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Copts and Robbers

Can these remnants of Christianity be preserved?
May 04, 2015

To its immense credit, the perpetually beleaguered Coptic church of Egypt has seen fit to dedicate some resources to the study of its history. The Coptic church and two lay Coptic organizations have organized a series of symposia on Christian history and archaeology in Egypt. The latest of these was held in Aswan in southern Egypt, and we now have this collection of articles based on the symposium papers.

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Imperial Transition

Sailing to Byzantium, with a push from the Vandals.
Apr 28, 2014

An economic miracle occurred in the fifth century: a leader was able to cut taxes and balance the budget at the same time. This improbable feat was pulled off by Anastasius, emperor of the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire based in Constantinople.

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Islamic Isle

Tracing the Muslim roots of modern-day Sicily.
Aug 05, 2013

band of Muslim raiders sacked Rome in 846 a.d., plundering the city’s churches and getting clean away with their loot. They had come from Palermo, in Sicily, which had been in Muslim hands for 15 years. Sicily was then on its way to becoming a predominantly Islamic and Arabic-speaking island, and it remained under Muslim rule for over two centuries, until the Normans conquered it in the late 11th century.  

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Hannibal’s Home

What was lost when Carthage was destroyed.
Oct 17, 2011

What if Hannibal had won? What if Carthage rather than Rome had become the dominant power in the Mediterranean?

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