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A Visit to the 'Place With No Noise'

Marrakesh dispatch.
10:02 AM, Dec 14, 2015


Moroccan Hollywood is about a 20-minute plane ride from Marrakesh southeast further into the interior of the country, and flying in I could see why it's preferable to go by air. The desert sands make it a trying drive, though of course the landscape is also why so many studios choose to shoot here in Ourzazate—which in Berber language "means place with no noise."

Still, the group I'm traveling with couldn't stop talking about the last "Game of Thrones" episode filmed here.

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Bill Murray in Morocco

Marrakesh dispatch.
11:14 AM, Dec 09, 2015
The Marrakesh international Film Festival paid tribute to Bill Murray on its opening night Friday. As he was making his way to the theater, an interviewer stopped him on the red carpet and asked how he'd pay homage to Bill Murray. He replied, I'd say I always love you best when you're most engaged with the world. Then Murray wandered off the red carpet and started engaging with the crowd. Read more