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NRSC: Reid 'Instantly ... Irrelevant and a Lame Duck'

7:45 AM, Mar 27, 2015

The National Republican Senatorial Committee responds to Harry Reid's retirement:

“On the verge of losing his own election and after losing the majority, Senator Harry Reid has decided to hang up his rusty spurs. Not only does Reid instantly become irrelevant and a lame duck, his retirement signals that there is no hope for the Democrats to regain control of the Senate. With the exception of Reid, every elected statewide official in Nevada is Republican and this race is the top pickup opportunity for the GOP.”

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GOP Invests More in North Carolina Senate Race

11:07 AM, Oct 13, 2014

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is putting between $6 and 6.5 million into TV ads in North Carolina, Politico reports. The close race between Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan and GOP challenger Thom Tillis has come down to an air duel between the campaigns and their allied independent expenditure groups—with Democrats so far having the advantage.

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GOP Establishment Senses Opportunity in New Jersey

Or does it?
6:14 AM, Aug 27, 2014

Do Washington Republicans smell blood in New Jersey? The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the GOP's Senate campaign apparatus, issued a press release Wednesday knocking New Jersey's Democratic senator Cory Booker for being a "tax & spend liberal."

The release groups Booker with another incumbent Democrat, Alaska's Mark Begich, as two former mayors (of Newark and Anchorage, respectively) with liberal records. Here's an excerpt:

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GOP Campaign Arm Creates Video Game

7:01 AM, Aug 26, 2014

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign has developed a multi-level online computer game. The game, called "Mission Majority," is programmed to look like an 8-bit-era video game and features an elephant named Giopi (sounds like "GOP") as a playable character. The player runs and jumps, collecting "keys" to Republican victory and vanquishing bad guys like "taxers" and "mudslingers." A successfully destroyed baddie emits an embarrassing audio clip from Democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Pryor, and Bruce Braley.

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A Big Fight Over Small Differences

The powers behind the Nebraska Republican primary.
Mar 24, 2014

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is mad as hell, and it’s not going to take it anymore. This is the third election cycle in a row where incumbent Republicans and the NRSC’s hand-picked candidates have faced stiff primary challenges funded by Tea Party groups. No less than Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is being primaried, and he’s made it clear what he plans to do to groups going after the national GOP. 

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Barnes Podcast: GOP Has the Right Candidates to Win Senate in 2014

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:10 PM, Mar 19, 2014

THE WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes on the republicans' efforts to win big in 2014, and whether the Tea Party will play the role of spoiler as republicans hope to take back the Senate.

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Osborn Recycles Old Attack on Sasse to Distract from TARP Ties

10:25 AM, Mar 14, 2014

In the latest issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, which went online early this morning, I have an article about the Nebraska Senate race. In a nutshell, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is trying to give a boost to one of the candidates due to some disagreements with outside conservative groups. This is problematic because there are two solid candidates in the race and it's an open primary -- and voters tend to resent meddling by the national party.

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Obama's First Reelection Campaign Ad?

9:08 AM, Apr 01, 2011

Here's Obama's first ad for his 2012 reelection campaign, courtesy of the National Republican Senatorial Committee: 

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