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Shaheen Invests In 'Big Oil' While Knocking Brown's Ties

7:20 AM, Aug 29, 2014

New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is hitting her likely opponent for the U.S. Senate, Scott Brown, in a new TV ad over the Republican's ties to "Big Oil"—even while Shaheen invests in energy companies herself.

The 30-second spot from Shaheen's campaign says Brown, while representing Massachusetts in the Senate, voted to give companies in the oil industry "$20 billion in taxpayer subsidies."

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CO Senate Poll: Udall, Gardner in Virtual Tie

2:01 PM, Jun 30, 2014

A new poll finds Colorado Republican Cory Gardner neck and neck with the Democratic senator Mark Udall in what's become one of the hottest Senate races of the midterm elections. Rasmussen Reports finds Udall with 43 percent support and Gardner, a two-term congressman, with 42 percent support, a virtual tie between the candidates.

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The Return of the Bad Old Days

11:00 PM, Jun 20, 2014

And we thought the bad old days of oil shocks were over. Embargoes, price spikes, gasoline lines in America, a sweater-bedecked president ordering the end of hot water in many facilities, collapsing retail sales as high gasoline and energy prices hit stores as much as a big tax increase would, economic stagflation, or worse. Well, it just might be that we were wrong to believe that danger to our continued prosperity has been removed with the death of theories about “Peak oil.”

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Oil: Here & There

3:31 PM, Jun 19, 2014

In Iraq: Sameer N. Yacoub and Qassim Abdul-Zahra of the AP report that:

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Good News: Everything Just Got More Expensive

1:19 PM, Jun 17, 2014

Jeanna Smialek and Shobhana Chandra at Bloomberg report that:

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Keystone Gets a Nod from the New York Times

7:26 AM, Apr 22, 2014

The Keystone pipeline has been under study for five years and will be studied further. It will be built, or scuttled, when the politics are right.

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The Big Stall

9:40 AM, Apr 19, 2014

The news that the administration would like kept quiet, and which it therefore announced in the afternoon, on Good Friday is that it has:

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Not All the Fracking News Is Good

11:00 PM, Mar 28, 2014

America is a fracking cornucopia of crude oil, independent of the rapacious OPEC cartel. And has an inexhaustible supply of natural gas, putting us in a position to become a major exporter able to use its gas reserves as a geopolitical weapon. Take that, King Abdullah and Vladimir Putin. Too good to be true? You bet.

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Chu: Keystone a 'Political' Decision 'Not a Scientific One'

11:35 AM, Feb 04, 2014

Curtis Williams, of Oil & Gas Journal, reports that former Energy Secretary Steven Chu had this to say about the Keystone pipeline project:

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Waiting for Keystone

1:56 PM, Jan 31, 2014

The State Department releases its final environmental report on the Keystone Pipeline today. Justin Sink of The Hill reports:

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Frack On

12:00 AM, Jan 25, 2014

There is something about the energy business that is conducive to the creation of myths. So Roger Sant, a long-time and highly respected participant in the energy policy game and in the industries that energy legislation and regulation affect, told a group of Houston oil men recently. Energy myths do die, but only to be replaced by new ones.

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May We Have the Decision. Please!

3:11 PM, Jan 17, 2014

In a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Canada's foreign minister, John Baird put things plainly:

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Keystone Kops

Sep 30, 2013

It's not often officials from the nation’s largest business lobby and an AFL-CIO-affiliated union speak to one another, let alone work together. But last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and North America’s Building Trades Unions held a joint press conference on Capitol Hill in support of the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring oil from Northern Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. Nearby that same day, exactly five years after Trans-Canada Corp.

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Fossil Fuel Production on Federal Land Down 4% in 2012

1:58 PM, Aug 12, 2013

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports today that sales of fossil fuels produced on federal and Indian land continue to decline, dropping 4 percent in fiscal year 2012.  The slide continues a decade-long trend that accelerated in 2010, as the chart accompanying the report shows:

The report explains:

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U.S. Must Mandate Zero Oil Exports for Iran

6:02 AM, Jul 25, 2013

The momentum to restrict Iranian oil exports has stalled, and it is time for Congress to eschew a more gradualist approach and mandate zero oil exports with zero waivers. This, along with more concrete military pressure, could increase the otherwise slim chances for success in expected new talks with Iran. U.S. lawmakers and Obama Administration officials should not fear the impact on the oil market, which can manage a cutoff of Iranian oil revenue better than can Tehran.

