North Korea Articles

Dangerous Disconnect

8:32 AM, Apr 08, 2013

The U.S. will be spending less, in the coming months and years, on defending itself from missile attacks.  As Tony Capaccio of Bloomberg reports:

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Kristol Podcast: A Review of the Week In Washington

Republicans can't beat Obama's bad ideas with no ideas of their own.
3:26 PM, Apr 05, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with William Kristol on the economy, North Korea, and Obamacare. Hosted by Michael Graham.

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Podcast: Have 'Team America' and 'Red Dawn' Undermined Our North Korea Policy?

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:04 PM, Apr 04, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editorial assistant Ethan Epstein on North Korea's belligerence. Hosted by Michael Graham.

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North Korea Bans South Koreans From Joint Industrial Complex

12:55 PM, Apr 03, 2013

In 2003, the governments of North and South Korea agreed to establish the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a manufacturing zone located just over the North Korean border. The South Korean conglomerates Hyundai and the Korea Land Corporation run the facilities, where more than 100 other smaller South Korean companies have also set up shop.  The area was ostensibly launched to promote “cooperation” between the two Koreas, though in reality it’s become little more than a source of much-needed cash for the North Korean regime.

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Hagel Talks NKorea Threat With Chinese Counterpart

8:50 AM, Apr 03, 2013

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel discusses the threat of North Korea with his Chinese counterpart yesterday evening, according to the Pentagon.

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Kristol Podcast: The North Korea Problem and Obama's Missile Defense Failure

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:32 PM, Apr 02, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with Bill Kristol on the North Korea problem and the Obama Administration's missile defense policy failure. Hosted by Michael Graham.

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U.S. Warship Moves Toward North Korea

2:01 PM, Apr 01, 2013

NBC reports that a U.S. warship, a "guided-missile destroyer," is headed toward North Korea:

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Fox News Sunday Panel on North Korea and the Supreme Court

6:38 AM, Apr 01, 2013

Bill Kristol, with Mara Liasson, Ed Gillespie, and Charles Lane, yesterday on Fox:

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Dennis Rodman Diplomacy: North Korea Gets All Belligerent

9:00 AM, Mar 29, 2013

At the end of last month, Dennis Rodman, the eclectic former basketball star, hung out with Kim Jong-un, the leader of the rogue North Korean state. "I love him," Rodman would say of his new friend. "The guy is awesome. He was so honest."

Days after returning, on George Stephanopoulos's ABC show, Rodman delivered a message to President Barack Obama. "One thing he asked me to give Obama something to say and do one thing," said Rodman. "He wants Obama to do one thing, call him."

"He wants a call from President Obama?," the TV host asked.

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North Korea Threatens America

6:44 AM, Mar 26, 2013

The New York Times reports:

North Korea’s military said it placed all its missile and artillery units on “the highest alert” on Tuesday, ordering them to be ready to hit South Korea, as well as the United States and its military installations in the Pacific islands of Hawaii and Guam.

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U.S. Embassy Tweets: 'B-52 Bombers Fly Over South Korea'

6:34 AM, Mar 20, 2013

The U.S. embassy in Seoul, South Korea tweeted this over night:


B-52 bombers fly over South Korea, once again demonstrating the depth of the alliance…

— U.S. Embassy Seoul(@usembassyseoul) March 20, 2013


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The Amazing Bill Richardson!

The former New Mexico governor reads North Korean minds.
9:32 AM, Mar 11, 2013

Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson granted an interview this weekend to the online magazine Salon, in which he discussed his most recent vacation to Pyongyang. Richardson calls for “out of the box” diplomacy toward the regime, and lauds Dennis Rodman’s recent visit there as “healthy.” He also claims to back the recently adopted U.N. sanctions, though he criticizes them for “driv[ing] [the regime] further into hostility.” All in all, it’s pretty boring, predictable stuff.

