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Debating Democracy Under Fire in New Libya

9:40 PM, Apr 17, 2012

Zwara, Libya

As shells fell around the Amazigh city of Zwara on the evening of April 3, the city’s five tanks thundered back at its Arab neighbors in Rig Dalin. Men, ranging in age from their teens to their sixties, fought and supported the fighters—and updated the Zwara Media Center’s very active Facebook page. Also, they talked incessantly about the meaning of democracy, minority rights, gun control, and other topics usually left to less urgent settings.

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Hello, Libya

Does the fall of Qaddafi mean the rise of tourism?
Jan 30, 2012


Thirty years ago, few Americans were aware that Turkey has nearly as many classical Greek ruins as Greece. Today, Libya’s Greek and Roman remains are similarly unknown to Americans.

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To the Shores of Tripoli

Sep 05, 2011

With Muammar Qaddafi still at large, continued fighting in parts of Libya, and an uncertain future ahead for that country’s long-oppressed people, one hesitates to make too many categorical judgments about the remarkable turn of events there. A few things can be said, however.

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The Little Emirate That Could

Qatar versus Qaddafi.
Sep 05, 2011

With Muammar Qaddafi perhaps on his last legs, Libyan rebel leaders are looking for $5 billion to rebuild a country wracked by nearly half a year of civil war. It’s hardly surprising that the first international aid conference is scheduled for Qatar, since no Arab leader has provided more assistance to the rebels than that country’s 59-year-old emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

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Free Libya Raises Its Head

With the anti-Qaddafi fighters.
Sep 05, 2011


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With the Sabratha Brigade in Libya

Paper targets, Lacoste shirts, and homemade explosives.
Aug 08, 2011

Qasr el-Haj, Jafara Valley, Libya

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A Night at the Gravel Pit (Updated)

2:38 PM, Aug 04, 2011

Djerba, LibyaAs Saturday night wears on, the young men talk more and more confidently about an offensive they anticipate the next day, the big move 100 km north that will allow them to liberate their city of Sabratha. The mood is exultant, with some speculation that we will move forward at dawn.

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Rubio Takes the Lead

Urges Congress to authorize military action, endorse regime change.
10:28 PM, Mar 30, 2011

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained the text of a letter freshman senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sent tonight to the Senate majority and minority leaders. In it, Rubio proposes that the Senate authorize the president’s use of force in Libya, and that the authorization state that the aim of the use of force should be the removal of the Qaddafi regime. (The full text of the letter is below.)

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Dark Secrets

The sordid history of Syria's collaboration with Qaddafi.
Mar 21, 2011

The uprisings sweeping the Middle East have started to blow down some very dark doors​—​the doors that lead to the dungeons and prisons where Arab security services do their work.

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ROTC returns to Harvard, the Qaddafi concerts, & more

From the Scrapbook
Mar 14, 2011

ROTC Returns to Harvard

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Two Weeks Later, America Has a Plan: Do Nothing on Libya

12:00 AM, Mar 08, 2011

On February 22, several days into the Libyan regime’s campaign of terror, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was asked whether the U.S. was going to stand by while Moammar Qaddafi and his military slaughtered their fellow countrymen.

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'We Want a No Fly Zone'

Mr. President, meet Murad Warfally.
4:27 PM, Mar 02, 2011

Obama's Pathetic Response to Libya

7:26 PM, Feb 23, 2011


With a thousand Libyans (and perhaps many more) dead already from the Qaddafi regime’s attacks on its own population, and with reports of thousands of mercenaries and militiamen streaming toward Tripoli, President Obama finally spoke to the nation about this violence on Wednesday afternoon. He announced solemnly that he was sending Secretary of State Clinton to Geneva to visit the U.N. Human Rights Council and “hold consultations”—next Monday!  But fear not: Undersecretary of State Bill Burns is apparently traveling sooner than that to “several stops in Europe” and then even in the actual Middle East, to “intensify our consultations.”

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Essential Reading on Libya

4:00 PM, Feb 22, 2011

While official news coming out of Libya is scarce right now, we thought we’d bring to your attention to the sharpest political travelogues from the country in the last few years.

First, there’s Michael Moynihan in Reason magazine with "A Libyan Charm Offensive: To the shores of Tripoli with the son of Qaddafi." Moynihan also has a new piece in Reason today, "The End of a Libyan Crime Family."

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