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Jeb's Last Stand

2:51 PM, Feb 06, 2016

People want to like Jeb Bush. At least 700 folks packed into McKelvie Middle School this morning—most of them there a good 45 minutes before the candidate was expected to arrive. It was a real crowd, with another 200 or so overflowing outside the school. And that's not counting the hundred or so reporters on hand hoping to rubberneck at what has been a not great week for the candidate.

What they get is vintage Bush, in just about every respect.

Lindsey Graham comes out first, followed by Tom Ridge—who embarrassingly says "let's talk about electing George Bush president!" before catching himself. Ridge introduces George P. Bush, who most observers expect to battle Tagg Romney

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Carly Super PAC Mocks ABC for Debate Exclusion

ABC = 'Anybody But Carly'
1:10 PM, Feb 06, 2016
Carly Fiorina's Super PAC is out with a funny new web ad today mocking ABC for excluding her from tonight's GOP debate in New Hampshire. Read more

Hillary: Against 'Bad Things'

8:51 AM, Feb 06, 2016
Hillary Clinton's campaign has a new stump speech line. Not only does it fail to make sense, it even confuses the candidate. Read more

Kristol: What to Expect in New Hampshire

Hosted by Michael Graham.
2:24 PM, Feb 05, 2016
The WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with editor William Kristol on the week that was in New Hampshire, and what to expect in the upcoming primary. Read more

Marco Rubio: The Natural

8:43 AM, Feb 05, 2016

For all the hype surrounding him, a Marco Rubio rally is completely different from the mega-rallies of Trump and Sanders or even the smaller, yet richly-produced, Clinton affairs. Thursday’s rally, for instance, was held in a dingy banquet hall just off the U.S. 1 Bypass in Portsmouth. At eight o'clock in the morning about 150 people packed into the small room, which looked like most of the bare-bones, early campaign events you see every four years in New Hampshire. Except for one thing: the candidate.

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Latest Trump Outburst Helps Set Up Jeb's Last Stand

Twitter rant plays into Bush's closing pitch to New Hampshire voters.
1:27 PM, Feb 03, 2016
Jeb Bush has been trying to jab Donald Trump for weeks -- in debates, on the stump, in ads, and on billboards. On Wednesday morning, Trump stuck out his chin. Read more

Hillary Tells Supporters to 'Do More'

Claims victory in Iowa.
9:13 AM, Feb 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton says she won the Iowa caucus, though some are claiming the state too close to call. Nonetheless, Clinton is moving on to New Hampshire with a sharp message for her supporters: "dig deep and do more."

"We made history last night with our win in Iowa -- thank you for all you did to make that happen," Clinton writes in an email this morning to supporters.

"Winning is a good feeling, Daniel. But we can’t be complacent for a single moment. We know that Senator Sanders has a strong team and they made history last night, too. His supporters aren't on the sidelines, taking anything for granted, and we can't either.

"We are down in New Hampshire -- so this is the time for this team to dig deep and do

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Cruzin' Through New Hampshire

Five Ted talks in one day.
Feb 01, 2016

Ted Cruz is running late. This is not a good start for the Texas senator, whose campaign has scheduled six events for him today all along New Hampshire’s eastern border. Cruz is in the middle of a five-day tour, rambling down the rural roads in a bus emblazoned with "Cruzin' to Victory" and "Trusted," with the last three letters—T-E-D—in red.

When the bus at last pulls up near the front window of Zeb's Country Store, a charming kitsch and candy shop in this ski-resort town, there's a mixture of excitement and relief among the voters and reporters waiting inside. That dissipates when the next person to walk in isn't Cruz but one of his chief advocates here, former

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What Happens If Clinton Loses Iowa AND New Hampshire?

3:03 PM, Jan 12, 2016

There are new polls out of the Democratic early states and they aren’t especially good for Hillary Clinton. ARG has Bernie Sanders at +3 in Iowa. That's probably an outlier, but the trend is pretty clear: Clinton has led by double digits in Iowa since October. Now Sanders is suddenly within single digits in four of the last six polls.