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Kerry Knocks Rodman: 'As a Diplomat, He Was a Great Basketball Player'

1:49 PM, Mar 05, 2013

John Kerry knocked Dennis Rodman in an interview today with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. Kerry suggests that Rodman should stick to basketball, not diplomacy. 

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Dennis Rodman Defends Rogue North Korean Regime

10:46 AM, Mar 03, 2013

Eccentric former basketball player Dennis Rodman sat down on ABC's This Week to defend his visit last week to North Korea: 

Rodman said that the North Korean leader, who is "very humble," told him to tell President Obama to call him. They both like basketball, Rodman said, suggesting that there's common ground.

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Useful Idiots in Our Time

7:40 AM, Feb 28, 2013

Living in the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine, one becomes highly sensitive to public figures who look away from genocidal, government-created famines. The Holodomor or “Extermination By Hunger” was a 1932-33 famine in Stalin-era Ukraine that cost the lives of as many as 7.5 million people. This act of genocide has been officially acknowledged only in the last decade—more than 7 decades later and 15 years after the Soviet state responsible for it ceased to exist.

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The Worm & the Norks

10:27 AM, Feb 27, 2013

North Korea, the most renegade and unpredictable of the world's nations, recently tested a nuclear bomb, which predictably raised tensions that are high under ordinary conditions and that, according to the North Korean regime, is the fault of the U.S.  As Reuters reports:

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Mobile Internet Access Now Allowed in NKorea . . . for Foreigners

Bravo, Eric Schmidt.
11:33 AM, Feb 22, 2013

Eric Schmidt and Bill Richardson’s Pyongyang adventure continues to pay dividends.

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Kerry Provoked by North Korea's Provocative Provocation

12:24 PM, Feb 14, 2013

With the detonation of a North Korean nuclear device on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry has been grappling with his first crisis.

Here are his comments in a press avail yesterday.

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Another Smashing Diplomatic Success From Bill Richardson!

3:47 PM, Feb 12, 2013

When former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson returned from his bizarre, unauthorized vacation to North Korea last month, he took to the pages of the Washington Post to tell us that North Korean officials had assured him that “now that [the regime]’s security has been guaranteed by a

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American Official: 'Very Possible that the North Koreans Are Testing' for Iran

10:06 AM, Feb 12, 2013

An unnamed "senior American official" suggests that North Korea is not just testing nukes for itself, but also for (and possibly with) the Iranians. The New York Times reports:


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Valerie Jarrett: 'We're Heartened to See that the U.N. Security Council Will Be Meeting

The U.S. will follow the international community in responding to NKorea nuke test.
8:28 AM, Feb 12, 2013

On CBS this morning, Valerie Jarrett, a close advisor to President Obama, reacted to the news that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test last night by saying, "We're heartened to see the U.N. Security Council will be meeting" this morning to discuss the issue.

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Obama: NKorea's Nuclear Test 'Highly Provocative'

6:31 AM, Feb 12, 2013

In response to reports last night that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test, President Obama released the following statement:

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Google Chief Visits Rare Computer Lab in North Korea

12:52 PM, Jan 08, 2013

Google chief Eric Schmidt, along with former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson, visited a rare North Korean computer lab:

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Bill and Eric’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure

Why are Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt visiting North Korea?
10:31 AM, Jan 07, 2013

It would seem, at this point, that former U.N. ambassador Bill Richardson probably has a vacation home in Pyongyang.

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Video of the North Korean Rocket Launch

10:44 AM, Dec 13, 2012

Here's video of the North Korean rocket launch, which played on state-run TV:

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Iran 'Congratulates' N. Korea for 'Successful' Rocket Launch

10:35 AM, Dec 12, 2012

In response to North Korea successfully launching a rocket earlier today, the Iranian regime sends its congratulations.

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W.H.: NKorea Rocket Launch 'Highly Provocative'

7:19 AM, Dec 12, 2012

In response to North Korea's rocket launch, the White House released the following statement, calling the action "highly provocative." 

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