008 and 2012, I was always convinced that the odds of him running in 2016 were high. For one thing, the man has a decades-long history of running for office, over and over, even after voters reject him. He’s a career politician without a “career” in politics. (He was an active governor of Massachusetts just long enough to build Romneycare, and after that he spent the rest of his term preparing for his first presidential bid.) He has never in his life—not once—shown a willingness to take “no” for an answer from the electorate.

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Donald Trump: I'll Decide on Presidential Run Soon

Knocks Bush ('last thing we need is another Bush') and Romney ('he had a great chance of winning, and he blew it').
9:01 AM, Jan 12, 2015

Donald Trump says he's once again considering a presidential run. He told MSNBC this morning that he'll make a decision in the next three months:

"Donald," said the MSNBC host, "tell me what you think about presidential politics on the Republican side. Do you think that perhaps Mitt Romney is trying to take Jeb Bush's thunder away?"

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Ready for Romney Super PAC Begins

10:01 PM, Dec 14, 2014

A press release tonight announces the beginning of Ready for Romney, a new super PAC encouraging Mitt Romney to run for president of the United States. 

"On Sunday, supporters of Mitt Romney filed the appropriate paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to establish a 'Super PAC' with the goal of urging Mitt Romney for [sic] run for the presidency in 2016," reads the press release.

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Because I Came So Close Last Time

A Parody
Sep 22, 2014

Romney: 'No Question' I'd Be a Better President Than Hillary

10:01 AM, Sep 07, 2014

This morning on Fox News Sunday, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said there's "no question" that he'd be a better president than Hillary Clinton.

"You mentioned Hillary Clinton," said host Chris Wallace. "Do you think you'd make a better president than Hillary Clinton?"

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Paul Ryan: 'I Would Love to See Mitt Run Again'

6:49 AM, Aug 20, 2014

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said on CNBC this morning that he "would love to see" Mitt Romney run for president again, but that he doesn't think it's likely:

"I would love to see Mitt run again. I hope he does. He's pretty emphatic in saying he won't," said Ryan.

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The GOP Can Attract Young Black Voters—And Already Has

One in five black men under age 30 voted for Romney; youngest 'millennials' lean even more conservative.
7:20 AM, Aug 12, 2014

In the midst of rioting in St. Louis over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the New York Times decided to stoke the embers of racial animus even further with an incendiary op-ed titled, "Can the G.O.P. Ever Attract Black Voters?"

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A Romney Revival?

2:10 PM, Jul 07, 2014

It seems these days, everything's coming up Romney. There's talk the two-time presidential candidate and the 2012 Republican nominee ought to run for the job again in 2016. Writing in Politico magazine, Emil Henry makes "the case for Mitt Romney" and draws comparisons to Richard Nixon's political resuscitation after eight years as vice president, a failed presidential run in 1960, and a failure to win the California governor's race two years later:

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Romney Goes Soft

1:33 PM, May 09, 2014

President Romney, as Marina Koren of the National Journal reports, appeared today on the television show Morning Joe and said:

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Will PolitiFact Ever Correct Its Biggest Obamacare Error?

2:34 PM, Oct 28, 2013

PolitiFact has a pretty terrible and rather partisan history of Obamacare fact checks. However, there's one, in particular, about Obamacare that remains especially puzzling. It's the "half-true" rating the organization gave when President Obama promised that, If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance under Obamacare. This was not a casually tossed-off statement by the president, either.

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Santorum on Where Republicans, Romney Campaign Went Wrong in 2012

7:04 AM, Jun 14, 2013

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum spoke Thursday at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington about the failure of the Republican party and its presidential nominee to speak to the concerns of middle class and working people. Politico's James Hohmann reports:

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Axelrod to Join Romney at Summer Retreat

2:11 PM, Apr 23, 2013

Mitt Romney will join forces with a former top adviser to President Obama, David Axelrod, this summer.

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Kristol Podcast: GOP Elites a Herd of Independent Minds

If You Can Call Them Minds....
5:00 AM, Mar 30, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with William Kristol on the future of the GOP. Hosted by Michael Graham.

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Romney: 'I'm Sorry I Won't Be Your President'

1:25 PM, Mar 15, 2013

Mitt Romney expressed regret at not being the next president of the United States in a speech today at CPAC:

"Each of us in our own way is going to have to step up and meet our responsibility. I'm sorry I won't be your president," said Romney. "But I will be your co-worker and I will stand shoulder to shoulder alongside you."

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Romney: Learn from 'My Mistakes'

12:46 PM, Mar 15, 2013

Mitt Romney, giving his first speech since he lost his election for president of the United States:

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Romney: 'I Am Sorry that I Will Not Be Your President'

12:45 PM, Mar 15, 2013

Full prepared text of Mitt Romney's CPAC speech:

What an honor to be introduced by Governor Nikki Haley, a woman of uncommon courage and conviction; whose principles have guided her governance. We need more governors like her!


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