In New Hampshire it's the same story, but worse. Clinton led without interruption from August to November, but now Sanders seems to be pulling away.

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A Lot Is Going Christie's Way in New Hampshire

Scott Brown is impressed.
10:43 AM, Dec 11, 2015

As he's campaigned around New Hampshire over the last several months, Chris Christie says plenty of voters would approach him after his events to tell him, "You're in my top three." In an interview earlier this week with THE WEEKLY STANDARD, the New Jersey governor shared a hopeful development on that front. "Now they're coming up to me and saying, 'We're voting for you,'" Christie says.

All candidates tend to boast about their anecdotal support, but in Christie's case in New Hampshire, there may be something to his rosy assessment. The latest poll of likely Republican primary voters from WBUR finds Christie sliding into second place in the Granite State, with 12 percent support just ahead of Marco Rubio's 11 percent.

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New Hampshire Paper Endorses Christie

11:04 AM, Nov 29, 2015

The New Hampshire Union Leader has endorsed Chris Christie for president. The state's largest daily newspaper, which has a conservative-leaning editorial board, published the endorsement Saturday. Here's an excerpt:

Our choice is Gov. Chris Christie. As a U.S. attorney and then a big-state governor, he is the one candidate who has the range and type of experience the nation desperately needs.

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Carson Overtakes Trump in New National Poll

8:05 AM, Oct 27, 2015

A new national poll of Republican primary voters finds retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson in the lead, overtaking reality TV star and New York businessman Donald Trump. The CBS News/New York Times poll found 26 percent of Republican primary voters polled support Carson, while 22 percent support Trump. In a distant third was Florida senator Marco Rubio at eight percent, followed by former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, both at 7 percent.

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Rubio Hits Trump on Eminent Domain

9:50 AM, Oct 07, 2015

Manchester, N.H.
Florida senator Marco Rubio responded Wednesday morning to Donald Trump's comment that the use of eminent domain for private projects is a "wonderful thing."

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Polls: Trump Rolls On in Iowa, New Hampshire

9:48 AM, Sep 14, 2015

New polls of likely Republican voters in two early primary states show Donald Trump maintaining a solid lead for the presidential nomination. The CBS News/YouGov tracking polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire show the real-estate magnate and reality TV star with big leads in those states.

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Quinnipiac: Bernie Edges Out Hillary in Iowa

7:16 AM, Sep 10, 2015

More Iowa Democrats say they support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in a new Quinnipiac poll of likely caucusgoers. According to the poll, 41 percent say they support Sanders, the Vermont senator, with 40 percent supporting Clinton, the former secretary of state and New York senator. In addition, 12 percent say they are supporting Vice President Joe Biden, who is not yet in the race.

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O'Malley Says DWS Rigging Process for Hillary

7:02 AM, Sep 10, 2015

Martin O'Malley, the Democratic presidential candidate, accused the chairwoman of his party of rigging the primary process for Hillary Clinton. Speaking on MSNBC's Morning Joe Thursday, O'Malley praised vice chairs of the Democratic National Committee who have called for more primary debates. The former Maryland governor has been agitating for more debates than the six already announced by the DNC.

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PPP: Trump Dominates Field in New Hampshire

10:14 AM, Aug 25, 2015

A new poll of "usual" Republican primary voters in New Hampshire gives Donald Trump his biggest lead yet in the Granite State. The Public Policy Polling survey found Trump with 35 percent support, a good 26-point advantage over the next closest GOP candidate, Ohio governor John Kasich at 11 percent. Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO, has 10 percent support.

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Poll: Bernie Leads Hillary in New Hampshire (Updated)

But Clinton leads among senior citizens.
9:16 AM, Aug 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in a new poll of "usual" New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. According to Public Policy polling, a Democratic firm, Sanders has 42 percent support to Clinton's 35 percent support.

