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You're Entitled to a Break Today

A Parody.
Jun 22, 2015

Gibbs: Obama's No 'Strategy Yet' Admission a 'Wince-Able Moment'

6:32 AM, Sep 02, 2014

Robert Gibbs, the first White House press secretary in the Obama administration, calls President Obama's "we don't have a strategy yet" comment about dealing with ISIS a "wince-able moment."

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Gibbs: Employer Mandate 'Will Be One of the First Things to Go'

7:27 AM, Apr 03, 2014

Former White House press secretary Robert GIbbs said Obamacare's employer mandate will likely be scrapped. Speaking to a benefits industry convention in Colorado Springs, Gibbs, who served in the Obama White House from 2009 to 2011, said the mandate that large employers provide a certain level of health-insurance coverage to their employees

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Gibbs Calls WH Advisor a Paid Liar

'Honesty--you can only go so far in Washington when you're employed.'
10:14 AM, Mar 16, 2014

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Dan Pfeiffer, an advisor to President Obama, wasn't telling the truth:


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Gibbs: Obama 'Stopped Trying' to Change Washington Long Ago

8:17 AM, Jan 28, 2014

Former press secretary Robert Gibbs said today on TV that President Obama and his White House "long ago" gave up on "trying" to change Washington:

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Gibbs: 'This Is the Worst Year of the Presidency'

9:33 AM, Dec 22, 2013

Robert Gibbs, President Obama's former press secretary, declared 2013 the worst year (so far!) of the Obama presidency:

"This is the test, Robert, of big progressive government solving a big societal problem," said NBC host David Gregory. "That's what he took on. That is the big project of his presidency."

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Gibbs: 'Pressure Now Will Be on the Administration to Be More Forthcoming'

7:27 AM, Dec 02, 2013

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs called on the Obama administration to be more forthcoming about Obamacare:

One reporter asked Gibbs: "Is the administration being as forthcoming as it could be or should be about what's working and what's not?"

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Gibbs Again Calls for Heads to Roll Over Obamacare Website Rollout

'If this were to happen in the private sector, somebody would have probably already lost their job.'
7:41 AM, Nov 18, 2013

Former press secretary Robert Gibbs again called for heads to roll in the government after the botched rollout of the Obamacare website. He made the remarks today on the Today Show:

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Gibbs: 'Certainly' Wrong of President to Promise People Could Keep Their Health Care Plans

8:00 AM, Nov 04, 2013

President Obama's former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, says it was "certainly" wrong for the president to continuously promise that people would be able to keep their health care plans under Obamacare:

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Gibbs: 'Unbelievable' to Think HHS Didn't Realize the Obamacare Website Was Messed Up

6:44 AM, Oct 23, 2013

Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says that it's "unbelievable" to think that the Health and Human Services Department didn't realize that the Obamacare website was messed up:

Secretary Sebelius suggested in an interview last night that Obama only found about the messed up website around the time it first went online.

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Gibbs: Obamacare Roll Out 'Excruciatingly Embarrassing,' People in Charge Should Be Fired

12:06 PM, Oct 14, 2013

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs blasted the roll-out of Obamacare today on MSNBC:

"Let's just say this is excruciatingly embarrassing for the White House and for the Department of Health and Human Services," said Gibbs. "This was bungled badly. This was not a server problem, like, right, just too many people came to the website. This is a website architecture problem.

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Blaming the Messengers

8:29 AM, Sep 18, 2013

The administration's second-term woes might have been avoided if only the first term spinners had stayed around.  Amie Parnes of The Hill writes of speculation that if Gibbs and Axelrod and Plouffe were:

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Gibbs: I Was Told 'Not Even To Acknowledge the Drone Program'

9:57 AM, Feb 24, 2013

Former press secretary Robert Gibbs said this morning on MSNBC that he was told, when he became a White House official, "not even to acknowledge the drone program":

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Obama Campaign Doubles Down on Biden's Claim that Middle Class 'Buried'

9:04 AM, Oct 07, 2012

Robert Gibbs of the Obama reelection campaign doubled down on Joe Biden's comment this past week that the "the middle class that’s been buried the last four years." 

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Gibbs Can't Explain Why Administration Misled on Libya

9:01 AM, Sep 23, 2012

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Robert Gibbs had problems explaining why the Obama administration misled the nation on what happened in Libya:

"Absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this," said Gibbs.

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Wallace: '[Obama] Has Time for Whoopi Goldberg, But He Doesn't Have Time for World Leaders?'

8:46 AM, Sep 23, 2012

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Chris Wallace asked Robert Gibbs, "So [Obama] has time for Whoopi Goldberg, but he doesn't have time for world leaders?" The question is in reference to Obama's decision to go on The View next week, but not to meet with world leaders, including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he's in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly. 

Watch the exchange here:

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Sounds Sort of Like the Obama White House

12:18 PM, Aug 29, 2012

At the convention, the quest for something to write about never ends and often yields stories that are as watery as prison soup. Politico, for instance, illuminates the proceedings with this:

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Gibbs: Unemployment Rate Bad for Those Without College Degrees

9:36 AM, Aug 28, 2012

In response to a statement about the high unemployment rate for those with college degrees, Robert Gibbs, a surrogate for President Obama's reelection campaign, admitted that things are particularly bad for those without college degrees:  

“But boy that unemployment rate when you get out of college is tough," MSNBC host Chuck Todd said. "It's higher than the national average."

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The Daily Grind: Will Political Courage Be Punished?

6:30 AM, Mar 29, 2011

Great minds and all that: "Did the left blow its cover on the war on the Kochs?"

Hope and change: "Planned Parenthood fights to prevent federal funding loss"

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