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Dem. Platform Now at Odds With Obama's Israel Policy

8:39 PM, Sep 05, 2012

An Obama campaign official confirmed to THE WEEKLY STANDARD that President Obama “personally” intervened to alter the Democratic platform to include a reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The new platform, adopted this evening at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, now includes pro-Israel language that the previous document did not.

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DNC's Wasserman Schultz on Platform Dispute: 'There Wasn't Any Discord'

7:34 PM, Sep 05, 2012

Here's video of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose ability to tell the truth has been challenged in recent days, being interviewed by CNN. She insists that "there wasn't any discord" during the now infamous voice vote at the convention today over whether the platform language would include the words "God" and "Jerusalem".

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Democrats Bring Platform Debacle on Themselves

Obama now owns a radical Democratic platform.
6:12 PM, Sep 05, 2012


This afternoon, the Democratic convention ran off the rails when DNC Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa steamrolled over dissenting delegates to make sure that the Democratic party platform included language mentioning "God" and "Jerusalem." Appearing Godless and insufficiently supportive of Israel was not the message that the president wanted to send with the party platform, and it has been reported that Obama personally intervened to make sure the language was restored.

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Paul Begala on Floor Vote: 'Awkward,' 'Embarrassing,' 'Stupid,' and 'Unforced Error'

5:38 PM, Sep 05, 2012

Democrat Paul Begala said on CNN that the floor vote to add pro-Israel language and the word "God" into the Democratic platform was "awkward," "embarrassing," "stupid," and an "unforced error":

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Dems. Remove Pro-Israel Language from Party Platform

10:26 AM, Sep 04, 2012

In the 2008 Democratic party platform, there was this language on Jerusalem, Israel:

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Whether She Misrepresented Romney's Position: 'It Doesn't Matter'

8:48 PM, Aug 23, 2012

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz explained to CNN's Anderson Cooper this evening that "it doesn't matter" whether she misrepresented Mitt Romney's views in a recent fundraising email. What matters, according to Wasserman Schultz, is that Romney has different views on abortion than she does: 

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Virginia Gov. McDonnell Named Republican Platform Chairman

5:49 PM, Jul 02, 2012

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell has been named chairman of the Republican National Convention Committee on Resolutions. The committee, generally referred to as the Platform Committee, will help set the agenda for the Republican party and convene during the party's convention next month in Tampa, Florida.

"Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota and Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee will serve as Co-Chairmen," a statement from the RNC reads.

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Not Good Enough

1:41 PM, Jun 01, 2012

Perhaps I’m not in the best position to offer the White House and Democrats the best advice, but, c’mon gang, this just ain’t gonna cut it. From the White House:

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