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Jeb's Biggest Problem is Trump

2:57 PM, Aug 24, 2015

What’s the matter with Jeb Bush? The establishment favorite and frontrunner in the fundraising primary can’t seem to catch a break. Bush’s performance in the August 6 debate in Cleveland was judged as mediocre at best. He’s dropped to number two in New Hampshire and is tied for sixth place in Iowa.

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Christie Ad: 'We Need a Strong Law Enforcer as President'

8:42 AM, Aug 24, 2015

New Jersey governor Chris Christie says America needs a "strong law enforcer as president" in a new 30-second TV ad. In the spot, Christie, a Republican, lists off examples of "lawlessness in America and around the world under Barack Obama," including the terror of ISIS, sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, drug problems, and "Iranian radicals with nuclear weapons. Christie adds in leading Democratic candidate for president into the mix. 

"Now, Hillary Clinton thinks the law doesn't apply to her," he says with an image of a computer server on screen. "Really?"

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Kasich: Roe v. Wade 'Law of the Land' (Updated)

1:37 PM, Aug 20, 2015

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich told a voter in New Hampshire Wednesday that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the United States is the "law of the land."

"I would like to ask whether you can respect the Roe versus Wade decision, and I ask because as a lifelong libertarian, I'm looking for a candidate to support who is both a fiscal conservative and not a threat to a woman's right to control her own body," said a voter at a town hall event in Salem, New Hampshire.

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Hillary Rolls Eyes, Lectures #BlackLivesMatter Activists

9:59 AM, Aug 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton, who is routinely criticized for her lack of public availability, granted a private meeting on August 11 to activists from the group #BlackLivesMatter -- a movement across the country well-known for its controversial methods of generating publicity.

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O'Malley: Triple the Number of Debates

"I think that the Democratic party is doing a bad job."
3:25 PM, Aug 13, 2015

On MSNBC's Morning Joe program this morning, Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley told Mika Brzezinski he'd like to see the number of Democratic debates tripled before votes are cast in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Across the River and Into the Lead

The Bernie juggernaut rolls on in New Hampshire.
2:33 PM, Aug 12, 2015

Dispatches from the front tell of Bernie Sanders surging into the lead in the New Hampshire polls.

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Post-Debate NH Poll: Trump Drops, Kasich and Carly Rise

11:14 AM, Aug 11, 2015

A new poll of New Hampshire GOP primary voters conducted after the first presidential debate shows Donald Trump stumbling, and John Kasich and Carly Fiorina getting significant bumps in support.

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Down But Not Out

Christie’s formula: patience, confidence, more patience.
Aug 10, 2015

Keene, N.H.
Shirley Paulson showed up to 50-cent wing night at Lab ’n Lager in downtown Keene not for a cheap dozen of the highly addictive garlic jalapeno wings but because she wanted a crack at New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

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Bernie Sanders in 'Statistical Tie' With Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

5:19 PM, Aug 04, 2015

A new poll finds that Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders is in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in a newly released New Hampshire poll. The poll finds that Sanders "is currently the most popular Democratic candidate in the state."

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What To Expect In the First Debate

Hosted by Michael Graham.
1:15 PM, Aug 04, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with staff writer Michael Warren on his story from the Voters First Forum in New Hampshire last night, and what we can expect Thursday night in Cleveland at the first debate.

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A First Look At the GOP Field in New Hampshire

7:28 AM, Aug 04, 2015

Goffstown, N.H.
It was a fast two hours Monday evening at St. Anselm College at the Voters First Forum, where 14 of the Republican candidates for president joined each other (except for 3 U.S. senators, who spoke remotely from Washington) to answer questions.

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Hillary: You Have to Elect Me to Find Out What I Think of Keystone

10:53 AM, Jul 28, 2015

Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi was widely derided for saying Congress had to pass Obamacare "so that you can find out what is in it."

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a town hall today in New Hampshire used the same logic when asked about the Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver oil from Canada to refineries in the United States.

A New Hampshire voter asked: "As president, would you sign a bill, yes or no please, in favor of allowing they Keystone XL pipeline?"

Clinton responds:

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