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Everyone Has His Price

Joseph Epstein counts his pennies.
Nov 24, 2014

I just bought a bottle of Waterman’s ink for $11.34, tax included. The bottle contains 50ml, or less than two ounces, of black ink. This makes ink far more expensive than wine, even quite superior wine. I would have complained—or at least exclaimed—about the price, but the man who sold it to me was so pleasant and so knowledgeable about fountain pens that he quite took the whine out of my sails. 

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Pain at the Pump

7:39 AM, Jun 30, 2014

Gary Strauss of USA Today reports that:

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There’s No Inflation; Things Just Cost More

3:16 PM, Jun 27, 2014

There has been a long stagnation following the “Great Recession.”  No good news there. Lots of unemployment, hence no competition for labor and, thus, no increase in incomes.  But … at least there is no inflation.  That, anyway, is what we are told by the engineers with their handles on the economy’s throttles.  The Federal Reserve, in fact, would like to see some more inflation.

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Good News: Everything Just Got More Expensive

1:19 PM, Jun 17, 2014

Jeanna Smialek and Shobhana Chandra at Bloomberg report that:

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Goodbye to Mr. Chu

11:17 AM, Feb 05, 2013

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is leaving and in parting, writes this about his time in office and the green energy investments his department made:

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Fallon Mocks Secretary Chu for Giving Himself High Marks on Gas Prices

9:56 AM, Mar 22, 2012

Late night comedian Jimmy Fallon ridiculed Energy Secretary Steven Chu for earlier this week giving himself an A- for how he's handled high gas prices:

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What a Gas

Did gas prices cause the bad news on jobs?
9:19 AM, Jun 08, 2011

After struggling to come up with an explanation that doesn't admit a policy failure, the White House seems to have settled on an answer to questions about what led to the grim unemployment numbers last week: Gas prices.

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