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Study Long; Study Wrong

9:54 AM, Jul 17, 2013

Remember the Keystone pipeline  Well, if you had forgotten about it, no matter. There has still been no decision on whether or not to go ahead with construction. This, in spite of the fact that:

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Frack to the Future

Can small-town North Dakota survive an oil boom?
Jun 24, 2013

Williston, N.D.

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The Jobs 'No American' Will Do?

2:36 PM, Jun 17, 2013

Can American workers “cut it” in today’s labor market? Not according to an anonymous aide for Marco Rubio, who was recently quoted by Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker making the case for the Senate’s immigration reform bill.

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Oil Boom Nation

8:05 AM, Mar 23, 2013

Mark Drajem of Bloomberg reports that “U.S. crude oil production in the fourth quarter will exceed imports for the first time since 1995, as booming fields in North Dakota and Texas put the nation on track to surpass a quarter-century output record.”

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What Happened to Peak Oil?

7:40 AM, Mar 01, 2013

Mark J. Perry of AEI tweeted:

For the first time in 20 years, the US produced more than 7 million barrels of oil per day for 3 weeks in a row.

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A New Energy Age

12:00 AM, Feb 23, 2013

“The tectonic plates are shifting” is a much over-used expression. But when it comes to the international energy industry, the expression is apt.

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Hagel: War for Oil

10:35 AM, Jan 05, 2013

In a post yesterday waxing enthusiastic about Chuck Hagel as defense secretary, Michael Moore called attention to a statement of Hagel that I don't believe had been previously much noted. Here it is, from September 2007:

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1:29 PM, Nov 30, 2012

The AAA has joined the side of the crackpots resisting the burning of food in internal combustion engines:

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With Election Over, the News Flows Freely

9:30 AM, Nov 12, 2012

We heard throughout the campaign of President Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy. That was then. This is now. About 48 hours after he was assured of reelection, the president’s Interior Department issued a plan to close to oil shale development 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West to oil.

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Obama's Energy Policy Led to Higher Gas Prices

3:19 PM, Oct 17, 2012

At last night’s debate, President Obama said gas prices were under two dollars per gallon when he took office because the “economy was on the verge of collapse.” And that if Mitt Romney were elected he “could bring down gas prices, because with his policies we might be back in the same mess.”

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Energy Abundance vs. Energized Politicians

11:00 PM, Oct 12, 2012

We are entering an age of energy abundance. Or not. In keeping with the great tradition of economics, dubbed by Thomas Carlyle the dismal science, let me raise a cautionary note.

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United States of Frustration

9:25 AM, Sep 26, 2012

Seems like everybody has now seen it, either when it happened (that would be in "real time") or on replay. Even players who benefitted from the call agree that the Packers got hosed. The remedy?

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It Isn't Easy to Decide Whether to Ease

11:00 PM, Aug 24, 2012

Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke now has two reasons to disappoint those who are hoping he will use his speech next week at the conclave of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to launch the good ship QE3.

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New York Times Omits Crucial Details from Saudi Oil Report

2:20 PM, Aug 20, 2012

Media bias consists of more than partial quotes, deliberate misreporting, and economy with the truth. Doubt that, and read the New York Times last week, reporting—on page one—“U.S. Reliance on Saudi Oil Goes Back Up: Security Concerns Rise With Gulf Imports.” If you think this has anything to do with the president’s decision to veto the Keystone Pipeline, think again, or look for a more balance report.

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The Price We Pay

9:26 AM, Aug 17, 2012

The price of gasoline is rising and may reach $4 a gallon, which is considered critical in the minds of consumers and political consultants worrying about how to seduce them. In an economy that is otherwise stalled in the weakest recovery since World War II – real wages in decline, job growth anemic to non-existent, etc. – an increase in the price of unavoidable purchases is a hard thing for consumers/voters to take.

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