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The End of Canterbury

Will the sun set on the Anglican communion?
Dec 19, 2011

The archbishop of Canterbury is going to resign next year. At least that’s the story making the rounds of newspapers in London, and the interesting part is not that the 61-year-old Rowan Williams should be willing to give up another decade in the job. Or even, if the Telegraph is right, that the clergy and his fellow bishops are working to push him out.

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9/11 at the Cathedral

1:04 PM, Sep 10, 2011

On Sunday, the Episcopal Church’s National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. will host “A Call to Compassion” to commemorate 9/11.  President Obama will attend and speak at the concluding “Concert for Hope.”  Patti LaBelle will sing. CNN’s Anderson Cooper will host. After the recent earthquake and the collapse of a crane, the cathedral has gone “on the road” and relocated its 9/11 events to a nearby synagogue and the Kennedy Center.  Controversy has surrounded the cathedral’s choice of spiritual representatives.

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Roemer's Run

8:00 AM, Aug 31, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer believes he's gaining momentum. "My best fundraising week was last week," the former governor and congressman from Louisiana tells Slate's Dave Weigel. "I raised enough money to buy a ticket to one of Obama's fundraisers."

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Debunking the Left-Wing Myths About 'Right-Wing, Extremist Christians'

How many mischaracterizations can Peter Beinart make in a single paragraph?
1:55 PM, Jul 25, 2011

Peter Beinart has a doozy of a column up over at the Daily Beast, rather breathlessly titled, "Why Norway Could Happen Here." Since I suspect that Beinart managed to repeat every left-wing myth about the violent tendencies of Christians and conservatives, let's take a look at the key paragraph:

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Does the Media Think Michele Bachmann is the Anti-Christ?

1:34 PM, Jul 14, 2011

Winning the sweepstakes for the most hysterical piece of political journalism in recently is no mean feat, but I think Joshua Green at The Atlantic might have done it:

Michele Bachmann's Church Says the Pope Is the Antichrist

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George Soros Behind Latest Attacks on Paul Ryan

9:35 AM, Jun 15, 2011

A liberal group has grabbed a number of headlines in the past week by attacking Paul Ryan's budget plan as un-Christian. The group claims that Ryan's a devotee of the atheist Ayn Rand, whose values are explicitly anti-Christian, and that this is the real inspiration for Ryan's budget:

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Quote of the Day — So Far!

11:25 AM, Jun 02, 2011

From the New York Times article announcing that Jill Abramson is replacing Bill Keller as the paper's executive editor:

"In my house growing up, The Times substituted for religion,” she said. “If The Times said it, it was the absolute truth."

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Divine Intervention

What religion means to politics, and vice versa.
May 16, 2011

Good and Bad Ways to Think About Religion and Politics
by Robert Benne
Eerdmans, 128 pp., $14

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The Daily Grind: A Potential Death Knell for Barack Obama’s Presidency

6:30 AM, Apr 15, 2011

"U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray"

Brings new meaning to "Rainbow Coalition."

Roger Simon says Obama didn't give a serious fiscal speech so much as try and shore up his Democratic base.

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Happy Hour: Shocking Poll — Americans Support Freedom of Religion

6:00 PM, Mar 24, 2011

This has got to be a metaphor for something, right?

Palin says she's "through whining about the liberal press." Well, at least until they say she's complicit in murder again, anyway.

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