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Rush: Marco Rubio Is a 'Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative'

'Nobody's pure, and nobody is ever free of making mistakes.'
8:03 PM, Feb 02, 2016
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No, Ted Cruz Did Not Invent the Term 'Undocumented Democrat' (Updated)

cc: New York Times, NPR
1:59 PM, Dec 21, 2015

Conservative critics like to carp about the New York Times and National Public Radio being woefully out of touch with, oh, about half the country. Events over the weekend demonstrate why those criticisms, while often tedious, continue to have merit.

Consider: In his current quest to out-Trump Trump, Ted Cruz has begun referring to illegal immigrants as "undocumented Democrats." This is hardly an original epithet; the phrase has been a staple of the Rush Limbaugh program for at least five years. (The joke migrated to a Jay Leno monologue in 2013 as well.) If there's any story here, it's that Cruz is making a strategic decision to appeal to dittoheads by lifting Rush's language.

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On Campaign Songs, Don't Be Petty

11:04 AM, May 27, 2015

With so many Republican candidates announcing their bids for the presidency these days, one our most hallowed election-year rituals can’t be far behind. I refer, of course, to when fading musical acts attempt to prove their progressive bona fides by making a stink when a candidate they disagree with plays their music at a rally.

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Sandra Fluke Prepares Run for Congress in California

8:34 AM, Feb 04, 2014

The Washington Post reports that Sandra Fluke is preparing a run for Congress in California. 

"Women's rights activist Sandra Fluke appears to be moving forward with a run for Congress," reports the Post

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Rubio on Immigration: No Deal Without Enforcement Triggers

"If he’s gone to Las Vegas to give a speech and try to trigger a bidding war, then no, it doesn’t bode well."
2:25 PM, Jan 29, 2013

Florida senator Marco Rubio told conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Tuesday that "there won't be a solution" on immigration unless Barack Obama embraces "real enforcement triggers."

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Obama Attacks Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist

"I think Jon Stewart's brilliant."
8:08 AM, Apr 25, 2012

President Barack Obama sat down with Rolling Stone for an hour long interview, which the editors there are billing the "most substantive interview the president has granted in over a year." The president used the opportunity to single out two conservative Americans for attack.

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Feminists Relaunch Effort Targeting Rush

2:00 PM, Apr 20, 2012

The National Organization for Women, a feminist group, announced a new initiative: "Enough Rush," a campaign against radio host Rush Limbaugh. The effort is designed to reignite the short-lived furor over apparently disparaging jokes Limbaugh made on his show earlier this year about feminist activist Sandra Fluke.

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Happy Hour Links

6:18 PM, Mar 15, 2012

The Atlantic: "Two Romneys in Two Days on Fox News."

Washington Free Beacon: "Beijing on the Potomac: Paper that broke Watergate partners with Chinese Communist Party."

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Obama: 'I Don't Know What's in Rush Limbaugh's Heart'

2:14 PM, Mar 06, 2012

At the presidential press conference this afternoon, Barack Obama was asked to weigh in radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh's apology to law school student Sandra Fluke. "Do you believe Rush Limbaugh's apology to the Georgetown student is sufficient and heartfelt? Do you agree with the number of sponsors who agreed to stop supporting his show? Is there a double standard on this issue? Liberal commentators have made similarly provocative and distasteful statements and there hasn't been the same out rage."

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If Newt Is Perot . . .

. . . then Romney should avoid being Bush.
9:42 AM, Jan 11, 2012

Rush Limbaugh compares Newt Gingrich's attacks on Mitt Romney with Ross Perot's destructive assault on George H.W. Bush in 1992. It's a thought-provoking comparison.

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Perry Ad: Conservatives Love His Tax Plan

2:12 PM, Oct 28, 2011

Rick Perry has a new ad showcasing the support of prominent conservatives like Steve Forbes and Rush Limbaugh for his economic plan. WEEKLY STANDARD senior writer Steve Hayes makes a (vocal) appearance:

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Rush Limbaugh on Ryan's Budget: 'It is Substantively Superb and Politically Brilliant'

10:46 AM, Apr 05, 2011

It seems to me that when Paul Ryan can get both David Brooks and Rush Limbaugh enthused, he's really on to something:


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