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Poll: Bernie Leads Hillary in New Hampshire (Updated)

But Clinton leads among senior citizens.
9:16 AM, Aug 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in a new poll of "usual" New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. According to Public Policy polling, a Democratic firm, Sanders has 42 percent support to Clinton's 35 percent support.

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Iowa Poll: Bernie Gaining on Hillary

12:40 PM, Aug 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton still leads the Democratic field in Iowa, but according to a new Public Policy Polling survey of "usual Democratic voters" in the Hawkeye state independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is making gains there.

A majority of Iowa Democrats, 52 percent, still support Clinton, while Sanders has 25 percent. That represents what PPP calls a "decent amount of tightening" in the Democratic race since April, with Clinton's support dropping from 62 percent and Sanders's up from 14 percent.

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AR Senate Poll: Pryor 43, Cotton 42

4:23 PM, Apr 30, 2014

A new poll from PPP found Arkansas senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat, effectively tied with his Republican challenger Tom Cotton. Forty-three percent say they support Pryor, while 42 percent say they support Cotton.

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NC Senate Primary: Tillis Breaks 40 Percent

9:39 AM, Apr 29, 2014

With a week to go before the North Carolina Republican primary for U.S. Senate, Thom Tillis has broken 40 percent support, according to a new poll. Tillis, the state speaker of the house, has 46 percent support, with top rivals Greg Brannon and Mark Harris receiving 20 percent and 11 percent, respectively. The finding comes from PPP, a Democratic polling firm based in North Carolina.

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TX Poll: Greg Abbott More Popular Than Wendy Davis Among Women

2:02 PM, Apr 15, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott of Texas is more popular among female voters than his Democratic opponent, state senator Wendy Davis, according to a new poll from PPP. The Democratic polling firm found 51 percent of Texas voters support Abbott while 37 percent support Davis. That's not surprising, since Texas is a solidly Republican state.

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New Hampshire Poll: Shaheen 49, Brown 41

2:12 PM, Apr 10, 2014

A new poll released Thursday found New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen with an eight-point lead over her Republican challenger for the Senate, Scott Brown. The survey of registered voters, conducted by Democratic polling firm PPP on behalf of the League of Conservation Voters, found 49 percent would support Shaheen, the first-term incumbent, with 41 percent supporting Brown.

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Poll: Udall 42, Gardner 40

10:47 AM, Mar 18, 2014

A new poll from a Democratic firm finds Colorado senator Mark Udall in a close race with the leading Republican challenger, House member Cory Gardner. PPP polls discovered in its poll of registered voters that 42 percent support Udall, the Democrat, while 40 percent would vote for Gardner. Another recent poll found a similar margin between the two candidates.

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Liberal Group Poll: Broun Leading in Georgia Senate Primary

4:56 PM, Mar 10, 2014

Republican congressman Paul Broun is leading a field of five Senate candidates in Georgia, a new poll has found. Broun has 27 percent of the GOP primary vote, according to a poll commissioned by liberal group Better Georgia. Broun's competitors came in relatively far behind, with fellow congressman Phil Gingrey in second with 14 percent, congressman Jack Kingston with 13 percent, and businessman David Perdue with 12 percent. Former secretary of state Karen Handel registered 9 percent support.

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Daily Kos/SEIU Poll: Romney 50, Obama 46

8:14 AM, Oct 16, 2012

In a poll conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling for the Daily Kos and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama, 50 percent to 46 percent.


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Final Poll: Cruz Ahead by 10

10:29 AM, Jul 30, 2012

A final poll of Texas Republican voters from PPP shows Ted Cruz leading David Dewhurst by 10 points in Tuesday's runoff election for U.S. Senate. Cruz, the former state solicitor general and favorite of conservative activists, has 52 percent support compared to 42 percent for Dewhurst, the lieutenant governor. Here's more from PPP's Tom Jensen, who says a Cruz victory is "likely":

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PPP: Cruz Leads Dewhurst by 4

7:11 AM, Jul 13, 2012

Former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz has taken a four-point lead over Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the Republican Senate primary runoff race, according to a PPP poll released Thursday. PPP found that 49 percent of likely Texas GOP runoff voters support Cruz, while 44 percent support Dewhurst.

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PPP: Brown, Warren Tied in Massachusetts

2:02 PM, Jun 26, 2012

A new poll of the Massachusetts Senate race confims the results of the last several polls: Incumbent Republican Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren are locked in a tie, at 46 percent apiece. From PPP:

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N.C. Poll: Romney 48, Obama 46

11:21 AM, Jun 12, 2012

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by two points in North Carolina, according to a new poll by the Democratic-leaning firm PPP. Forty-eight percent of respondents support Romney, compared with 46 percent for Obama in a state the president won in 2008 by just over 12,000 votes.

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We Ask America: Walker in the Driver's Seat

1:01 PM, Jun 04, 2012

The Illinois-based pollster We Ask America reports that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has a 54-42 lead among likely voters in the recall election, despite a strong debate performance by Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett. This figure is identical to its poll taken in late May. Nevertheless, the pollster cautions:

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A Warning About PPP’s Wisconsin Poll

12:28 PM, Jun 04, 2012

Over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website, Christian Schneider notices something funky about that new PPP poll:

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Santorum's Day?

11:21 AM, Feb 07, 2012

Today's primary contests include Missouri's "beauty contest" primary, the Minnesota caucuses, and the Colorado caucuses. Polling firm PPP says all three contests look good for Rick Santorum.

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PPP S.C. Poll: Romney 29, Gingrich 24, Paul 15, Santorum 14

A Romney-Gingrich battle in South Carolina?
4:00 PM, Jan 13, 2012

A new poll of South Carolina primary voters, the latest from PPP, shows Mitt Romney with a lead over Newt Gingrich, 29 percent to 24 percent. Ron Paul just edges out Rick Santorum for third place there, with 15 percent and 14 percent support, respectively.

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Obama in Trouble in Ohio?

11:43 AM, Oct 20, 2011

Public Policy Polling (PPP) has a new survey showing Barack Obama may be in real trouble in Ohio, the perennial swing state that he won by just over 260,000 votes in 2008. According to PPP, Obama's approval rating in Ohio is at 43 percent, with only 39 percent of independents approving of his job.

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PPP: Romney, Paul Statistically Tied With Obama in Florida

10:07 AM, Sep 30, 2011

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul both trail President Barack Obama by one percentage point in Florida, according to Public Policy Polling. In a survey released today, PPP found that in hypothetical general election matchups, Obama edges out Romney 46-45 and Paul 45-44. Rick Perry, meanwhile, would be 7 points behind Obama, 50-43.

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Obama Already Losing North Carolina?

1:41 PM, Sep 09, 2011

Public Policy Polling's latest survey of North Carolina shows new lows for President Barack Obama. Forty-three percent of those polled approve of the president, while 53 percent disapprove.

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Rick Perry: The Undisputed Front-Runner?

3:42 PM, Aug 29, 2011

A new national poll from CNN/ORC International shows Rick Perry with a 13-point lead over Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Twenty-seven percent of the Republicans and independents polled chose Perry as the candidate they would most likely support. Romney received 14 percent from those polled, while former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who is not currently in the race, came in third at 10 percent.

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Uh Oh: New Polls Spell Trouble for Obama

2:41 PM, Jul 20, 2011

First, Public Policy Polling -- a Democratic Firm -- reports "Obama in Peril": 

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